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    Natsume finally explains infamous spelling error in Harvest Moon 64's title screen


    Basically, the initial error fix request fell through the cracks, and they found it again right before release, which would have made them delay the game past its December release.

    Here's the full explanation

    With the recent release of Harvest Moon 64 on the Wii U Virtual Console in both North America and Europe, let's answer that one important question everyone has been talking about for 17 years: What's up with the spelling of "Natume" on the title screen in Harvest Moon 64?!
    Back when Harvest Moon 64 was being worked on, technology was very different. The Internet, email, data transfer, etc. weren’t the everyday tools they are now, so communication with Japan took a bit longer and was a tad more primitive than it is today. Unfortunately, the correction request on the title screen had fallen through the cracks, and when this was discovered, the title had already been approved by Nintendo and was set to go to production.
    The problem? Fixing it would have delayed the game by at least 45 days, pushing it out of December! Yikes! Sorry, no Harvest Moon 64 for Christmas and instead, a February release. So, it was decided that we would rather let our fans have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year planting crops and taking care of animals instead of being a Grinch for a simple “s”. The funny thing is, Natume is a legit way to spell Natsume in some versions of romaji. And now you know the story!

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    sounds more like they didn't want to lose holiday sales over fixing a misspelling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gutler View Post
    sounds more like they didn't want to lose holiday sales over fixing a misspelling.
    ...yes that's what the article is saying?

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    Considering this game came out at a time where these kind of games where once in a blue moon ported over for a western release I don mind the odd spelling or grammar mistake.

    Also I wasted many days on this game trying to get all the photos and berries.

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    Also, Karen > All. Her tsundere attitude was quite charming.
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