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    Quote Originally Posted by paloalto View Post
    Wildhammer and Dark Iron Dwarves are already playable.
    Yeah theres a Dark Iron skin color, but no Wildhammer anything.

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    Damn I want a 35 stone overweight draenei with an eye patch and a cigar. Could my off hand be changed to a bottle of whiskey too?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stormstryker View Post
    Yeah theres a Dark Iron skin color, but no Wildhammer anything.
    Not just skin color. Faces, too. You can look exactly like a Dark Iron.

    And the Wildhammer skin colors are in, as well. And faces.

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    i enjoyed the thread

    i would like all of this

    lore wise forsaken can only really be humans and high/blood elves for some reason. maybe it has somthing to do with both races being very dibilitated forms of another race. weaker night elves for the h/b elves and weaker vykruls for the humans

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freehugss View Post
    I feel as if Runescape has more individuality with its characters -.-
    it really really does sadly

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