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    SC Legacy of the void - Collectors edition with bonuses on Amazon!

    The pre order for LOTV is on amazon an the most amazing thing is that it include a code for the pre order bonuses, this is something that kept me very frustrated on the past years and made me buy multiple copies of the game to get everything and the collectors edition, finally there is an option to get the collectors edition and access to pre purchase bonuses!


    Customers who pre-order either the Retail Standard Edition or the Retail Collector’s Edition will receive a code for access to the StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void multiplayer beta. Amazon will email you a code and redemption instructions within 2 business days after you pre-order. Visit Battle.net and log in or create an account to redeem your Beta Access code. Once flagged for Beta, you can download the game client by navigating to the StarCraft II section in the Battle.net Desktop App. Limited time only. Internet connection required.

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    Might be a daed geam, but it does have a thread.


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