Hey, I'm hoping this can get rectified quickly. Basically I was just watching a YouTube video, and after I was done I shut down chrome, and tried to get on diablo 3. While I was doing this, my keyboard cable hit a little snag in my table, but on inspection of the cable, no damage was done. However immediately at this point I couldn't type anything, nothing at all. I was a little confused so I tried restarting and after having to log back in to my account with the on screen keyboard, I decided to look at the keyboard more specifically. I tried pulling out the ps/2 cable and dusting it off a little, likewise with the miniusb plugged into my keyboard, which is a rosewill br-9000. This accomplished nothing. When I tried plugging in the cable again, the number lock, scroll lock and caps lock lights all flashed on for a second and then went off,vand then nothing could be typed. Repeatedly pulling and replacing the cable gave the same results, the LEDs flashing for a second and then the whole keyboard stops working again. The only other thing I can see is that the mini USB port on on the keyboard is a little "wobbly" (it has some give to it), but seeing as I haven't looked at it in quite a while, that could just be how it always was. I really am flummoxed. The only possible hardware explanation I can see would be the little snag on the table somehow pulled the port out ofn alignment, but that doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Sorry about the long post, I figured thoroughness would be better than brevity in this situation. Thanks a lot for any help