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    Quote Originally Posted by Laqweeta View Post
    This can be done for me. I just don't know what types to eat.. I'm assuming, for Breakfast.. Like, a Bowl of Cereal? or something. That'll be around 7:30 AM. Then, 5 or so more hours I'll have to wait for Lunch. I've already tried this.. And I wind up eating a HUGE sandwich. It's really hard for me to wait for the next meal. :/
    I always have some fruit around, because it's juice and thus lessens my thirst, it also delays the hunger. Apples, Oranges and Bananas are the best choices imo, but I'd like a Kiwi, Mango or Peach from time to time too.

    For breakfast I often eat cereal with chunks of fruit (cut into small pieces), and orange juice. And get some eggs, I found that eggs are more healthy than people often think. Especially when boiled. (My personal preference being medium-boiled). Get the veggies rolling! There are tons of veggies that can taste good with the right recipe, just try to search some.

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    As it has been pointed out, eating proper meals is very important.
    It gets your metabolism working the way it should.
    Eating 3 meals of the correct size is so much better than eating one huge meal.
    Also, don't eat just before you go to sleep.
    If you are hungry drink lots of water. Your stomach will shrink and it will get easier over a few days.

    If you are very overweight you will have to start to exercise slowly.
    Start out walking, then after a few weeks/ month move to jogging and light weightlifting etc.

    Remember you will not see results overnight. You didn't gain all that weight in a few weeks so don't expect to lose it in a few weeks.
    This time next year, however, you could weigh 50-100 pounds less than you do now!

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    Stay away from sugary and junk foods, soda ect. Eat 5 SMALL portion meals a day, example being if you make a sandwich you eat one half and each the other half later. Drink tons of water and try to get a good exercise pattern, I was good with riding my bike for an hour everyday but everyone is different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zarim View Post
    Eat 5 SMALL portion meals a day
    No need.
    As long as one gets the fats, proteines, vitamins and minerals one needs it doesn't matter when or how often you eat.
    Well, I suppose it's a bit stupid to eat before going to sleep since it makes your body start to digest instead of shutting down to proper rest/sleep
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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterHamster View Post
    No need.
    As long as one gets the fats, proteines, vitamins and minerals one needs it doesn't matter when or how often you eat.
    Well, I suppose it's a bit stupid to eat before going to sleep since it makes your body start to digest instead of shutting down to proper rest/sleep
    Funny enough, I follow Mark Sisson (Primal Blueprint guy) and his blog... he's touched on it before. He actually sent out something on this exact subject today (Source). He, backed with plenty of studies, tends to agree with you, me and many others who see past broscience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rosh View Post
    This is true, HOWEVER. Diet sodas include asparatam which in most cases to people will increase appetite.
    There's a reason why alot of obese people gain weight, they drink diet fizzy's and think they can get away by it showing it has 0.1 calories, 1 calories etc.
    but infact they bindge in alot more calories overall in a day due to the stuff in diet sodas making them craving sugar more.
    gonna edit this post when i can find the research on this just to back me up, usually dont write without any backup info.

    Also some people might say instead of drinking fizzy drinks you can drink juice, because it's "healthy". But in truth; juice, like orangejuice contains more calories than a normal Coca-Cola. example : 1 glass = 0.2 liters (2dl in norwegian)
    1 class of applejuice contains 22g of carbohydrates and 90 calories
    1 glass of grapejuice contains 28g of carbohydrates and 124 calories.
    1 glass of orangejuice contains 21g of carbohydrates and 92 calories.
    comparison to 1 glass of cola which is 21g of carbohydrates and 84 calories.

    Now to the thread starter. my starter tips since you cant cold turky the fizzy drinks.
    what i've tried out with several mates that wants to cut out coke etc is that if you drink 1.5l a day.
    At week one just cut out 0.5 liters of cola, switch it with pepsi max or coke zero.
    Week two, go down to 0.5 liters of cola and 1L of pepsi max.
    By doing this your body wont feel the "hunger" for sugar that much as you would by cutting out cold turky.
    then at week 4 you keep moving on from Pepsi max/cola zero to water with a lemon in it.

