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    High Overlord yorker's Avatar
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    Your Push-to-talk (PTT) key

    So I know the majority of people who post here use some kind of voice communication while playing WoW (and other games). For those of you who have and mic and use it regularly, what key do you use for push-to-talk? Also, do you ever change it and for what reasons?

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    The "§" key.

    Perfect for me.
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    F8, but that's bound to my thumb button on my mouse.

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    I am Murloc! Vargur's Avatar
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    Probably the most uninteresting thread I've read as of late.. but I'll bite. CTRL?

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    Z, on a german keyboard, so it's between T and U in the top row. For arenas and communication heavy fights i use voice activation with Z being my mute key.

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    The Unstoppable Force Kangodo's Avatar
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    It used to be the ` -symbol, left from the '1'-key.
    But that started to hurt my little pink, so I changed it to CAPS LOCK.
    Ventrilo just disables the button when I have it running.
    And it's not like I need to type anything in caps that is so long I can't use the shift-button.

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    Alt, but I've got a "B4" button on my mouse I should try. Would allow me to bind Alt+_ for a lit more skills.

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    Alt+tilde when i played

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    The Lightbringer Calzaeth's Avatar
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    CTRL, until I get a proper gaming mouse. When I get my hands on one, I'll have my PTT where my right thumb usually rests on my current mouse :P
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    Shift, i should probably change it due to me pressing it for abilities, but i just can't replace it. D:

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    Pandaren Monk Temmeh's Avatar
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    mouse button 5

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    Brewmaster Bassch's Avatar
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    Cork, Ireland
    I use "\". Right underneath the letter "A". I prefer it so when I'm doing raids and if I use Shift to talk, I may change the action bar. The Ctrl button just feels too awkward xD.

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    High Overlord yorker's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moshic View Post
    Probably the most uninteresting thread I've read as of late.. but I'll bite. CTRL?
    What you find uninteresting, I find interesting. Thanks for the useless criticism anyway, I guess.

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    wow really, nothing else to talk about other than your PTT key ? :P

    Anyways, my key is " ' " since i use the most other keys for my abilities and spells
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    Either § or the "forward" button on my MX518
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    , for TS
    . for Vent

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    need moar characterz

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    High Overlord druidicitus's Avatar
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    ; 10 chars bla bla bla
    English is not my mainspec!

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    I use voice activation?

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