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    [Megathread] Firefall (Stage 2)

    Due to the immense number of changes between .4 and .7 and the coming changes in stage 2 we felt it would be a good idea to reboot the thread with up to date info.

    Firefall is a FPSMMO with an open world, sandbox design. There is no true leveling system or gear progression system like a traditional MMO. The frame system is most similar to the job system in Final Fantasy 14 where you have one character but can swap between all the jobs with ease. As of right now, there is no hard “holy trinity”, tanks healers and dps, for PVE balance and design but you are able to build those roles in game. The payment model is F2P with a cosmetic and exp/cy gain boost cash shop and an optional, flexible subscription. Firefall is a true beta in that many systems have been tested, scrapped, and reinvented. Phase 1 of the Firefall beta is nearing it's completion as basic systems such as crafting, frames, character progression, and instancing have been completed. Phase 2 will be focused on the expansion of the world, PVE content, and hopefully the reimplementation of PVP.

    Story Summery

    The year is 2234.
    The past 50 years have been exceptionally unkind to the human race. Humanity was at it's peak, it's golden age, when an asteroid that was projected to pass close but harmlessly by the earth had it's course altered by the moons gravity well. The asteroid shattered, its parts entering a decaying orbit around the earth, and began to rain hell onto the earth. Nations united while others collapsed. Then, there was a decade long winter, as the sun was blocked out by ash and soot. It wasn't until seven years after the Firefall that Shigeru Ichizoku, the founder of the Kisuton corporation, discovered that the asteroid that crushed Tokyo had incredible potential as a power source. It didn't take long for others to capitalize on Shigeru's discovery. Hadrian Ashworth, founder and CEO of Omnidyne-M, not only used crystite to further his corporation, but to establish a global peace. However, the crystite reserves were finite, so there was a limit to how long peace could last. This prompted scientists to find the source of the crystite, Alpha Prime. Colonization efforts were funded by Ashworth and powered by crystite spacecraft. The population of Alpha Prime is about 3500, with enough genetic diversity to populate the planet successfully. The scientific endeavors of Doctor Mitra Batsheba opened up the possibility of instant travel between the two planets by folding space or arcfolding. The Arclight was to be the first ship to capitalize on Batshebas work... But something went wrong.

    Introduction (First hour of play)
    Firefall begins with Pilgrims nightmare, the destruction of Copacabana one year in the future. In this future, you have risen through the ranks of the Accord, became a member of the blood hounds, and have failed to retake Dredge. This is the chosen counter attack.

    Once you have completed the introduction, you begin playing in the present, six months after the Arclight accident. You are a rookie mercenary working with Aero, your operator, to make a living completing jobs for the Accord. However, the Accord logistics officer doesn't take kindly to you at first. This is remedied as you follow Aeros directions and complete a number of tasks which end up proving your potential worth to the Accord. Once you have completed these tasks, you will be give a stack of ten single-use LGVs and Aero will tell you about a distress call in the melding. The Accord can't spare anyone, or any ships, so you enlist the help of a local pilot named Slingshot. This is where the campaign begins.

    The Campaign
    This is where the heart of the Firefall story is told. Much of it takes places in instances which scale from one player up to five. These instances can be as many times as you like, and there may soon be hard mode versions of them. In these missions, you will not only learn about the Accords struggle for survival but about your allies like Oilspill, your enemies, and the melding.
    This is the first mission (A lv 60 vs lv 5 content)

    Once you complete the instance “Harvester Islands”, the first mission with Slingshot, you will have to acquire campaign points to unlock the next part of the main story line. For example, you need 60 campaign points to unlock mission 2. The rate at which campaign points is earned is similar to that of Accord Merit Points, AMPs, however almost every activity grants campaign points which allows for all players, regardless of play style preference, to move through the story.

    I may go into this in greater depth as this feature is developed more. However, I will say that this is a fantastic way of offering both story based content and dynamic content.


    You are an ARES operator, a mercenary serving the Accord. You go where they tell you and do what they tell you. In most cases, this means fighting the chosen, protecting the civilian population, and fighting the mysterious Tanken organization.