    One of the most important things i have to say is; do NOT overtrain.
    by doing this you will get fed up and also but way to much strain on your body since you aren't used to working out as much.
    start easy, the results will come.
    Dont look at the biggest loser and think "oh i can train like that everyday".
    its not healthy. Most of the people that were in that show ended up with alot of injuries after being done on the ranch.
    Also here's a keyword for you when it comes to practice.
    and its varity, you dont want to do the same setup when you work out,
    for two reasons. you want to exercise your whole body, its good to have a setup, but remember to switch it out from time to time so you dont get fed up with working out just because you will feel like you're getting nowhere and its like "oh gad next up is crunches...".
    it ruins your spirit when it comes to working out and you will get burnt out rather quickly.
    dont run the same schedule every time you go to the gym. Do legs one day, then mucles the next, then condition. condition in most cases is ALOT more valuable for you than anything else.
    You dont want to only focus on Strenght.
    if you do, and dont do condition you are throwing away the ability to progress faster (due to the lack of endurance.
    Yes you gain from doing strenght but not as much as you would from conditioning). Remember to train your whole body.
    not just shoulders and legs, its not a pretty sight when people only focus on what shows outside the shirts.
    one of the best all around workouts you can do is called Deadlift, this is one that is a MUST in your setup since it basically uses your whole body when you do this. and its ALOT of fun when you see progress.

    and last but the most important thing: learn how to to do the exercises CORRECTLY. i cant stress this enough how bad this is if you dont know what you're doing. you will end up harming your body and in worst case have a permament injury just because you didnt do research. But you have taken the first step and the biggest one. and thats asking people for help.
    Wish you the best of luck!
    How can you this serious?

    You're actually trying to feed him 1.5l of (more sugary cola a day). I've switched off to diet cola a while ago because i preffer the taste. Yet it doesn't make me more hungry or anything at all. If you want to switch you should drinking healthier, like water . Instead of advising someone to drink 1.5 of non diet cola. You're body will want the same amount of sugar it always wants, If someone is obese he's pretty much getting plenty of sugar and should be drinking a lot more water.

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    First off, no soda, just water.
    Eat 5-6 times a day (small portions) For example if you eat a sandwich for lunch normally, cut that sandwich in half, and theres 2 meals for the day.
    Try to eat about every 2 hours.
    Yogurt is also very good, Greek yogurt (Chobani) is best if you like the taste of it. You can also add some granola to your yogurt.
    For dinner eat a small portion of chicken breast or other meat. (no skin)
    You can add in exercise later after you get uesd to the diet.

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    Great guide. I will be starting this next week.

    Edit: I noticed this was posted mid thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shikomei_TFC View Post
    You said it's better for over all health. I've yet to see anything suggest that, it clearly doesn't matter.

    And how is that still a claim of not hitting your required nutrition? You're evading the question by throwing it on a whole different claim. Which, in itself is questionable as well; because you haven't seen anything that suggest it right and thus it is wrong. That's quite an amusing way to look at it.

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    the reason ppl say 5 small meals aday is to increase your metabolism which in turn burns more weight. i think game companys needs to put a warning on their box " may cause obesity" most ppl i know that played wow or other games that you have to sit on your butt for hours gained about 20-30 lbs a year if nt more cuz they just were nt out doing crap like they were before. i gained weight and i have actually lost weight not doing anything but staying off the damn games

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    you could start up a drug habit i hear they are exceptional at weight loss

    Post on topic and constructively please.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sosleapy View Post
    the reason ppl say 5 small meals aday is to increase your metabolism which in turn burns more weight. i think game companys needs to put a warning on their box " may cause obesity" most ppl i know that played wow or other games that you have to sit on your butt for hours gained about 20-30 lbs a year if nt more cuz they just were nt out doing crap like they were before. i gained weight and i have actually lost weight not doing anything but staying off the damn games
    The reason for multiple smaller meals is to eat healthy, rather than be tempted to snack in between. Because cutting back from three large meals and snacking in between (which a lot of people do) is hard. And stopping it cold means you're likely to end up picking unhealthy food between meals, splitting up meals in to smaller portions will mean you will eat more often and are less likely to eat snacks. I.E terrible food.

    Later on you can just build this back to three meals (for example), but it's better to build towards this and not just jump cold in to it. It generally doesn't work to well to stop something cold.

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    If that ipod you mention is a touch, or you have an iphone, I suggest an app called "Lose It!" (and i WISH they were paying me, they're not). I hate the concept of counting calories as much as the next person, but this app shows you what each item 'cost' in terms of calories and allows you to begin to get an idea of what you can cut out to benefit yourself the most and it helped me a LOT. Between diet and exercise dropped 60lbs in a year. My weight loss is surely not typical, but the doctor didn't object during my checkups when we discussed how I was doing it...speaking of which, talk to yours before you make any drastic changes to your diet or start anything more than light exercise (like walking).

    Your situation sounds similar to where I started. 6ft, 240lbs (similar BMI, I think). Watched my calorie intake and walked until I lost enough to feel my knees could handle the impact of running, then started running for 60sec at a time in my walks, then increased that when it became easy...kept doing that and by the time 6mo was up I was running 5-7mi per day, longer when I had the time.

