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    Sunwell, i never saw it myself (thats pretty much the whole reason im making a 70 guild :P)

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    I can guarantee you that Kharazan will make a come back.

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    for the pure aesthetic value BT and SW, i am also fond of TK

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    No more recycles and rehashes.

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    I would like to Stratholme to be revisited. I mean like The alliance trying to take back the city but the horde wanting to take it for a base.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edlarel View Post
    Kara, definitely; with an addition of the crypts possibly.

    In a search for artifacts hidden by Medivh in his old home at deadwind pass, the twilight's hammer (assuming this is to be done during this arc in the overall story) enters the still haunted karazhan and is in a race with the heroes to reach medivh's chambers, where a terrible secret lies in wait.

    ***New content***
    raid raised to 85 with 10 and 25 man available.
    Revamped bosses - Moroes, The caretaker, Shade of Aran, and the chess event.
    New bosses - twilight lords where the statue was, an ambush in the theatre, and a battle with the twilight father outside of medivh's chamber. The final boss is Memory of Medivh; a spell put into place by the guardian of tirisfall himself to protect his most prized of possessions. On heroic mode, Memory of Medivh becomes Memory of Sargeras at 35% and you have to prevent it from making itself real with the power of Medivh's artifacts.

    Teleport areas where the outside dragon was and where Malchezar was just before Medivh's chambers. When players progress that far in the raid, they open up these areas for ease of travel going forward and wipe recovery. At both, player's can talk to Me'dan or a bronze dragon and ask him to let them see what happened here. These will open optional fights where the heroes can battle the dragon or Malch at 85 for additional gear. they're not required for progression, but are meant as fun "throwbacks." The dragon's terrace will be subtlely "enlarged" with the revamp to actually hold 25 people if that is the raid size.

    Other "rooms" destroyed by the cataclysm - The satyr's room, Netherspite's stairs leading up, and the upper area where the halloween boss was. The random animal boss room is still there and still a shortcut to the twilight lord where the statue boss was. The stables are where heroes stay and prepare to fight the twilight's hammer, including repairs, (new) rep vendors, and a chance to speak with Me'dan about his father/the state of things at Kara.

    5 player dungeon (2) - the karazhan crypts; first dungeon is through the grave where people get in now. Second one opens up through a cave-in over to the side that leads to the bottom chamber where heroes battle a twilight cultist who thought to find Medivh's secrets here.

    ***New legendary***
    Failed Blade of Garona - Agility weapon that can be either a dagger or a (short)sword. usable by rogue/feral druid/hunter/enh shaman; one-handed unique.
    blizzard needs to hire you.

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    TBH I hate revisited dungeons. Mainly because they are way too lengthy and the rewards are just poop. For example, DM and SFK offers nothing unique from other heroics, yet they last almost 50% longer than other heroics. ZG and ZA lasts 100% longer, but offer epics. Yet they aren't even on par with 359 epics.

    But there's one exception. Karazhan! <3 I'll do it every week currently too, even though I don't need anything from there. Sure the loot is valuable but I do it for fun mainly. Love the atmosphere and music.
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    CoT Karazhan ... before it fell. Go back and see Karazhan in it's heyday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sxefluff View Post
    blizzard needs to hire you.
    Wow, thank you so much. I'm actually a writer by profession (see amazon under Edward Larel), so it'd be cool. But, unfortunately, I'm nowhere near their headquarters and I wouldn't be willing to relocate. I will totally take that to heart though , it's much appreciated.

    OT, I'd also like to see a redux of Scarlet Monestary; though I'm not sure how it would work without them including the demonlord from in Northrend (the name escapes me).

    Quote Originally Posted by schwarzkopf View Post
    CoT Karazhan ... before it fell. Go back and see Karazhan in it's heyday.
    I'd like to see them do something along the lines of my first post. Where you can go in and talk to members of the Bronze dragonflight to "see what transpired here in the past." that way, you have the new story and a couple really cool Nostalgia fights that don't hinder progression. this would open up ground for them to spread the dragonflight across Azeroth in attempts to stop time rifts. They become available for heroes to "go back to when things were different." These can either be new dungeons or a different way of revamping without losing content.
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    Quote Originally Posted by schwarzkopf View Post
    CoT Karazhan ... before it fell. Go back and see Karazhan in it's heyday.
    That sounds amazing! Then Medivh should play a bigger part this time. He's cool. Too bad you could only talk with his echo once, and once in Black Morass. No fighting or anything epic

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    If I had to choose one it would probably have to be Mechanar, I always liked that dungeon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdbn62 View Post
    If I had to choose one it would probably have to be Mechanar, I always liked that dungeon.
    This is a rather interesting choice. I didn't even consider outland. Now that you mention it, I'd love to run Shadowlabs again. that'd be insane.

    Also, a new raid featuring Kael'thas... Kidding of course.

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    maybe in the next expansion they'll just delete all 60-85 content and re-release vanilla and make all our chars level 1. so we can redo everything again!!!!

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    While I highly oppose rehashed content, I'd really love to see the OLD/GOOD sunken temple, not this single floor BS as 85 content.

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    ......Magister's Terrace....

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    None! New content only for a while please!!!

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    Not a single one.
    If i want to revisit old content, i'll just go into old content.
    Especially on max Level i want NEW stuff and not some old crap.
    And all the tbc/wotlk nubs should just do the same. You really don't have to recycle old stuff just for them...

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    what?! don't look at me like that -.-'

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    It'd be sort of cool if every old raid automatically scaled to, say, the difficulty of the previous tier of content and awarded justice points for killing bosses. That way there could be a two tier system like today but with waaaay more options once you've cleared everything. Basically it would be the current tier (valor points), and every single other tier (justice points).

    I know there are huge technological reasons the above will never happen, but I just think it'd be neat if it could.

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    Scarlet Monastery, every wing(well, Graveyard could be left out). Was by far my favourite instance when leveling, and with how the Scarlet Crusade has collapsed, it could provide some interesting lore to redo the place.
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