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    Trials of Ascension, Shady Practices and the Big Crowdfunding Debate

    Everyone knows the new Kickstarter craze has opened up players to being scammed by wanna-be developers. But just now, I heard the most crazy, over the top, unbelievable scam ever.

    Trials of Ascension was a scam started ten years ago (domain name registered in 2002). They hyped their game, looked for investors, promised the world, and then the devs posted a quick note on the webpage and disappeared in 2006.

    The same 3 devs reappeared last year, promoting the same scam game. As if it is a big surprise, they immediately started a Kickstarter campaign and asked for close to a million dollars. Of course there were many people who still remembered their last ´fundraising´back in 2006.. So last years Kickstarter failed miserable and was cancelled. One of the biggest reasons is because they could produce no evidence their game actually exists in any state. A kickstarter with no screenshots let alone any type of ingame video other than a dev sitting on the couch talking of his visions. It should be mentioned none of the devs had every worked on a game before. It was later discovered that the kickstarter had originally started using an ´ingame video´ that was mainly from another game called ´Hero´s journey´ which was the original MMORPG made with the hero engine.

    That did not deter them though, Instead they just started asking for donations on their website. All the while, showing no gameplay at all, no evidence that any game was underway.

    So a couple of days ago, they sent out a press release bragging about their fundraising efforts ( woot $50k). I happened to notice it, and remembered all the controversy about them from 2006 and again from their KS last year. Never say Vaporware, but any game that has been around that long, has had multiple fundraising attempts and still has not produced any real proof of a game... well. So anyway, I noticed they finally did add 2 videos a couple months ago. Wow, it really is a game. But then I watched them.. and they were all of the default stuff from the Unity engine ( which is free). Anyone reading this right now can download Unity and produce what the devs of ToA have produced before they go to bed tonight. It is that easy, and that basic.
    But here is the kicker.. and really. I have been bugging them about their long-promised Demo. You see, there game has nothing now, no inventory, no combat, no UI.. no nothing. So really, I want to see the Demo of the game...
    Get this. The ONLY people who can see the Demo are people who donate $500.

    I am not kidding you.... $500 to see a demo......

    Now think about this.. who is actually going to see and judge that demo? Nobody but the most serious serious kool-aid drinkers.
    How is it possible that things have gotten this crazy. $500 to see a demo.

    You can see complete details of their fraud and scamming later in this thread. It includes things like the devs having dozens of fake accounts on their own forums, and then using the same fake names to start threads on various gaming websites. Their outrageous cash-shop where you ´buy´ virtual items for a game that doesn´t even exist.. and then of course there is the ´lawyer talk´ where they say the things you buy are actually just a donation, you cannot ask for a refund, and they are under no obligation to even make the game or the items. It is just a donation page that looks like a cash-shop.. for a game that is in pre pre pre pre pre pre alpha ( words of the devs).

    There are also countless other lies the devs have told their fanbase, including the fact that a ´big´reason for all the delays was that they were experts at Hero Engine, but lost all their expertise when they had to switch to Unity. Sounds plausible, except there are dozens of their posts on the Hero Engine forums where they are complete idiots and never even started to build a game ( in a year of being with Hero Engine).. not only were they not ´experts´ at Hero Engine, they were basically laughed off the forums because they couldn´t even accomplish a simple task like making their character change terrains or even importing a single piece of artwork ( a spider)... but yet with all that ´expertise´ they decided they should have a kickstarter for $750,000 using the demo game that comes with Hero Engine. When they moved to Unity from Hero Engine, they are right, they lost a ton of work because they could no longer use the Hero Engine Demo Game in their videos.

    There are other crazy things.. like their concept art. They recently released concept art of their dragon(which of course you can buy from their cash-shop/donation page). But get this.. they BOUGHT their concept art from an artist on the Unity forums... and they used art that he had created before he even heard of their game. How is it concept art for their game if it is just some random dragon drawing someone did on their own who has no association with the game. Oh right.. they were in a hurry.. so they just bought the first $10 drawing they could find and quickly tried to resell it as their own concept art.

    Just an unbelievable amount of scamming.