    The Accord
    The Accord is the de facto military force of the earth. The core of the Accord is made up of the Arclight garrions, the Centauri Accord. Their stated goal is to protect the remaining humans, push back the melding if possible, and survive long enough for help from Alpha Prime to arrive in seven years.

    Orestes Nostromo was a Greek-born veteran of the EU. Described by Aris Holden as a national hero of the European Union, Nostromo was eventually promoted to the rank of Admiral, and appointed to the position of military overseer on the CMS Arclight by the Centauri Accord. Admiral Nostromo survived the crash of the Arclight, however his family (wife Emilia and son Filipe) did not. He now leads the Accord against the Chosen in order to save humanity and avenge his family.

    Aero is your operator. She finds you jobs and displays them on the right hand corner of your SIN display.

    Oilspill is an Accord Dropship pilot for the player's ARES team. Despite the fact that he's supposed to be piloting one almost constantly, he can be found in Thump Dump in a small office. His real name is William, although he prefers Bill. He goes by Oilspill since that's what everyone calls him anymore. You get to know that he crushes on Aero in one of the audio files that are scattered around New Eden. He appears to have a laid-back personality and attitude

    The ARES operator from the tutorial who attempts to take back Copa.

    Will always be disappointed in you.

    The Chosen
    It is unclear who, where, or what the chosen are. However, if Batshebas early study of crystite exhaust is any indicator, the humanoid chosen are humans who have been “melded”, their carbon molecules altered in some way. The chosen have destroyed several human settlements and the melding has overtaken them, most notably Dredge and Serto. As with their origins, the true intent of the chosen is a mystery.

    The Tanken
    The Tanken are regarded by the accord to be mere bandits. However, they are able to move about the melding unharmed, are often seen fighting the chosen, and several of their leaders have tried to convince you that they are not the true enemy. Who the Tanken are and what they stand for is a mystery.

    SIN is the Shared Information Network, to which all ARES operators are connected. SIN shows you active events all over the map, nearby enemies, and so on. To unlock SIN access all over the map, you’ll need to use all the various SIN towers — until you do that, you won’t be able to see map events around you. Linking to SIN must be done manually as Dredge was destroyed due in large part to the Chosens ability to hack into SIN.

    Firefall Manga

    The firefall manga begins on the morning of the Arclight accident and follows the story of Pilgrims fight for survival as the melding strikes.

    Pilgrim is an Affinite and daughter of Graves. She is exceptionally gifted at combat with a battle frame,
    has psychic abilities, and the main character of the firefall manga. It has been hinted that we may encounter her in game at some point.

    Graves is Pilgims father (also an Affinite). As the Arclight accident happens, the melding, or what controls the melding, reaches out to him and selects him to become it's avatar. Despite becoming a chosen, part of Graves is still within. Players encounter Graves at the end of the instance Black Water Anomaly.

    At some point between the manga and now the live action trailer takes place. Showing Pilgrim hunting for her father, Graves.

    On top of the regular ASWD and mouse aim of shooters, you can tap space bar to jump and hold space bar to activate your jetpack. Hold shift to sprint, shift + space bar to “air sprint”.
    You can step on a glider pad which will throw you into the air, don't press anything! Just aim yourself with your mouse. Don't dip down too much or you will skull plant.
    You can get an LGV (motorcycle) too. You drive with ASWD, space bar is hand brake, and you can look around in all directions by holding right click and looking around with your mouse while driving.
    There are also shuttles that you can take to different points of interest in Copa.

    Battle Frames
    If you are coming from a WoW background, it is best to think of frames as classes but they are most similar to jobs in FF14. You can swap frames at garages and battle frame terminals. You can unlock advanced frames with pilot tokens OR red beans. Advanced frames are not “more powerful” then accord frames but they are more customizable. An advanced frame has a unique primary weapon, passive, and set of abilities but it can also use all the abilities, weapon, and passive of an Accord frame of the same type. Abilities ect can not be swapped between advanced frames of any type. In addition to the abilities you start out with, the accord frames, and their advanced versions, can learn several other abilities through crafting.

