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    For your consideration...

    In a dark room somewhere in Germany:

    Me ( in German accent): Silly forlein, do you not know zat Heir Dolf Lundgren is ze pinnacle of Germanic perfection? Do you not wish to have his genetic material swimming around inside your lowly uterus? Maybe....a little in your mouth...some in your tummy....(starts giggling like a school girl with a far away stare).

    David Hasselhoff steps out of the shadows:
    Heir Metzin! What do you think you are doing?! Do you not know zat zis will lead you to do despicable and horrible things like posting on internet forums?! Go! Now! Recieve your spankings from Heir Dolf!

    Me: Yes! Yes mine furor! (Makes whimpering, wormy noises as he scurries away.)

    The Hoff shoots you a disapproving stare, that turns into a look of quiet contemplation.

    At this point you notice he is holding a riding crop in one hand and twirling it in his other hand. As your gaze moves from the stick to his face, you can see a barely noticeable smirk cross his lips before he smartly turns and quickly exits the dark room, leaving you to ponder everything you have just witnessed.

    The End.

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