    Trials of Ascension
    Reasons To Doubt About It



    Early Access:
    Housing & Land:
    Home Décor:
    Items of Antiquity:
    Lost Designs:
    Name Sakes:
    Take My Money:

    The following constitutes the agreement between You and Forged Chaos LLC, in connection with your donation to the development and production of Trials of Ascension. By backing this project, You agree to the following term and conditions:
    Payments made to Forged Chaos LLC, to back this project are strictly donations and are not consideration for any service or product.
    A donation cannot be cancelled or returned once it has been completed, whether or not Forged Chaos LLC completes the Game or fulfills the specified reward.
    Donations are not tax-deductible.
    Forged Chaos LLC is offering rewards for donations given as listed at its store at
    Forged Chaos LLC is under no obligation to complete the Game, or in the event completion is impossible, return any of the donations it has received.
    This store is here so you can join the growing army of supporters that is funding the completion a technical demo of Trials of Ascension.

    My 2 Cents: They got a store up and running, selling game services & items even if the game isn’t even out yet, upon making any purchase from this store you agree with whatever is in their “backers agreements”, that basically states that all the purchases made from this store are considered “donations”, making the products merely “rewards” for those donations, it also informs you that donations are not tax-deductible and they have no obligations giving you those rewards or even completing the game. Remember, that the main purpose of these “donations” is the development of a “technical demo” of the game…
    Note: 1/10/2014, the store so far had a plunder of 64,513$, no sign of a demo so far.


    Unity Forum:
    Unity Post:
    Unity Post2:

    Teddy Post1:
    Teddy Post2:

    Feb 26th is when I wrote the first line of code for ToA. (Just to be clear , and of course is also the day I joined FC, to be even more clear)
    Yevi has donated his time to help with the database stuff, but other then that, yes I am the only one programming. I think it is important to note though, that I am also the only one getting paid. Its also very important to note that although at this stage I am doing a majority of the work, I am not the only one doing work. There are a plethora of other things that are done on a day to day basis that Brax and crew take care of, all of which they take $0 out of the budget to do, and that is pretty noble imho.

    My 2 Cents: This is the reason why they need so much money to just make a “technical demo”, according to Teddy, that was hired in 26th Feb 2014 by Forged Chaos, he is the ONLY one doing any programming, besides him, there are also a couple of quick paid jobs over the Unity forums. In other words, the main “developers” aren’t really developing crap at all, they are just a group of gamers asking people’s money in order to hire someone that MIGHT be able to work something out that is similar to a game that they can profit from.


    ToA Post:
    MMO Champ:
    MMO Post1:
    MMO Post2:
    The Trolls:
    Setting Record:
    We R Humans:

    My 2 Cents: Apparently making big announcements with the solo purpose of defending the project from people hate & negativity isn’t enough, there is also a need to keep track on public forums & blogs via google alerts, just in case these websites allow the spread of what they claim to be lies about their project. Also must confess that I love the “funny” way they have to answer to their forum users questions, apparently according to their “main developer”, the funding is being allocated into “beers and hookers”, might be one of the most honest things you’ll read around there.

    Shady Past

    Old Post1:
    Old Post2:
    Old Post3:
    Old Post4:
    Old Post5:
    Old Post6:
    Old Post7:
    Old Website:

    Fri Dec 15 2006, 02:16 PM
    Yeah now they need fans "donations". People don't fall to this scam. Oh yeah the project has been started besides boards and IRC talks, I believe that now. You see they won't disclose design document and source code. That's the proof they have something. Think about what you actually been shown: some misc drawings, "screenshots" using trial flora tools, and some stories, probably the most interesting part of it all.

    P.S. Stop asking! I won't make public details about my secret project which is a guaranteed success.

    Glad I've realized where it's all coming after very "professional" administration of forums.

    Well people ive been watching this title for over 4 years now i had a forum account back in the day but its been so long i had to make another one. I dont mean to be rude or anything, when in the heck are these people planning on releasing the game or at the very least going into a beta stage of some kind.

    These guys are stil in developement are they planning on releasing sometime this decade. The way these guys are going by the time they get ready to launch the game is going to be so outdated by the current software/hardware that no one will be interested.

    The way its going it seems like thes guys wont be done pre 2020 and by that time well all be wearing VR gear and running around inside REAL virtual worlds. They need to get on the ball and do smething or there going to be left behind the times.
    My 2 Cents: According to the Setting The Record Straight announcement made by Forged Chaos, this projected was created back in 2002, suspended at 2008 and restarted at 2012 and that during the 2002-2008 period they never requested their fans for any kind of funding, yet, there were multiple declined offers by unnamed companies duo “compromises” that they weren’t willing to accept…
    Let’s ignore the fact that there were people in their old forums arguing about a request for donations from their part, shall we? Isn’t just that story a little weird? A team of “developers” that can’t even program a game demo by themselves, being forced to ask for donations to hire people around the internet to do so, spent 7 years with a video game that received multiple funding proposals by never mentioned companies that they happened to decline because they couldn’t bring themselves to do sacrifices, especially when all they released that time were “game screen shots”… o.O;

    Shameless Advertisement

    So I have been interested in this game for a while and I wanted to introduce it to all of you guys and see what your input is. The game is currently in limited development. The company (Forged Chaos) is currently run by 3 developers and their ideas for this game are truly unique and inspiring.
    Sorry to necro this thread but the kickstarter for this game just recently started so if you are interested, come check it out.

