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    All this crying about Blizz is making it easier for casual or less skilled players get OLD content gear... LOL... if tier 12 comes out and you're worried about people getting old tier 11, you have some serious insecurity issues. did you not get enough hugs from mommy and daddy? or hell, maybe tooo many, if you know what i mean... LOL you are great, you are epic, you are the server elite, blah, blah, blah, etc... now that you got tier 11 before anyone else, try getting laid (hint: log off and take a bath first)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ka52a View Post
    I am in favour for nerfing the raids. For more casual players it will be still a bit of a challange but they will be able to see raiding and will be able to enjoy the game in bigger spectrum. I hope I will finish T11 Raids before 4.2. Will they nerf HC content too or is it only on normal?
    Raids nerf themselves over time naturally, as heroics and more raid content comes out casuals would slowly be able to make their way up the raiding ladder over time.

    Instead Blizzard is now handing it to them on a silver platter. Cool.

    The problem with this is that it provides a severe dis-incentive to do content when it's hard, because if we wait long enough they'll give it to us for free.
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    People complained when Blizzard did this same thing in Wrath (every time...), but the numbers don't lie. Nearly doubling your subscribers on the 2nd expansion to an aging game - that's what happens when you give people what they want.

    The game's still aging, so that's why WoW's now declining a bit. It's not about ease of raiding - that's why people keep playing. It's still fun, it's still accessible, and it's going to keep being successful for a couple more years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuja View Post
    Funny how some of the notes mention normal mode only and some do not
    That's because the notes are written by the people doing the work and copy-pasted by one person into the release notes. Different people are going to have different priorities on what should be mentioned, and the person doing the copy-pasting isn't taking the time to make the notes uniform, possibly because of an assumption that the person doing the work understands what is happening better than the person producing the summary.

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    im still not raiding there boring solo content ftw

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    now ragewin can solo all teh bosses in teh worlds of warcraft lol. im jking but i could see it happening post patch in t12. on topic i sort of welcome this change it happens all the time. remember nax->uld transition even though naxx is srs bzniss it became a joke when ulduar came out. same thing when toc and icc its just progression. all the good raiding guilds have nothing to worry about cuz well be wiping in firelands the first few weeks learning all new stuffs while the casuals who were having a rough time with it as it stands right now. people need to climb off their high horse and let other people enjoy the game too thats what timestamps on your achievements is for so you can flex ur epeen when u see a casual posting in trade of the new stuff they got after 4.2, let them have their fun you did it when it was hard and challenging.

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    A 20% nerf is less then the 30% buff that ICC came with. I know serveral guilds that still were having problems with some ICC heroic bosses in 346 gear. You can't outgear the last raid tier with or without the nerf because dumb is dumb no matter how you look at it. Any fight that has one shot mechanics or mechanics that rely on people being raid aware will still be challenging to people who find it challenging now. This will only allow those guilds that sit at verge of completing 12/12 to get there more easily. It will also allow for those that are good at raiding to start at a lower iLvL to start downing bosses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZaxGreia View Post
    People complained when Blizzard did this same thing in Wrath (every time...), but the numbers don't lie. Nearly doubling your subscribers on the 2nd expansion to an aging game - that's what happens when you give people what they want.

    The game's still aging, so that's why WoW's now declining a bit. It's not about ease of raiding - that's why people keep playing. It's still fun, it's still accessible, and it's going to keep being successful for a couple more years.
    Pretty much. People complain and whine that WoW sucks, but usually it's people that have been playing a long time and are tired of it. Being tired of the game doesn't mean it sucks, but it is true that if you don't raid there is really not much to do. For many it feels like the end of Wrath where you just sat in Dalaran, but now it's hubs like SW or Org. etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Awesome View Post
    I don't know why I play this game any more.
    Time 2 quit, mr. Addict.

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    For those of you complaining about the nerfs... why do you even care? T12 will be out, fresh, new, and on the same difficulty levels, if not even more difficult than the first tier of Cata raiding. Instead of whining about content you're probably rarely going to re-visit, why not just let the more casual scene have their enjoyment. Them enjoying easier content in no way, shape, or form influences your achievements in the new content in any way. It's honestly laughable how far people will stretch and go to try to feel justified for their elitist attitudes about this. Elitsts will have their normal mode T12, and soon heroic mode T12, and casuals can enjoy a more relaxed T11 environment.

    And for those of you who are seriously about to bust a gut because the content got easier? How about instead of using epics, go and do the easier content in a bunch of BoE greens and challenge yourself in T11 content if it means that much to you to have bragging rights somehow. Or hey, do it in pvp blues! Seriously, it's not like you can't make it harder if you use your brain a bit. As for the heroic modes, the ones I can kinda see the elitists having issues with? Oh wait, they're not touching those.

    I think I also read a post where someone was upset because their alts wouldn't have a challenge. Hey, smart guy, you can, you know... go do T12 content? I hear it's not being nerfed and will be challenging.

    Okay, again, why are people on these forums crying again? Oh right, people just like to gripe to gripe. Anyways, from a bored current heroic content raider, I'd like say, I hope the casuals get to enjoy what I enjoyed of the old content, and I look forward to the challenges ahead in the Firelands. Oh, and so do my alts!

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    TYPE CTRL + F to the word finder.....and then type "reduced" and you can see the silly nerf raids easily

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    at least they arent touching heroics. my dragonslayer title will still be unique ^.^

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    It's not the frist of April, is it? o_O...

    I understand that they want to make the raid more accessible for a wider range of players and the new raid should be the new difficulty. But that's some harsh changes..

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    This is a desperate move from Blizzard to try to convince us and the millions that already departed this game (600k were up to march, but they have the real number) to come back. This and the huge amount of mails offering free days if we return.

    But i don't want other people's leftovers, i want Blizzard to catter to me and to the millions that loved Wrath (even when elitists that haven't even downed Wrath heroic modes claim how easy wrath was) and hate this new Cata style. If they make new content accesible in normal mode and leave Heroics to those who want challenge again, then i will come back, untill that happens, i don't want other people leftover, they can put they old raids nerfs into their....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crashdummy View Post
    This is a desperate move from Blizzard....
    It's been desperate every other time too. This is not new behavior from Blizzard. In fact, it's taken them about the same amount of time to release new raid content and nerf the old raid content this time as every other time.

    The best part of this whole QQ-fest is that most of you started playing during Wrath when Blizzard turned raid nerfs into an art form. Why did you keep playing? Oh yeah - because you could raid no matter when you started. The next raid tier was never out of reach.

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    Nerfing content doesn't help anyone. Bread for today, hunger for tomorrow.

    First: it kills the possibility of people to LEARN how to handle dificulty along the game. If you nerf now all content, everyone get into the next one on the same state as they were stuck on the past.

    Second: it kills the possibility to reenjoy the content as hard as it was for your main. Let me clarify, if you want to go as a tank, why you would want to do it easy way again without feeling any kind of pressure on the fight? isn't enough tasteless, is it?

    Third: Games are supposed to be challenges, not interactive movies.

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    Walk in the Light now improves Word of Glory healing by 30% in addition to its current effects.
    Yay! Finally, a little sliver of love to all the recent Holy Paladin nerfs.

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