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View Poll Results: Who would win 1 on 1?

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  • Kobe Bryant

    63 69.23%
  • LeBron James

    28 30.77%
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    If Kobe Bryant and LeBron James went 1 on 1. Who do you think would win?

    I always hear people comparing Kobe and LeBron and arguing which one of the two is the greatest. (After Michael Jordan of course)

    Now let's say the two were put in a huge 1 on 1 match and it was televised live around the globe.
    Who do you think would win?

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    Pit Lord aztr0's Avatar
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    Kobe. While LeBron has more physical ability. Kobe knows how to win.

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    Kobe, ofc..
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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperMechatronGamer;12276235[I
    ][/I](After Michael Jordan of course)
    Aww, that is who I was going to pick.

    From what little I pay attention to Basketball, I would have to say Kobe.
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    In a 1 on 1 situation, Kobe cannot stop Lebron from scoring, its just not gonna happen. It really comes down to whether or not LeBron can stop Kobe from scoring, and I think he'd be able to do it just often enough to squeak out a win.
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    *Obnoxious sports announcer voice* The only winner today, Jim, will be the sport itself.

    But seriously? LeBron, just because.

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    kobe of cos
    y would u wanna compare lolebron with kobe?
    dwyane wade would be much better for 1 on 1 with kobe

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    game is not balanced around 1v1

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    Micheal Jordon would win.

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    If Kobe was the same age as LeBron I would pick him, but as it stands right now LeBron is arguably the best 1 on 1 defender in the league so he should be able to shut down Kobe. He held MVP and offensive ability freak Derek Rose to 3.8% shooting in the series with Chicago. Three point freaking eight percent. Kobe is no slouch defensively, but he is nowhere near what he once was. LeBron's post game is meh so it would stay close, but in the end LeBron's defense would win out.

    Doesn't change that in a game situation I would take Kobe any day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linzo View Post
    game is not balanced around 1v1
    lol inb4 Frost Mages

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    High Overlord
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    Lebron would get an early lead than wilt in the fourth quarter. As always.
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    my respect to kobe hes a great player, but Lebron is younger, faster, more dynamic, taller, i think Kobe is a better player but Lebron would win in a 1v1.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Teroseth View Post
    *Obnoxious sports announcer voice* The only winner today, Jim, will be the sport itself.
    I did indeed lol. Sounds exactly like something a sports announcer would say.

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    Kobe would rape LeBron

    see what I did there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Volitar View Post
    Kobe would rape LeBron
    see what I did there
    So wrong, so, so wrong xD

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    LeBron arguably has more natural talent than Kobe, but as we all know and was demonstrated by this year's NBA finals, talent isn't everything. Michael Jordan didn't even make his high school basketball team and he went on to be the most dominating athlete in basketball history.

    tldr; Kobe would kick the shit out of LeBron because Kobe is a winner and LeBron is a whiner.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperMechatronGamer View Post
    I did indeed lol. Sounds exactly like something a sports announcer would say.
    No it sounds like something that would be in a Madden game

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    Isn't Kobe busted the fuck up about now with balky knees & suchlike? Assuming both were healthy i'd be tempted to go Kobe, but right now i'd say Lebron.

    Stick a trophy in there for it though and it'd be Kobe all day & night, Lebron would choke.
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    Lol I remember Lebron getting dunked on from a nobody from one of his summer camps, Lebron is the choke of the century, Kobe would pew pew

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