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    Best place to farm Jeeves pattern?

    Title says it all TBH. I just leveled up Engi on my Hunter alt, and I'm wondering the best place to farm the Jeeves pattern? Seems like it'd come in handy. ^_^

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    Goto Storm Peeks and farm these:

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    The place just south of Ulduar, across the canyon. Those librarians.

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    The drop rate was like 1 in 10 for me. Pretty common.
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    Storm Peaks, Terrace of the Makers (Kill everything that moves around there and salvage their corpses, if you're lucky, you'll get the pattern in less than 10 min)
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    I leveled a hunter as an engineer recently and I got the recipe while questing in Borean Tundra, the area with mechagnomes.

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    Terrace of the Makers. Some goblin robot dudes on mechanostriders.

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    I farmed the Librarians for 1 and a half hours and it didn't drop last I was wondering if there was a more common droprate mob? I guess not. I guess I just have horrid luck.

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    the mechagnomes in storm peaks at terrace of the makers is where i got mine

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    The library guardians are really random. I have hear many people saying that they got it on like 10th kill, but then many people (like me) havent gotten it after many hours of grinding. I guess you're just unlucky with others. Welcome to the club
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    Ive farmed it 3 times from the mechagnomes at the terrace of makers in storm peaks.
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    I got mine from my first FL kill...not sure if mecha bosses give extra chances or something....

    But other wise just do what every one else said to do.

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    The salvagable bosses of Ulduar have a much higher chance to drop the schematic than any other mob. Try Flame Leviathan 10m, its pretty easy to solo.

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    Ulduar dropped it loads of time when i was raiding there. just join a atchevent/mount farming pug and salvage the mobs/bosses, it will come around soon

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    Just to make sure, you know you have to salvage the library guardians right? Kill, loot, salvage.

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    Got mine on like my 30th salvage of the Library Guardians south of Ulduar.

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    Yep, for the umpteenth time, Terrace of the Makers just across the canyon from Ulduar.

    I farmed it there way back when it came out and got it in about 40 minutes. I understand the droprate's been buffed since then, so it should be even easier now.

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    I spent 3 and a half hours on the Terrace of the Makers and didn't get one.

    Jesus, my luck is just beautiful.

    Edit: Yes, I WAS salvaging them.

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    Mecha-gnomes in SP by Ulduar.

    Best drop rate but it can take a loooooooooong time.

    Took me a total of 3-4hrs over a week's time. I don't log on for anything but raiding so I felt compelled I could have probably got it in a day..but where's the fun in that.

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    I got mine off of Flame Leviathan lol.. first kill...
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