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  • Vanilla

    392 56.24%
  • TBC

    212 30.42%
  • WotLK

    88 12.63%
  • Cataclysm

    5 0.72%
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    Banned adam86shadow's Avatar
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    Yorkshire - England

    At what stage did you begin playing WoW?

    Curious at what stage others began playing WoW?

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    Vanilla. I did just spend my time jumping around as a Mage, begging for gold.

    I do think I did some MC, but not much.

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    Started when wow is in beta, and it's been fun, tho cata is horrible.

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    Burning crusade!

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    Ashenvale, pre-cata
    One year roughly after WoW was released I began playing.

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    Well, I checked TBC cus when I joined it was literally a week from being out.

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    Closed beta of Vanilla back in summer '04.

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    Quote Originally Posted by angael View Post
    One year roughly after WoW was released I began playing.
    Same, though I didn't hit 60 till TBC

    Memories of grinding SM in hopes to hit 40 and collect enough gold for my very first kodo

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    The Shire
    Early 2006, so vanilla

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    June 2007, when Illidan just came out!
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    I tested it in Vanilla when my brother played, but started for reals like a month before Wrath release.
    So some time in late 2008.

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    Huntington, Indiana
    Started right after release of WOTLK as a refer a friend to a friend that had been playing since vanilla, i was clueless because my friend was always to busy raiding in naxx to give me any advise i made all the classic errors, wondered beyond the bulwark got killed by a big spider. The first time i got close to the undercity a FTA was going on so i thought it was an alli city so I avoided it for several days, ahh the good old days when i was clueless and everything was new.

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    vanilla-alpha, 2004

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    mid 2006. didnt get to 60 before tbc came out though so didnt see original end content.

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    Indianapolis, Indiana
    Started in the Burning Cruscade, leveled to 70 and got my first raiding experience just before the big nerf leading to Wrath. We made it to Lady Vashj, who proceeded to pound on us for hours. We came back the next week to the same thing and downed her just before the nerf the following week. Then she was easy mode for the rest of the expansion (about a month if I remember right).

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    The Netherlands
    During vanilla <3
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    Started playing shortly after the release of Vanilla.

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