    You can find the kickstarter page by clicking on this link.
    Published on 5 Jan 2013

    In this episode of Trials of Ascension Explained i take a look at the promising skill system that Trials of Ascension offers. (Sorry Magic is not a skill!)

    My 2 Cents: Youtube users using random video games footage WITHOUT even warning the viewer’s of it, providing them with a direct link to the website store while talking about the “amazing” game features and team members creating accounts in game related forums with the solo purpose of advertising the project acting like they just found out about it… I understand a company wanting to advertise their project, but this is just plain disgusting.

    Multiple Accounts

    There are rumors that Forged Chaos team uses/used multiple forum accounts to fake activity on forums, mostly on their own, Forged Chaos claimed it is just a “ridiculous accusation”, yet if it was that ridiculous there wouldn’t be a need of self-defense about it via website announcements. Also here is some information about it provided by Glo from MMO-Champ forum:
    Quote Originally Posted by glo View Post
    Out of curiosity, I headed over to their forums. And yeah, there's absolutely nothing organic whatsoever with their posting and traffic.

    Perfect example:

    There's no way in hell they're managing to pull an average of 32 posts per thread on such a niche and almost non-existent IP. If you look through their recruitment section, there's a random guild post (for a game that's in absolute infancy, even) with over 5,000 replies. Sorry, not possible given the current state of the "game" and complete lack of awareness.

    Reading the general discussion section is also just... odd. That's best word I can use to describe it. The behavior and interactions between all of the posters just doesn't feel right. It doesn't flow in an organic manner, it all seems extremely fake. Not to mention that large portion of their "members" have seemingly racked up thousands of posts. Again, not buying it for a game in its infancy, if anything.

    EDIT - Even more bullshit:

    Here they are attempting to contract out random people for pretty much everything on the Unity forums, of all places:

    That's likely why they're getting untalented 18 year olds copy/pasting content, lol.

    Here's their Alexa information that doesn't coincide AT ALL with their site activity (Holy bounce rate and time on site average Batman!):

    A near 70% bounce rate is pretty much unheard of in the professional world, it's a staggering number that doesn't mesh with their apparently super active and stupidly dedicated "fanbase", not to mention the time on site average of one minute. They essentially have the bounce rate and time on site of a page with 2 articles on it.

    For comparison, what an unreleased random MMO should look like:


    Here's their laughable monthly traffic:

    So factor in their 70% bounce rate, and you have 20~ people interacting with their site via google every day, seemingly creating 5,000 post recruitment threads. Yeah, OK.

    Absurd Goals

    P2P Model:

    Each character is given 100 life counters. Each time the character dies, one life counter is subtracted from their total. When the character dies with no life counters left, its soul is considered too weak to make the journey back to the land of the living and is permanently removed from the game.

    We allow 100 deaths to account for normal loss during game play as well as things that are out of your control such as lag, server mishaps and bugs.
    Raknar are a bestial race of TerVarus meaning that they do not craft, wear armor, use weapons, build structures, speak, use currency, etc. They are meant to be killing machines and so that is what they are designed to be!

    Instead of all those humanoid goodies they get stronger by eating spiderlings. These baby raknar come in a variety of different colors and give a variety of different stat gains for the Raknar players. For example:

    Red spiderlings might give you a .2% increase to strength while Blue spiderlings give a .2% increase to fortitude. Black, being the most desirable spiderlings, might give you a .1% increase to all your stats.

    It is not yet decided if these will be permanent increases or for a period of time. Things will need to be tested first. Also note that implanting a human corpse with an egg does not guarantee a black spiderling. Every time you implant an egg there is a random factor in the color it produces. Humans are just the only corpse (right now) that have a chance to produce black spiderlings.

    Sensing Vibrations: This means that raknar have a higher perception rating than humans and thus have a higher chance of seeing hidden or sneaking players and NPCs.

    Aversion to water and fire: Easy enough, you can't swim as a raknar. You drown. Fire does bonus damage to you so it is best if you avoid that stuff.

