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    Favorite Video Game SoundTrack (Video Heavy)

    • What was your favorite Video Game Soundtrack?
    • What makes it so special compared to other game's scores (See what I did there?)?
    • Do you have a favorite track from the soundtrack you chose, if so which one?

    I recently got accepted into a masters program to upgrade my degree and begin working on my CPA. Why is this relevant? Well I study best while listening to video game soundtracks.

    Which got me thinking about various games and their respective OSTs, and then I thought how cool it would be to find out what video game soundtracks the good people here at MMO-C enjoy.

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    Gotta be Chrono Trigger.

    Also Mario Kart Rainbow Road

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    It's always a back and forth between Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross.

    Simplicity while still conveying a wide array of emotion and setting was definitely Chrono Trigger's forte, while Chrono Cross expanded on the emotional themes with melodies that could stir up all sorts of feelings in the listener. Both soundtracks had catchy tunes that were extremely memorable.

    Chrono Trigger (Corridors of Time) - Perfect song for one of the most amazing settings I've ever experienced. Melancholic, mysterious, foreign. I'll always remember the first time I entered Enhasa and spoke with the multitudes of NPCs, then later on: "The black wind howls... one amongst you will shortly perish."
    Chrono Cross (Time's Scar) - It's just amazing.

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    I find your lack of Boat Song disturbing.

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    Fallout 4!

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    Lucia's theme is better anyway.

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    While studying, I really like listening to Zelda OST's. Especially twilight princess (and listen to ZREO's orchestrated version too!)

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    Still favorite after many years.

    Not to mention frank klepacki has loads of remixes like this:

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    NWN 1 - Forest Boss:
    FFXII - Boss Theme:
    Threads of Fate - Final Boss:
    Ori and the Blind Forest - Light of Nibel:
    NieR - Ashes of Dreams/Arataranu:
    Dark Souls 2 - Sir Alonne:
    MGS4 - Father and Son:

    Not videogames but composed by Nobuo Uematsu.
    Guin Saga - Decisive Battle:

    And LISA the Painful RPG's entire OST:

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    Definitly Deus Ex: Human Revolution with its Icarus theme:

    Mass Effect is the runner up, but i wouldnt know which soundtrack to choose, maybe the Suice Mission from the second one:

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    These tracks are probably my favorite:

    And the entire theme from Mass Effect 3 ending (spoilers!):

    If we are talking about overall soundtracks from games, than my favorite would be: Warcraft 2, Dune 2000, Age of Empires 2, Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer and Dragon Age: Origins. Honorable mention - Mass Effect trilogy: I don't like all of the tracks there, but there are quite a few good tracks perfectly matching the game's atmosphere.

    Mostly, I value in soundtracks how well they enhance, or even create, the game's atmosphere. A very good track can make an already great cinematic scene, or boss fight, or just regular gameplay incredibly immersing, putting you right into the game's fantasy world. Also, I like soundtracks that are good musically: I have a musical education and play guitar and piano a lot, so the "quality", the "complexity" of music is very important for me. I can listen to Dragon Age: Origins soundtrack for hours, it is almost impeccable.
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    The main theme from Halo: Combat Evolved is certainly one of my favorites.

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    GTA: Vice City simply for the joy of driving around in the rain at night to WOW! by Kate Bush.
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    Probably Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney or The World Ends With You.

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    Nice and relaxing.

    And I have always been fond of this gem at least we still have hope for metal arms glitch in the system 2.

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    For NES it would be Journey to Silius. That game was amazing by 8 bit standards.

    Edit: Oh, for the OP, the title theme, and level 1,3,&4 music is more upbeat. Level 2 is a longer, more subdued track that could be good background for studying.
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    Fuck me, the nostalgia oO

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