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    Warframe Woes

    Where do I start with this since it's a massive ballache.

    Ok so a friend of mine got me into playing Warframe on the Xbox One it seems rather good so I decide to get it on PC but then that's when the trouble starts.

    I install the game for the first time and then try to log-in with the same details that I do on the Xbox One but that doesn't work so I figure out they must be separate accounts so I then make a brand new Warframe account via the website and log-in with those brand new details yet it says they're wrong so I'm like ok I change my password just in-case and it still says the details are wrong.

    I do some Goggling and I find out that according to the website which I used to make the account on has been down for a few days and when I read a bit further it says it's been off for the better part of nearly 3 damn months.

    So I do some more Googling and find several ways to try and get Warframe on the PC to work: verifying cache via Steam (since I'm trying to play it through Steam), deleting certain files and then letting the game re-install them and that's really the only ways I've found to apparently help with this apart from the usual un-install and re-install which I'm trying right now.

    Plus the errors on Warframe are named really weirdly: Error Tar-Pit and a few more that I well can't remember hehe but I know I've gotten plainly worded ones like one that says the update server isn't available and another saying the content server isn't available.

    I check the Warframe Twitters for what that is worth and nothing there at all of server problems or anything just normal news about new features, updates and so on.

    So what I'm trying to say is that is there anyone else with this problem and if there is please tell me how to fix it since this have been bugging me for a full day now as to why it won't work.

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    Theres a megathread for this game.

    As far as i'm aware there are no issues with Warframe servers. I've been playing on PS4 for the past few days. Accounts are indeed separate between consoles and PC. Heck i don't even remember having to make an account on my ps4 , it just recognizes my PSN ID as a individual account.
    Having you tried installing the game through the website instead of steam? And see if it fixes?

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    Also try logging in without your firewall or anti vírus on, or run the client on admin mode.

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