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    First i put the rice all over my belly and then i take the fork to eat it

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    Prefer spoon, but if one isn't handy, a fork is fine, too. I'll even resort to chopsticks or bare hands.

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    hands because then we can make yummy riceball mmmm

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    Normally I use a fork. In fancy restaurant I use both since they give you both . No, I think proper etiquette is to use both actually. Spoon right and fork left.

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    Chopsticks. No im not chinese.
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    A fork because the other items on my plate generally require a fork and dirtying more silverware than needed is dumb
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    I eat it with my bare hands.

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    Fork never seen or heard about anyone eating rice with a spoon befor.

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    Fork obvsiously
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    I am Murloc! Rixis's Avatar
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    Fork, Spoon or Chopsticks, depends where i am, what i'm eating with the rice, and how lazy i am

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    fork because im a dork lololol
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    definitely a fork. u get too much metal taste when u use a spoon.

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    I use a fork like any other english orc. Fork'tar ogar!
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    I'll use whatever's around at the time, usually a fork.

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    The almighty, multi-functional fork... of ANGER!
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    FORKKK ALL THE WAY. I live in Hong Kong and eat rice everyday. Spoons are too big and it feels like you're swallowing a dick. Spoons are honestly only really good for soup.

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    I really don't understand this thread.

    you will get bitch slapped by the maître d' if you try to use a spoon for eating rice.

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