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    are ranged dps more forgiving to play?

    something i have always noticed when i played world of warcraft is that ranged dps just plain have better ability to handle mechanics and/or don't seem to really have to deal with them. i have always seen ranged DPS as the easier to play and safer option, and just generally superior. there is never such a thing as "too many ranged dps". It may not be ideal, but never "too many".

    the last community i had shared this topic with got pretty heated but i would like to hear the opinions of more than a few heavily salted & biased players

    This has always been my experience with ranged DPS. I have never enjoyed it.

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    I've played both melee and ranged extensively and ranged is definitely a lot easier to play 95% of the time at least in PvE.

    Or rather it's a lot easier to be a good ranged DPS than being a good melee DPS (in PvE).

    Personally I used to be a melee DPS who did really good DPS who died every now and then and after swapping to ranged I became a ranged DPS who did really good DPS and almost never died.

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    Depends on the game really.

    In FO4 I though it was a lot easier to just go around smashing stuff with a hammer than trying to play gunner of any range (until later in the game). I Skyrim I always resorted back to the sneaky bow user because archery is OP in that game.

    Raiding in GW2 focuses on getting as close a skillfully possible to the boss to for the sake of group synergy and DPS. Melee tends to do more damage because of the extra "risks" involved. Tank mechanics are usually closest person, furthest person or the person with the most toughness (armor) so you're a bit more conscious about where you stand. So if you're planning ranged, dps isn't your main objective because you're either tanking, healing, on dealing with critical boss mechanics

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    You can kill something before it reaches you to hit you. You can avoid a lot more incoming aoes by being far enough back to get a whole view of a fight. Theres a reason every mmos "easy class for beginners" is a ranged one.
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    Ranged dps arbitrates a lot of goings on, environmental, ADHD schizo 10000ms ping "super tank" who cannot sit still for half a second. Not really up with the play these days either but melee dps and especially hybrids like ret pally were at the complete mercy of so many buffs dps went up and down like a yoyo depending on your RL.

    Melee has it's advantages in certain situations too but overall I would say ranged is flat out easier. It is also so much easier to be a downright liability as a melee.
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    Varies per game and context within that game. Usually developers will try to balance the range advantage by making the character more fragile and/or do less damage than melee characters, in which case suddenly it's a lot less forgiving when the enemy reaches you and starts chunking your health. But then in such a game, suddenly it's a lot more forgiving when you have someone else tanking the enemy because you're in no danger of getting hit.

    In short..it depends.

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