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View Poll Results: Beer or Alcopops?

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  • Beer

    58 80.56%
  • Alcopops

    14 19.44%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Angyles View Post
    Alcopops because I am not too fond of beer. There are a few beer I enjoy, but generally it is not something I want. Jager on the other hand, yum!
    For me it depends on my mood, but there is no way I can bring myself to drinking Jag or any other liquor that is 99% sugar(/sarcasm). HEavy sugar content kills the flavor.
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    rigo was an awesome alcopop but it vanished long time ago (atleast here in germany)

    i go for beer on "chilled" activities like bbq, cinema, football, poker but prefer long drinks (wodka-redbull / campari-orange / gin-tonic) or cocktails (prince, daiquiri, caipi) for when i go clubbing

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    Mechagnome suttie's Avatar
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    Well because there's only two choices and beer is the most disgusting shit I've ever had the displeasure of tasting...my answer has to be alcopops.

    I've got nothing against people who do like beer of course. It's just not for me.

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    Guinness/anything that isn't the shit they serve in the UK.

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    With the 2-3 years after High school I've pretty much burnt myself on most alcohol.

    Nowadays I perfer a nice alcopop or a well mixed vodka drink. I can still drink beer just don't like it as much.. and the smell of any "hard" liquor makes me queezy.. lawl. pansy.

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    Alcopops are dreadful. In the immortal words of Bernard Black 'Urg, this tastes like an ice lolly dipped in bleach. What is this? THIS IS CHILDRENS BOOZE!'.

    Also, when you say beer Im presuming you mean ale?

    Edit: Oh, but as someone pointed out, there is nothing like cider in the summer. Thats the best of all things.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkdruidelf View Post
    Alcopops are dreadful. In the immortal words of Bernard Black 'Urg, this tastes like an ice lolly dipped in bleach. What is this? THIS IS CHILDRENS BOOZE!'.

    Also, when you say beer Im presuming you mean ale?
    Ale is revolting. Lukewarm and tastes like dishwater.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Issyle View Post
    Ale is revolting. Lukewarm and tastes like dishwater.
    Put ice in it then? But I think ale is really dependant, the last I had was homemade and was fantastic (not homemade by me because I am useless and it would taste like 8 week old piss).

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    Since I can't pick whiskey.. Beer, defo

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    I basically drink Vodka/Bacardi/Jagermeister mixed exclusively.

    Beer is horrible, probably biased against it because I've only drank the "crap they serve in the UK" that others have mentioned but never while drinking those did I ever think "this tastes remotely bearable".

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    gogo cider. didnt know which was closer to it beer or alcopops. its not an alcopop in the conventional sense, but isnt as harsh as beer.
    but usually i just sit back with mah cranberry juice (best thing ever) and laugh as i stay sober and all my friends are drunk = much funnier that way.

    is vodka and cola considered an alcopop? because thats my second drink after the cider

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    If you're talking good beer, then I'll take the beer. If you're talking piss water, then I'll take the liquor.

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    Did anyone else have to Google what the shit alcopops is referring to?

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    is this a European thread? I have never heard the term alcopop and am still struggling to figure out what it is. I feel like it's a European thread because you pluralized alcopop instead of treating it like a category.

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    I pick option C. Top-shelf vodka from the deep freezer, chilled below zero. Smooth like no other.

    OT: There are a select few beers I enjoy, but most alcopop I've tasted has been decent.

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    At a party: Alcopops
    Just chilling with friends: Beer

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    Perth, Australia
    Real men drink beer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iceberg265 View Post
    WTF is alcopops? Jager is disgusting btw.


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