    Poison and Webbing: Two abilities slated for the raknar to use. Being able to use these abilities connects directly to your hunger status. If you have not eaten enough recently, your raknar will not have the energy to spit out poison or webbing so make sure you get enough to eat!

    Hives: What are they? Hives are for you social raknar out there who perhaps want to form a 'guild' or just run around killing with your buddies. There are advantages and disadvantages to them as well as advantages and disadvantages to going as a solo raknar.

    Raknars each have one egg sac. This egg sac produces the eggs which the raknar use to implant in a freshly killed corpse to gain a spiderling. To form a hive you must have a minimum of four raknar place their egg sack on one location. That's it. Simple enough, right? So what does this do for the raknar?

    Unlike a solo raknar, if you add your egg sac to a hive you will no longer be able to kill and implant whenever (cool-down allowing), wherever. Your egg sac still produces eggs but they are located and harvested at the center on the hive. This means you can only carry one egg at a time. When you plant and egg in a corpse, you must go back to the hive and pick up another one before you can implant again.

    Why would you do that? Well, also unlike solo raknar, by having your egg sac be in a hive, you gain bonuses to your production rate. Therefore, the more egg sacs you have together, the more eggs you will produce.

    Another benefit to having a hive is the ability to sacrifice a fertile egg, meaning you do not use it to implant and make a hatchling, to create a 'worker' raknar. These raknar will care for your egg sacs and give it an additional boost to productivity.

    If your hive gets big enough, say for example (again, this number is not set in stone) you get 15 egg sacs in your hive, you can create a different type of 'worker' raknar that will attack and defend your hive, but never leave it. Be careful though, worker raknar need to be fed too, so you will have to bring back corpses for these little guys to eat. If you don't they will start feeding on your eggs and thus, if neglected long enough, you could end up with worse production than a solo raknar.

    What if your hive is destroyed? Does that mean no more spiderlings? No, we are brutal but not necessarily cruel. If your hive is destroyed, your raknar will most likely no longer have an egg sac and be unable to produce eggs again until your next death.
    Dragons are a bestial race of TerVarus. This means they do not craft, build, wear armor, use weapons, speak or use currency. Well, not as currency is intended to be used by humans at any rate. They are designed to be non-social, extremely difficult to progress, and ultimately the strongest race in the game. We make no apologies for any of it and invite you to try your hand at reaching true power if you think you can.

    Frost or Fire?
    Pretty easy there. Do you want to be badass and on fire or badass and icey?

    Breath Weapons:
    Breath weapons are directly tied to nuggets, the currency of humans. You have three breath sacs. Consuming copper nuggets goes into one sac, silver to another, gold to another and so on. Each breath sac has a different type of weapon. These have not yet been decided upon but for example: (THESE ARE NOT CONFIRMED. JUST PLACE HOLDERS!)

    • Copper: A single target attack. Maybe it shoots out a huge icicle.

    • Silver: An AoE status effect. Maybe it shoots out a layer of ice on the ground, slowing or tripping enemies in that patch of ice.

    • Gold: An AoE attack. Perhaps something like an ice storm effect on a certain area. Raining down softball sized hale.

    Of course it wouldn't be as easy as choose race, click, create, and be an unstoppable terror in TerVarus. We are going to make you work for it. REALLY work for it.

    • Hatchling: A little baby lizard that is pretty much as defenseless as a... well lizard. You don't get any of the fun stuff like flight or uber breath weapons. You have to claw and bite your way through rodents and such to fill your belly enough to get your growth meter up. Consequently, eating the heart of another hatchling (or larger dragon) will keep your belly fuller, longer.

    • Young: About as large as a big dog, you get a relatively small gain in strength and hit points. Not much of a gain, but look on the bright side - now you can die in two hits instead of one.

    • Juvenile: You finally figure out how to use your tail as a weapon, and your bite becomes quite a bit stronger as does your strength. You're about the size of a horse. Don't get cocky though, you've got a long way to go.

    • Adolescent: You get flight! Or rather, the opportunity to fly. It's skill based so it will take lots of training and practice. Just don't fail too many skill checks one hundred feet above the ground. Your breath sacs develop just enough to give you a weak version of your breath weapons.

    • Adult: Your breath sacs grow to their full capacity and your physical size and strength intimidates the bravest of souls.

    • Ancient: Congrats you are a walking, flying, breath weaponing raid boss of terror that is not confined to a raid. Enjoy your achievement by wreaking havoc on anything and everything. We'll be disappointed if you don't.