    Good luck to you maybe I'll see you at a 10k or 1/2 marathon in a year or so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laqweeta View Post
    Hey everyone, at the moment.. I am obese. My BMI = 38.4. Obesity = 30 or higher.

    Now, as it stands right now.. I barely have ANY energy. I assume this is because I DO NOT exercise .. At all.
    I want to change that, so.. Here I am.

    My question, is it okay to start off small exercising? I tried doing 20 Jumping-Jacks and 5 Push-ups, after that.. I was already out of breath.

    Thanks for any help anyone can give me
    Here's my two cents:

    Water - Drink it often. Staying hydrated prompts the body to dump water weight. You would be surprised how much you lose in that alone.

    Fast Food - Just drop it, altogether. I'm serious. If you're geniunely concerned about obesity, cross fast food off of your list until you can get your weight under control, and even then, eat it in severe moderation.

    Be active - I don't think there is really much more to say. Anything from walking around town, to biking, to shooting hoops, just get out there and sweat, even the most menial thing like a pick-up game of horse-shoes goes a long way.

    For the love of god, no more soda! - I challenge you to just outright stop with the soda, you'll be shocked. And you'll slowly but surely notice an amazing difference both physically and mentally.

    Fruits, Veggies and Whole Grains - They're just plain good for you

    Most of the dieting stuff is really obvious, but it takes a lot of willpower to actually stick to it. Challenge yourself!

    As far as excercising? For cardio, I would suggest biking and walking, as it seems you're not to inclined to be running, with your knee and all.

    Push ups, sit ups, and jumping jacks are all great, but remember you can't target areas for fat loss, so if you're looking to reduce your BMI%, I would suggest regular bouts of cardio. Remember to switch it up, keep it interesting.

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    Stop eating 3 things:


    problem solved. Oh you may walk if you want that will fasten the weight losing process.

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    best advice i can give is to eat often.. Make sure you eat a sensible breakfast snack on fruit between meals simply by doing this your metabolism will go into overdrive as its always getting food and wont store the fat. You'll lose more weight by excersing ofc.. but dont stop when you get out of breath push a little further.. its this bit further where the weightloss really happens

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    lose weight

    you should start from walking. Brisk walk at least 30mins a day, but you have to be PERSISTENT, do it everyday! then you can progress to other type of exercise. Make sure your daily Caloric intake is at the recommended level. do not go more or less than that, it can possible cause harm if you go less than the recommend level.
    eat breakfast and lunch, but avoid dinner, as after dinner usually people go to sleep, so the calories obtained from dinner usually is not consumed.


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    I had a relative who had to turn their life around. They started with a diet as well as light exercise. Do what you did and as you gain stamina and lose weight you will be able to do more intense exercise routines!

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    hi there, i'm gona tell u that it all comes down to ur will power
    depends if u have a goal, which will keep u going
    i have a bmi of 23, and u'll be surprised that i maintain it without actually doing pretty much anything ( probably natural metabolism plays its role)
    I eat junk food, i drink soda, etc.
    Just keep ur lifestyle active, and that doesn't mean u have to work out 24/7.....
    walk, like alot, try to keep doing a small work out in the evening/ morning ( which ever suits u best) to begin with, increase that gradually... don't do ur exercise in big junks, do them in sets
    stay hydrated, cut down on the soda for now and drink water... milk is also gd
    last point, im gona get flamed for this, smoking keeps me away form eating... I know its not healthy, but thanks to my dear cigs i can survive when I don't have jack to eat ( student here, so don't have any money at times... infinite amount of smokes though ^^)
    Most importantly, just keep working toward ur own goal, and don't let anyone get in ur way, tell u that u'r fat,etc... they'll respect u alot when u get nice and fit

    Thx to CrazyTaco93 for the awesome sig

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    I guess i could give you some help im about 1m 74 cm tall i use to weigh 145 kg and i where 19 years old.
    Right now 20 years old i weigh 95 kg not the " normal weight " it should be around 80 i believe sense im a guy.
    I lost the weight by eating like some one who have done a gastric bypass surgery 5-6 small meals per day.
    About the size of a can of baby food (8 months) and skip stuff like soda fries and focus mainly on the meat.
    And only eat junk food MAX once a month lesser is better and chew the food its really important that you do.
    Each one of those meals should take around 20-30 mins to eat and then im playing badminton for 1 hr 1-2 times a week.
    And a 20-30 min walk at least once a day but remember the food change where a royal pain in the ass.
    I where hungry like all the time the first week but i got over it after that and i still eat that way.
    Its like burnt in to the back of my head.

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