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    Enchantrix is nice though if you prospect, mill or disenchant many different kinds of items. Instead of putting every single item name or id into the macro, you can make the macro press the enchantrix button instead. Does the same thing, just doesn't require you to rewrite the macro if you want to process new items. Also, in case you didn't already know, if you have e.g. 3 obsidium ores left over and you want to move to prospecting elementium ore that is after obsidium in your macro, the game gives an error saying that you don't have enough obsidium ore until you move that /use elementium ore command above obsidium in your macro. Using enchantrix avoids this issue.
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    Set WoW to windowed and a very low resolution
    Bind the prospect macro
    Shift it to just about offscreen, with a little bit poking out
    Turn on VLC, watch a tv show but don't maximise it
    Flick on the WoW screen, it'll overlay slightly, click on the small bit of game-view
    Tap your keybind, listening for the tinkle to tell you when to do it again.

    There's no better way than this.

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    Get two accounts with characters on. Get keyclone (the program multiboxers use).

    Bind your prospect macro to the 3-4 keys you mash the most. Set things up so that only those keys are cloned to the other WoW window. Sign to a random with your non-prospecting account. Keep keyclone and your second account running while doing randoms.

    100% legal "automatic" prospecting.

    Edit: Ooops did I give my secret away now?
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    - bind the prospect macro to mousewheel
    - go buy a hamster
    - attack mousewheel to hamster wheel
    - run little friend, run
    - ??
    - profit
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    Quote Originally Posted by Destard View Post
    - bind the prospect macro to mousewheel
    - go buy a hamster
    - attack mousewheel to hamster wheel
    - run little friend, run
    - ??
    - profit
    Wouldn't this be classed as account sharing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolffish View Post
    Wouldn't this be classed as account sharing?
    nah you could say it was your child
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