    It is very important, make sure you have it. It may also be of note that dragons are a bit snobbish as far as food goes. They have a great sense of personal pride and do not feel satisfied to grow if they do not kill and consume their own kills. If humans or other creatures 'gift' food to dragons they view it as tainted and cannot find it in themselves to grow. It's just too damn humiliating to be demoted to a pet. Eating too much tainted food can also result in death.

    Tainted Meat:
    Tainted meat is something that was not killed by your dragon. Eating tainted meat will fill your belly but it will not count towards your growth if you fill up on it. Eating tainted meat also gives you a debuff to show you that you will not gain growth because tainted meat has been consumed. This debuff does not hurt your dragon or reduce it's stats in any way shape or form... until you get enough of them stacked up. If, for example, you gain 5 stacks of this debuff your dragon will start to take some detrimental hits to stats. If you gain 10 stacks, your dragon dies.

    Why do this? We said dragons will be tough to play, we meant it. We don't want dragon farms and have our world over-run with them. But we do not want to cripple you if, on occasion, you have no choice but to eat some tainted meat to keep death by starvation at bay.

    On top of being well fed to age, you will also need a hoard to molt in. These can vary in size, depending on the stage of dragondom that you are in.
    What do you need for a hoard?
    Generally a hole, cave, volcano?, hollow of a glacier?, and things of that nature are required for space. Shiny things like nuggets, gems, gold and silver items, (maybe a crown or goblet here and there?) and magical weapons or other items help to make a dragon really feel at home. I hear magical tomes of perma-dead mages are really good for the molting atmosphere.

    Gem weapons:
    These can be really useful for larger dragons that have a considerable hoard built up. Unfortunately people seem to want the stuff you collected from them back. To keep that from happening, we encourage you to find special gems around that you can infuse with your breath attacks. These would be able to be placed around your hoard and have a detection ability given to them. If anyone other than your dragon were to walk within that detection radius, they would get the full blast of power stored inside that gem. This will hopefully keep those pesky thieves at bay and your treasures safe.

    There is no communication slated for dragons at this time. Nor is there likely to be. I suppose there is ventrilo or skype or teamspeak for that if you really feel the urge to chat.

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    Indie company.

    next time, think everyone is trying to scam you (which is most likely true), you might save a few bucks :x

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    Anything that is put in place for the good of people is susceptible to abuse. Really nothing else needs to be said.

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    Damn that's shady. I wish people wouldn't trust those folks so easily. I feel bad for them, and it only helps scammers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ptolemy66t View Post
    Indie company.

    next time, think everyone is trying to scam you (which is most likely true), you might save a few bucks :x
    Um, technically crowdfunding is donations. And thus far, the vast majority of crowd funded games I can think of are either well on their way to being released, or were released at, or close to, the promised full features.

    I mean, it's about as risky as picking up a AAA game and thinking it's good based off of hype and marketing. That's to say you have to make a value/judgement call on it based on what you know, or do some more research.

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    Hmm decided to read their forum. People sure are passionate in the game, and definitely feel a game in development for 12 years will come into fruition.
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    Oh, don´t get me wrong. I think Crowdfunding is a great thing for indie developers. But there is the thing. If you are a developer, there is a LOT you can do for free with Unity and for a $100 with Hero Engine. You can build a world, you can implement combat, inventories, build your UI. You can use Blender or 3dsmax to make some models and Gimp to create some textures (all free). Launching a game requires some funding, but actually building a lot of the core of a MMO can be done for free using the tools I listed.

    These guys did NOTHING. they have built nothing into their game, and now they are saying they won´t let you even play the demo unless you donate $500. I donated to a couple of MMOs on KS, but they showed that they had a good start on what they were developing. Maybe their dreams were a little high, but they showed that they had put the legwork into getting the game going.

    ToA has nothing, has shown nothing, and won´t let you see the demo unless you are a $500 donator.

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    Want to go on an amusing exercise? Google "Trials of Ascension" and go to any of the Joystiq/Massively articles about the game. Look at the comments, specifically the positive ones and not the ones discussing permadeath and PVP. Be shocked and amazed that the only comments from those people are in Trials of Ascension articles!
    I mourn the loss of a man of true vision and talent. You were my idol, Mr. Giger.
    You gave faces to my dreams and nightmares and sparked my imagination throughout my entire life. You will be missed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by unholytestament View Post
    Want to go on an amusing exercise? Google "Trials of Ascension" and go to any of the Joystiq/Massively articles about the game. Look at the comments, specifically the positive ones and not the ones discussing permadeath and PVP. Be shocked and amazed that the only comments from those people are in Trials of Ascension articles!
    Yeah, after some digging, it turns out that none of the 3 developers know how to code or do graphics at all. They ´outscourced´ someone to a basic 3d house... and then they are using a volunteer from their forums to set up their server login stuff.

