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    Stormstout Brewery, Challenge mode.


    So me and my group have tried this dungeon for the past few days, and we're usually 1min-1.5min behind the timer.
    (Granted we don't fail on the RNG of the spike damage on the tank on the first 5 apes, the monkeys in the monkey room getting aggroed by random barrels and people failing on Hopling explotions).

    We're running with prot warrior, resto druid (myself), fire mage, survival hunter and shadow priest/feral druid.

    We're using Stampeding Roar and drums, I'm going dps on the 2nd phase of last boss and the 4th phase (when the boss itself spawns), the hunter goes BM to boost his single target dps. The dps are using 5-6 pots each run.

    From the top of my head, these are the times we're usually getting at random places.
    11.30 - finished with the first 5 apes, used heroism
    10.25 - engaging first boss
    09.15 - first boss dead
    07.20 - spawn second boss
    06.00 - killed second boss
    *bypass the 4 adds that patrol the room*
    04.30 - started the last boss event
    *for the adds that heals eachother, we start with aoe silence from the tank, then we try to single target interupt and stand between the beams*
    01.30 - the 3rd phase starts

    That's pretty much it. Any tips on where we need to improve drastically?

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    You want at least 1:30 to kill the final boss, generally if the boss fight goes on for longer than that you're going to get overwhelmed by the small adds that heal him. If you have 6 minutes on the timer when Hoptallus dies then you should have enough time to engage the final boss and kill it. It's likely you're taking too long to kill the little adds on the final boss' trash; if you have a Rogue, use Smoke Bomb on one of the corners of the square as they spawn, they'll all run to the exact same spot. If you don't have a Rogue, the best thing you can do is go outside the room and LoS pull them. You need to save your AoE stuns and silences for when they start casting the beams, so that you can AoE them down fast and only have a couple alive to deal with when you run out of control abilities.
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    Just did this lastnight and what I can tell you killed second boss at about sametime we did in our goldtime and we finished the instance in 11:51.
    Once the second boss dies we had our healer respec to dps for the rest of the instance. We ran blooddk/wwmonk/eleshaman/lock/holydin.
    The second boss is the one where you can save most of your time tough. (By killing the boppers fast).

    We too were behind like 50seconds at first, but dunno. Guess we just popped moar potions or something.
    And as Chiasmus said, hope you are aoeing the small adds cause that makes the last boss go alot faster too.

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    I found that LoSing the 2nd wave of adds before the last boss behind the pillar instead of out of the room is a touch faster. but there's maybe 10sec in it at best. and smoke bomb would be even faster still.
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    We had over 6 minutes left when we started down the ramp after the second boss. Close to 6 minutes or under and you're REALLY cutting it close. We actually didn't have lust in our group and ran with two melee, so while the first 2/3 was fast we lose a bit of time at the end.

    We pull the pack outside of the third boss and the first wave of the boss together. Our healer respecs for the second pack and we LoS this pack around the door way. With enough control there is zero damage. We had our healer (paladin) stay Ret for the third pack to, but going forward that was probably a mistake. Dealing with the AoE beer zone that does insane damage was incredibly difficult with 4 melee and a Warlock.

    And finally our healer stayed DPS spec for the last boss as well. Last boss does very little damage and it shouldn't be a problem. If you don't have a lust and are going to have a dedicated healer on the last boss you probably want 1:15. If you 5 DPS and or have a lust you need just about a minute to kill the last boss.

    Instance itself isn't too difficult but the timer is tuned VERY tightly.

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    As other people have said, make sure you're dpsing on the last boss, either in a full dps spec or with HoTW. Since you don't have a shaman, it's probably better if you respecced boomkin early to use Solar Beam on the healing trash pack. It silences them for a very long time.

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    make sure you kill the spirits that channel on the first 5 monkeys, it will take 50% of their health off. dps them for a bit then move onto the next room, as your running up the stairs make sure the last dps is hitting the explosive barrels to add to the monkey counter. pull all the monkeys from the mini room then move to the boss room, you only want to pull about half of these here (maybe less, comes with practice). we hit first lust while these were being pulled. tank uses big CDs, everyone uses slows and stuns etc. PRIO getting on barrels and charging into them as that will kill them quickly

    same with the first boss, barrels are prio. split up and dedicate yourselves to a barrel spawn each

    charge up the gauntlet, when you get to the end focus down the boppers and hammer everything to death. hammering is far quicker than standard aoeing. just dps the boss dont worry about the adds and dont waste time hammering them. if you tank the boss on 1 end of the room the range can stand on the other end and only get hit by carrot breath once. but thats far better than constantly moving

    bypass the adds in the next room, use your mage to invis through it and go pull the last boss, he can frost nova the 2 adds at the entrance and iceblock if needed. engineers can rocket boost here

    get your healer to respec dps after the last add wave before the last boss spawns. spread out around him and take an add beam to soak. pop lust and nuke!

    good luck its a very tough challenge mode

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