    Frame Progression
    In Firefall, there are four sets of five constraint levels. It's easiest to think of this as sets of fifteen levels. You have to complete the first tier, fifteen levels, to progress to the next set. However, you have the ability to prioritize which constraint type to increase within each tier. Each level of power, mass, or CPU has a different impact on you constraint pool.

    Constraint Pool
    This is what determines how much and what type of gear you can wear. Each level of mass and power increases the shared pool, however, no more than 66% of the pool can be consumed by one of the stats. By this I mean, while you may have a 7500 shared constraint pool, only 5000 can be consumed by the mass of your gear. This makes it so you have to balance your frame somewhat, along with the exponential cost of gear, to have a mix of offensive stats which typically consume power and defensive stats which typically consume mass.

    Constraint Costs
    Constraint costs is a mix of the mass and power an item takes to equip. For example, power field, and offensive ability, may be power heavy with 2000 power cost and 150 mass cost where as something like mammoth plating, a defensive module, might cost 80 power and 3000 mass. The constraint cost on an item is calculated based off the quality of it's components.
    Generally speaking, constraint costs are calculated per component as “cost = (quality/1000)^2 * max cost”. As this is exponential, the closer you are to 1000 quality the less stats each point of constraint pool offers. This is because stat growth is linear whereas constraint costs are exponential. You can take this a step further to calculate the point of diminishing returns, or soft cap, on gear quality, “total constraint pool / number of components = ideal constraint cost per component = (ideal quality/1000)^2”. This equation will result in a balanced frame with the highest total stats. However, you may want to min/max your frame. Min/maxing, due to the exponential constraint costs, taxes your overall stats as each point over the ideal quality costs you more total stats. That said, some frames only need a few stats and for your play style you may only need a few stats.

    Each frame has a set of four perks that are unlocked by completing a set of 15 levels, or tiers, which can then by used by any other frame. These can be used in junction with one another to result in entirely new plays styles or the enhance existing play styles. There are also starter perks that players get without having to unlock anything.
    Starter perks
    •Neutralizer- Reduces damage taken from Poison damage types.
    •Incalescent Armor- Reduces damage taken from Fire and Blast damage types.
    •Powered Armor- Reduces damage taken from Energy damage type.
    •Kinetic Absorption- Reduces damage taken from Bullet and Kinetic damage types.
    •Brawler- Grants access to melee attack.
    •Sprinter- Increases sprint speed slightly.
    •Prototype Pistons- Increases base movement speed slightly.
    •Man Hands- Increases reload speed.
    Perk cost varies by the tier in which it was unlocked. For example, Second wind, tier 4 accord assault unlock, costs 40 points compared to Man hands, a starter perk, only costs 5 points.
    At max level, you have 110 total perk points.

    Accord Assault
    Accord Assault battleframe is the standard-issue combat battleframe that all recruits within the Accord are trained to use, and has become synonymous with the Accord’s presence in New Eden. More maneuverable than a heavier Dreadnaught frame, the Assault utilizes plasma-based weaponry and use of its jets to dominate the battlefield.
    1. Quick-Flexing - Increase jump height by 3m.
    2. Plasma Enthusiast - Energy and Plasma weapons deal additional damage.
    3. Prototype Plasma - Dealing plasma damage knocks back enemies.
    4. Second Wind - Rapidly killing enemies, when health is critical, generates a second wind, healing the user.

    Omnidyne-M Tigerclaw
    Birthed from necessity, the Omnidyne OD-M7 “Tigerclaw” was designed with speed and maneuverability in mind in order to compensate for the ever-evolving battlefield. To give the operator more maneuverability, the Tigerclaw is built with lightweight components which can’t take the same punishment as some other Assault alternatives.
    1. Quick Hands - Reduces weapon switching time.
    2. Quick-Pivot Servos - Increases run speed by .5m a second and sprint speed by 5%.
    3. Eye of the Tiger - Reduces the cooldown of movement abilities
    4. Hunter - Repeatedly striking the same target increases damage.

