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    If every subject in school was replaced with game related subjects

    What do you think your grades would be, i personally have high grades but i find nothing interesting in school. If it was replaced with subjects related to gaming, i wonder if school would be fun or if it would turn the things i love most into a chore.
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    Depends what it would be. I doubt my grades would be any different, would feel just like school if I had to do it anyway.

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    well, as long as NCLB remains, i'm guessing that it'd be hello kitty island adventure all day long.

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    B+ in Zerg Rush 101
    A- in Head Shots 102
    B in Applied Tech Trees
    C+ in RTS Resource Management
    A in Minmaxing (You either get an A or an F)
    B+ in Melee Weapons in FPS
    B+ in Intro to FPS
    B+ in Intro to RTS
    A+ in Intro to RPG
    C- in Intro to JRPG
    C+ in Grinding
    A- in Applied Hygiene
    Call to arms, the trumpets sound
    Hand puppets storm the base, flags up now cannons rage
    All clowns head for the rear, slingshots fire to the air
    Toy horses start the charge, Robot chessmen standing guard
    Crossfire to the marionettes, Slip into the edge of death...

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