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    Depends on who I'm playing in regards to upgrading yellow trinket, I don't ever feel the need to upgrade it if I get ahead on Shaco because that 250 gold can go towards my actual build plus if I'm ahead it usually means we have a fair amount of pressure on the enemy team anyways and also Shaco ahead is just like Rango, it's godly.

    For other junglers I usually opt a trinket upgrade most of the time but it really just depends how much ward pressure my team is already exerting, if we have enough wards then it's because I have a pink out somewhere and others are warding so no need to waste 250 gold when it can go towards my build so I can get a mid game spike a bit earlier.
    You also play in Diamond, so people actually know what wards are, how to use them, and where to place them. :P No one uses them in my elo, so my motto has ended up being, "Vision is OP, Sightstones for everybody!"

    Top laners, I'll upgrade trinkets right at 9 if I have the gold on that backing (especially on someone like Nasus, who is my main top). In mid I buy a ward or two every back if I can. Not so much if I ADC (which I rarely ever, I suck at it) but I place wards everytime the CD is up. Junglers and Supports I've already said, Sightstones being a core item for me.

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    Having some great laughs with AP+Smite Gangplank midlane and the runeglaive build. xD

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    You are a horrible, horrible person and should feel bad.

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    You are a horrible, horrible person and should feel bad.
    Oh I do, it's just so hilarious!

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    With top lane smite/cinderhulk, mid with runglaive, and jungler, it is only a matter of time until adc and support find a way to abuse smite + a jungle item! Saint retired at the wrong time I'm afraid.

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