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    [Faction] The Ebonsail Reapers

    Name: The Ebonsail Reapers
    Age: Two years
    Population: About 110 on the Wicked Wench, though only six are needed to sail the ship manually, and only one (Jack) through magic.
    Founder(s): Captain Jack Rocher
    Leader(s): Captain Jack Rocher

    Description: The Ebonsail Reapers are a powerful bunch, knowledgeable in the ways of the sea. They come from many different corners of Azeroth, but all strive to be free from something. Jack Rocher has given them that opportunity in the wonderful business of piracy. They are based in the Great Sea. Their two unmistakable traits are that all of their sails are pitch black, and that they carry Jack Rocher's flag.


    Affiliations/Politics: The Ebonsail Reapers have allied themselves with some of the goblin ports around Azeroth, and are well known there to be one of, if not the deadliest pirate groups on the seas.

    Alignment: The Ebonsail Reapers could be considered either Neutral Evil or Chaotic Neutral (leaning towards Neutral Evil), for they serve their own desires, but prize their freedom as well. They are willing to do anything to get what they want and keep their freedom.

    Command Structure: Captain Jack Rocher is the one in charge, no if's, and's, or butt's. Others of the crew carry out his will, those others being his three lieutenants, a dragonmaw orc named Dretha Fistripper who is also his second in command, a goblin by the name of Kryll Coilspanner and a worgen named Hector Bradshaw. Both of his lieutenants command their own ships.

    Base of Operations: The Ebonsail Reapers operates on, obviously, their ships. However, they also have sanctuary on the island where Jack met Kaly'so, the powerful troll Voodoo Witch. They call this island, quite simply, The Isle. It is here that they bring the majority of their treasure, as well as where they bring captured ships to repair, remodel, and refit for pirating.

    The Wicked Wench herself is a Galleon, a large warship. She is equipped with a jib, forestaysail, foresail, foretopsail, foretopgallant sail, mainsail, topsail, topgallant sail, mizzen lateen sail, mizzen topsail, main staysail, topmast staysail, and topgallant staysail. She has ample room for a crew of 50 and enough space to have enough food and drink to stay on the seas for a couple months before she needs to resupply. She carries 46 broadside guns, 20 twenty-four pounders on the gun deck, 18 twelve pound cannons on the upper deck, and 8 twelve pound cannons in the forecastle. Her broadside contains 23 cannonballs and weighs 179.622 kg (396 lbs). She is equipped with both bow and stern chasers, so she can fire upon her prey or her hunter. There are a total of four bow chasers and four stern chasers, each firing six pound cannonballs and concealed behind hatches in the hull. She is made of very strong wood, augmented by the voodoo magics of Kaly'so, and is one of the fastest vessels on the sea. To maneuver in the shallows, the Wench is equipped with a series of oars, allowing a group of pirates, or Jack, to move her short distances via rowing. Her appearance seems ghostly, with a black hull and black tattered sails, and always an unnatural mist flowing around her. Even in the daylight, she can strike fear into any crew, but at night, she is deadly. Because her hull and sails are black, if the lanterns are extinguished, one could not see her move through the water during the night, allowing her to sneak up upon her prey to attack them with the element of surprise. The Wench's success has made her legendary. Tales spread far and wide about her, though strangely they get the name wrong. Most call her The Midnight, because of her strength during the night, and her captain is always called The Reaper, for he is supposedly as deadly as his ship, hence why the name of the pirate band is the Ebonsail Reapers.

    Characters Admitted: Any are welcome to join Captain Jack Rocher's crew, so long as they crave the sea, a lifetime of freedom, and are willing to do some less than legal things.

    Current Members:
    Captain Jack Rocher
    Dretha Fistripper
    Kryll Coilspanner
    Hector Bradshaw

    History: Originally the Bishop's Daughter and a ship of the Kul'Tiras Navy, the Wench was one of the Navy's finest, and the fastest ship on the sea. This is the ship Jack Rocher served on in his time in the Navy. She was one of several vessels that were assigned to seek out and destroy pirate vessels. She fell a couple years prior to the invasion of the Burning Legion when she was caught in a sneak attack off the coast of Eastern Lordaeron.

    She lay there under the sea for several years, till Jack came back with a troll Voodoo Witch named Kaly'so, who helped repair and raise the Wicked Wench from the depths. She has a magical bond with Jack, who is able to control her at will. Jack has sailed on her for two years, gathering a crew, and has returned to piracy as a Captain not only of his own ship, but of his own fleet
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    ((lol Pirates of the Caribbean rip off, I love it!!!!))

    Will write a bio up soon, putting my hand up for the crew as a slightly overweight but very solid middle age man who answers only to Mr. Tibbs.
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    Kryll Coilspanner

    That is all.

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    Navigator Hector Bradshaw, requesting to charter, ser.
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