    Astrek Firecat
    The Astrek Association “Firecat” Assault Battleframe certainly lives up to its name. Designed for closed-quarters combat, the Firecat uses a combination of super-heated plasma and focused flames to incinerate the enemy and insulate the pilot from harm. The trade-off for such firepower is a drop in maneuverability and speed.
    1. Collateral Analytics - Reduces damage done to self by 30%.
    2. Epicenter - Increases the damage dealt by PBAE abilities. (PBAE = Point Blank AoE)
    3. Corpse Combustion - When an enemy is killed, there is 15% chance that their corpse will burst into flames, damaging nearby enemies.
    4. Flame Buffer - Activating abilities creates a fire shield that burns nearby enemies. After several seconds, the buffer explodes, dealing damage to nearby enemies.

    Accord Dreadnaught
    The *heavy machinery of the Accord military, the Dreadnaught battleframe is slow, bulky, and practically invulnerable. What it lacks in maneuverability it makes up for in raw firepower, and its heavy defensive plating ensures that the pilots are shielded from most enemy small arms fire.
    1. Knock Out - Increases damage of melee attack and adds a chance to stun the target.
    2. Get a Move On - Increases run speed when weapon is holstered.
    3. Ricochet - Bullets may be reflected to nearby enemies.
    4. Hellbent - Increases damage dealt when health is critical.

    Omnidyne-M Mammoth
    Initially developed in hopes of replacing the aging Accord Dreadnaught, the Omnidyne Mammoth provides unrivaled protection against everything short of anti-aircraft fire. In addition to its heavy plating, the Mammoth is also built with several state-of-the-art defensive systems which not only benefit its operator, but allies on the battlefield as well.
    1. Harden - After taking damage, gain a buff that will reduce your next source of damage by a percentage. Short cooldown.
    2. Thick Hide - Increases health by 400.
    3. Shields Up - Increases the health of all shields.
    4. Power Reserves - When you activate an ability you heal a percentage of your max health.

    Astrek Rhino
    Marketed by Astrek Association as “the ultimate battlefield deterrent”, the AA-D01 “Rhino” possesses firepower that is unparalleled in New Eden. Armed with powerful weaponry and ordinance, the Rhino turns its operator into a one-man army. This firepower comes at a cost, however, as the frame is less armored than its counterparts.
    1. Back in Action - Reduces respawn timer.
    2. Stampede - Sprinting snares nearby targets.
    3. Kill Stealer - Increases damage against critical targets.
    4. Hero - When health reaches zero, become immune to damage for several seconds before dying.

    Omnidyne-M Arsenal
    The Omnidyne-M Arsenal could be best described as a toy box... of doom! The Arsenal has a tool for every job, a solution to every problem. The Arsenal’s ability suite focuses on weapon swaps, replacing the primary weapon with a temporary gun to serve a unique purpose. This armory on jump jets is for the discerning Battleframe pilot that understands that you can never have too many choices when it comes to crushing your foes.
    1. Combat Veteran - Increases reload and weapon switch speed.
    2. Stopping Power - Increases the damage of the Shotgun and Grenade Launcher secondary weapons and adds a knockback effect.
    3. Fully Loaded - Increase magazine and total ammo capacities by 20%.
    4. Explosives Expert - Increases the AOE and damage of explosive weapons.

    Accord Recon
    Light, agile, and very fast, the Accord Recon battleframe is the preferred chassis for medium-range snipers and reconnaissance officers within the Accord. While the battleframe lacks proper defensive plating, the Accord Recon more than makes up for it with a wide range of contingencies.
    1. Head Hunter - Increase headshot damage by 10%.
    2. SIN precision - Target placed into SIN are visible behind walls.
    3. Tactician -Increases the effectiveness of buffing and debuffing abilities.
    4. Energy Spikes - Activating the ability will deploy an energy spike trap at the user's location. Enemies in the trap are snared and take energy damage the over time.

