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    Can you find anything nice to say about Konami nowadays?

    Fun topic. I'll start with an easy one.

    Yu-Gi-Oh is the best TCG next to Magic in my opinion (fuck Hearthstone). Okay so Konami still treats their Western customers horribly even then there but hey, the game's still fun and going so it counts doesn't it.

    ...And that's about it for me. I hear Metal Gear Online is still fun...? But yeah. Do you have anything particularly "nice" to say?

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    Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links for IOS in january. F2P

    That is all ^_^
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    The yugioh animes are pretty damn awesome, dislike playing the game.
    Sometimes I order japanese cards, because konami censors everything in Europe. Example: Dark Magician Girl with cleavage

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    Card Games On Motorcycles!

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    Nope. /thread

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    Nope. Also <insert picture of Konami on LoL>

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    setting aside yugioh actually being fun for me for the first time in like 7 years the team thats kept updating MGSV has added some pretty interesting and neat stuff that least year of support. Just because the suits up top are assholes doesnt mean the folks lacking kojimas rockstar ability to jump ship and float fine are also assholes. God knows the metal gear survive team is probably very happy to be making a assett recycling none canon budget release than working on a mobile or pachinko game.
    Or worse managing a konami gym like two of the silent hill guys were moved to. Can't imagine those people have the same contempt for their consumers like the suits screaming for more "gamblify freebuys"
    http://theeorzeanfrontier.blogspot.co.uk/ Neckbeard rambling about this weeaboo trash

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    They sure managed to legalize gambling in the nippon.
    Girls are a hoax created by the Japanese anime industry to scam otaku out of their money.

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    Can we get a moment of silence for Silent Hill ?

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    Yugioh legacy of the duelist is decent....

    Made my asshole close up giving them money to play it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Purrfekt View Post
    Can we get a moment of silence for Silent Hill ?
    Silent Hills. Plural. Now we will never know why...
    Quote Originally Posted by Selastan View Post
    Calling it now. Malfurion and/or Varimathras will be the final boss in Legion. If I get this right I will brag about it till the end of time.
    "Watch me Swooce right in!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Selastan View Post
    Silent Hills. Plural. Now we will never know why...
    /Sniffle You are right good sir. That playable demo was amazing, I screamed like a little bitch several times lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by stellvia View Post
    Card Games On Motorcycles!
    Not any more konami thought that motorcycles were outdated now it will be hover boards! Not even joking there that's the theme of the sixth series

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