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    from a warrior prespective, id say PW:S its the best spell for effective hp in the whole game.

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    shhh, keep it on the dl or every clown will roll one!

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    22. two healing trees! no other class has it!

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    annoying people with my glowy yellow self when I cast chakra, but before I enter a state. Chakra = awesome.

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    23. Power Torrent, Volcano and Theralion proc'ed, dots just refreshed. Everyone dies. Just a tank and a boss with around 200k hp. Everyone in vt yells "omg we failed omg omg" and you "don't worry amigos, my dots are steamrolling!". Boss dies while you'd say "Enjoy your loots" with a lot of purple awesomness spilling thru your voice. Just happend yesterday.

    Seriously, i thought i'd reroll warlock for 4.2, but that was the sign that i'm purple inside and i can't reroll. never.

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    24. Mind control in Alterac valley when you stand near Drek'thar (as horde), while bunch of alliance players are preparing to pull him. (Works better if you have more towers)
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    Penance! through a pillar preferably in arena if posible...with a rogue if u can get me 2k raiting +

    edit: xD 25*

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    #500-- Priests are the best class because we don't need a "XXX reasons why" to be this freakin' bad ass. Why give reasons for something people already know?

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    26. we loose to most of the classes :<
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    To all you non-priests:

    You'll see the list here stops at 26. That's because, as priests, we're so awesome that we have communicated the other 474 reasons to each other telepathically. Have fun trying to top that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ynna View Post
    Deliberately not healing the tank and yelling at those who do, because you want Guardian Spirit to proc.
    I second this...

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    26: Body and Soul

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    Shadow form+any kind of mount.....

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    Tanking is work, DPS is a Science, Healing is a form of Art

    When healing in raid it is almost like music, harmony of heals blending together as one, and Priests do it best!

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    50k divine aegis on everyone before pull

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matlafous View Post
    Shadow form+any kind of mount.....
    I actually think I disagree with this. I love all my mounts as they are all unique in form and color. Sometimes I'd like to be able to see that when flying/riding around. I could care less about my various horses or gryphons but for the drakes I have I'd love to be able to see them not in smokey purple.

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    oh, you're red or skull level? well I'm an atonement priest. (you should run now)
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    hmmmm dont have more reasons

    Quote Originally Posted by [-Spiritus-] View Post
    #500-- Priests are the best class because we don't need a "XXX reasons why" to be this freakin' bad ass. Why give reasons for something people already know?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarac View Post
    /facepalm at every kind off these threads.
    /facepalm at these type of utterly worthless posts.

    Using Mind Vision on a Rogue before he stealths, and casting Devouring Plague or Shadow Word: Pain on him to knock them out of stealth the second they get in range.
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    Not sure what number its on but MIND SEAR! XD XD

    Target tank, he can run around with mob the whole time and the channel doesn't cancel! XD
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