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    Quote Originally Posted by Leesa View Post
    Sit back down, you arrogant twit.

    I bet you're one of those people that signs off every message with a "YNWA" aren't you
    How exactly am I being arrogant and what does YNWA have to do with anything thats going on around here ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Volitar View Post
    I think that it's stupid that people make more money playing a game than hard working people
    When you're outside of holidays(football players training stages) are you forbidden to drink, club and eat like a pig?

    Football players sacrifice alot of things in order to get performance.

    You trained for your job since say- highschool. Messi began playing football when he was what?6 ?
    Quote Originally Posted by Mooneye View Post
    Why would it be wrong to kill a human being?
    Quote Originally Posted by Davillage View Post
    "Russian Feminist Cop Shoots 19 year old black pro life Iman after Getting a Bad Tip In Israel"
    Pateu's postulate: '' As an online discussion about RPGs or sci fi grows longer, the probability of a comparison or bashing involving Mass Effect 3 approaches 1. ''

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