    It seems the only thing the devs do is create alts to post on forums. They also are very adept at sending out press releases that get printed by general gaming sites. Again, it takes a lot of skill to raise $50k from players and not even be able to show a screenshot of your game.

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    This is why...

    1. Research the people your tossing money at.

    2. Don't toss money at said people unless you see some actual work done on it. Devs really shouldn't go to kickstarter and ask for hundreds of thousands of dollars to build a game that they haven't even produced a proof of concept for to show on the page.

    3. ...And, most importantly, remember that whenever you throwaway money like this, there is always a chance that your not going to get what was promised to you. Remember that. $60 donation for game doesn't mean you get one. Doesn't mean you get a "quality" game either.

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    yeah, I feel bad for Shards Online. A lot of people were doubtful of their game, so withheld from their KS.. and then when it was too late, they made the game available to play, but it was too late to save the KS. You don´t have gameplay that I love, the ruleset can be something I don´t like.. but man, you NEED to actually have at least a semi-playable game before you go to KS. At least show that you did all the work you could do for free.

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    I wouldn't give money to anyone who can't show a previous finished product, even if it's a sorta small indie title, it proves that they're able to make a game and that they're able to finish something. Of course the other best thing is demonstrable evidence of development, Kickstarter shouldn't be used to turn a design treatment into a game, it should be used to help push a game in development off the ground.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azrile View Post
    I am not kidding you.... $500 to see a demo......

    Now think about this.. who is actually going to see and judge that demo? Nobody but the most serious serious kool-aid drinkers.
    How is it possible that things have gotten this crazy. $500 to see a demo.
    So how is the demo? NON SINE DIIS ANIMOSUS INFANS
    Quote Originally Posted by PRE 9-11 View Post
    This term isn't far off, though it would need the word "scientific" in front of it.
    Quote Originally Posted by PRE 9-11 View Post
    Accessibility, ownership, availability; these are all essentially the same thing.

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    Imo the whole kickstarter thing is a scam. If I want to support a very risky project, give me shares or something that might get value depending on the success, not some lousy shirts or early alpha access.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lockedout View Post
    So how is the demo?
    The demo is not even made yet, and at the current pace, it won´t be made for another 6 months or so.

    Get this. ToA currently has no player character ( they are using the default Unity character), they have no UI at all, no action bars, nothing. There are no mobs in the world and no combat system. There are no items in the world, no inventory or backpack.

    But they have a cash-shop on their website where they are selling 20 different vanity pets for $10 each. You can also buy an ´eye patch´ for $15 to put on your character model that doesn´t exist yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azrile View Post
    But they have a cash-shop on their website where they are selling 20 different vanity pets for $10 each. You can also buy an ´eye patch´ for $15 to put on your character model that doesn´t exist yet.
    Man, what are these guys, the trolls of the MMO game business?

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    This just in: if you donate $1500, those three devs will come to your house and sit on your couch and smoke pot while they scratch themselves and fart.

    Boy I sure am glad I have some money to throw around. They're coming to my crib on Friday! Game on!

    Shit, I should have asked them if I get to see the demo...

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    Quote Originally Posted by lawow74 View Post
    Man, what are these guys, the trolls of the MMO game business?
    That is why I made the title I did. it is almost like they are trying to insult their followers.

    They are selling 10 different ´dances´ for your character that doesn´t exist yet. Yet they can´t even get their ingame camera to show the whole character, so you can buy a dance for $20, and then watch your characters head bob a bit.

    They are also selling the ´rights´ to patterns to craft unique items ingame such as a battle axe that nobody else will be able to craft. ($30 for that one). Did I mention that they currently have 0 items in the entire game and no inventory.

    For $7.50 you can name one of the NPCs that don´t exist in the world. For $200 you can name a landmark that doesn´t exist in the world.

    Seriously, they have no UI, but they have a $200 item in the their cashshop?

  19. #19
    I wonder if this is considered illegal. If not, then it should be. This specific case is borderline fraud.

  20. #20
    They have a backers agreement which basically says everything in the store is a donation (non-tax exempt) and that they can´t be held responsible if the game never ships.

    They put more effort into creating their website, writing that cop-out disclaimer than they actually spent in the game.

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