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    Suggestions Re Good Gaming/Computer Chair for Shorter Person

    ** Mods, please move this if it’s in the wrong spot. I wasn't really sure where to post it, and I thought this forum was the closest, and also, everyone here is so helpful, that I thought this is probably the best one; though, it's only kind of on-topic **

    Hello friends. I am currently in search of a chair that works great for super extended lengths of sitting in front of a computer and is a good size for short people. I did an Amazon hunt, but most people wrote reviews listed their heights and weights, and they sounded like average-sized dudes. They also did not sound like they were people who made obligations to be trapped in MMO-land for lengthy periods where 19 people are relying on them to stay at the computer, but folks who enjoy single-player games and get up when it suits them.

    I'm not really concerned about price at the moment. Prices under $500 would be nice, but I'd go way higher for the right chair; I mostly just want my back to stop hurting >.< and it hurts like heck this week. Because it's fit, for the past 4 years I've been using a metal folding chair while raiding, but I'm finding myself sitting and playing more to grind AP, and the *ouch* has become real. Earlier, I did a search for "best chair for posture," and I ended up buying a yoga-ball contraption. The yoga-ball thing is comfortable for the first hour, but starts to destroy my back after that; I imagine it was designed for people who take regular and frequent breaks while at the computer rather than engaging in our collective "oh so healthy" computer-game-land lifestyle.

    The hardest part I've had finding good chairs for extended gaming periods is that I'm short and smallish. Specifically, I'm 5'1" and average 115 lbs. This creates an issue where the lumbar supports, head supports, and (especially) seats of chairs usually don't fit me; the widths are too wide; and the arm rests (if the chair has arm rests) are in bad places.

    Anyway, any shorties out there have good chair suggestions? I like the look of the "gaming chairs" that are racing style, but when I look at them I end up laughing because there's no way I'd fit them (I think of little kid wearing dad's shoes and then transpose the visualization to a chair). I used to have a HON chair with good lumbar support that worked amazing, but I apparently didn't order it through Amazon (no order history of it), and I can't find the order confirmation in my email so...no idea what it was -- if I knew I'd order it again.

    Thanks anyone for suggestions, and sorry for the rambling of this post. <3 <3
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    I'm not really sure on a chair for a short person honestly, but one thing I can recommend and have been thinking of doing myself as well is a standing desk. People I know that have tried them love them. They say it takes an adjustment period of a couple weeks, but once you get past that they claim it's one of the best things that ever happened to them, so something to at least look in to IMO.

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    After going to two office stores last night and testing out all of their chairs, I've come to the conclusion that unless I want to buy a typing chair that's rated for 1 to 3 hours use (it came as a surprise to me that chairs were rated for hours of consecutive use), all long-use the chairs are going to be too big, and my feet are going to dangle if I sit back to the back support. One of my friends suggested a foot stool, which seems reasonable. I have a question, though, on a note of good chairs...

    When I was looking online at chairs, I liked both the DXRacer Formula Series FH11 & FD01 Series and AKRacing Nitro series chairs. I was wondering if anyone had experience with either of them and what your thoughts were. I've Google hunted on the differences, and there are a ton of "This vs. This" reviews, but none of the reviews say anything useful.

    Amusingly to me, after hunting office supply stores last night, I landed at Micocenter and ended up purchasing an AKRacing Nitro series chair; however, there is a defect where one of the base holes was drilled too thin, and the corresponding stem-caster won't to go into place, so I have to return it. Since I have to return the AKRacing Nitro chair (and the only benefit to immediately getting another is satiating my patience), I thought I'd check with you folks to see if you had any positive/negative experiences with either chair.
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    I don't have any experience with the "car seats" (other than in my car) but if they are not adjustable in the manner detailed below I'd stay clear for prolonged use.

    If you are sitting at an average height desk, to get a comfortable upper body (forearms parallel to desktop) you will be using a foot rest, these are also height adjustable. What you are looking is a chair back that can be adjusted forward enough that there isn't contact between the front edge of the seat and the back of you knees, or a chair made with a short seat. Contact between the front edge of the seat and the backs of your calf or knees results in hyper-extension of the knee and pulls your lower back off the support, also tilting the pelvis.

    It should have a lumber support which adjusts for height, or which naturally fits you (though this often isn't easy to ascertain without proper use).

    The back should be tilt adjustable, preferably with seat tilt on a separate mech, though they are often combined. Changing between upright and slightly reclined is recognised to be the best option for the back (other than sit/stands or perch/kneel). Reclining slightly is less likely to see you slump in the chair, slumping negates the back support. Generally, the less acute the angle between the spine and the femur (closest to standing) the better a chair is for the back, but this has to be balanced between sliding forwards on the chair, which negates lumber support and tilts the pelvis forwards again.

    If you play in a warm environment, mesh can reduce the amount of sweat discomfort you experience.

    fwiw - I used to perform the role of "Desktop assessment" in my old job, which is basically fitting kit to people, or ordering kit that fits, so i got to see the difficulties commonly encountered (including a 4'10 14 stone woman ), this was 7 years ago though so chair options will change even though people don't. I'm also an old bastard that built up a considerable amount of scar tissue in my lumber area through being a lunatic as a kid (strongman comps, trad climbing, down-hill mbk etc) but now I sit and sys eng for a living so know this shit is worth getting right

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    I guess it's too late now since you bought the chair, but why couldn't you use a normal chair and get some pillows or those back supporters or w/e else you needed? If you can't find a chair that's already manufactured perfectly for you, you could always make your own niche adjustments yourself. That's what I would do, at least.
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    Have a look at this review of the Vertagear 350 I think it has what you need. https://www. youtube . com /watch?v=TeCMRSJFyzc

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