    Omnidyne-M Nighthawk
    Designed to have its presence felt without ever being seen on the battlefield, the Omnidyne OD-R02 “Nighthawk” specializes in staying far behind the front lines to pick off enemies with its powerful rifle and evasive systems.
    1. Ballistics Expert - Increases bullet damage.
    2. Spec. Ops - Increases the duration of stealth abilities and reduces cooldown of teleport abilities.
    3. Sure Shot - After successfully hitting a target with your weapon, gain a rate of fire bonus after your next shot. (supposed to be gain bonus "for" next shot)
    4. Concussion Shells - Headshots reduce enemy movement speed, attack speed and add a chance to stun targets.

    Astrek Raptor
    The Astrek Association’s AA-R4 “Raptor” is the support frame to complement Astrek’s other, offense-heavy battleframes. Several evasion systems have been integrated into this battleframe, making it difficult to track in the chaos of a firefight.
    1. Grenadier - Reduces the cooldown on grenade abilities.
    2. Physicist - Reduces charge up time of charging weapons by 10%.
    3. Energy shaping - Changes your melee attack to a SIN blade, which extends melee range and increases damage.
    4. Burst Shells - Energy weapons chain a portion of weapon damage to nearby enemies.

    Accord Biotech
    Equal parts healer, chemist, and warrior, those who dawn the Accord Biotech battleframe serve as the chief combat support soldiers in the Accord. Constructed using lightweight polyfiber mesh to provide easy maneuverability on the battlefield, they lack defensive protection – but are outfitted with numerous systems to counteract this vulnerability.
    1. Persistence - Increases health regeneration slightly.
    2. Bio Blending - Increases damage dealt while at full health by 10%.
    3. Catalytic Poisons - Targets hit with poison abilities have additional damage dealt as a delayed poison burst several seconds after being infected. (does not stack)
    4. Toxic Finale - Detonate a powerful poison bomb when incapacitated.

    Omnidyne-M Dragonfly
    Designed by Omnidyne-M to be the ultimate in combat support, the OD-B9 “Dragonfly” Biotech battleframe is without equal in regards to combatant health. While it lacks truly devastating offensive firepower, it more than makes up for it with several systems designed by Omnidyne-M’s top scientists to ensure that battlefield health is never compromised.
    1. Bio Reserves - Reduces the cooldown of Healing abilities.
    2. Frequent Patient - Increases healing received by 10%.
    3. Combat Medic - Reviving incapacitated players will restore them to full health. Additionally, increases the health regeneration of nearby allies.
    4. Auto-repair - Greatly increases regeneration when out of combat. Additionally, when greater than 40% life is dealt to the player in one instance of damage, applies the same regeneration bonus.

    Astrek Recluse
    The Astrek Association’s “Recluse” Biotech battleframe takes the concept of combat medic and twists it into a biological weapon. Live-giving medical gasses are replaced with dangerous toxins, turning this lightly-armored battleframe into a potent and powerful combatant.
    1. Ventilator - After taking poison damage, makes you immune to poison damage for a few seconds.
    2. Necrotic Bite - Increases damage done to humanoid targets.
    3. Potent Toxins - Weapons and Abilities that deal Poison Damage snare targets.
    4. Anatomy Lessons - After dealing damage with your weapon, gain a 10% chance to get a critical shot on your next shot which does 150% weapon damage.

    Accord Engineer
    The Engineer is the unsung hero of the Accord, controlling the battlefield through the implementation of both offensive and defensive technologies to support its allies, attack its enemies, and protect Accord territory.
    1. Fuel Injectors - Increases energy recharge rate by 20%.
    2. Resonating Shields - Increases the duration of shield effects.
    3. Mounted Firepower - Increases the damage of deployables.
    4. Hyper Kinesis Surge - When HKM is activated, the user gains a speed boost defensive bonus.

    Omnidyne-M Bastion
    The Omnidyne OD-E12 “Bastion” is Omnidyne-M’s answer to the Accord Engineer, with an added emphasis on being a defensive specialist. To aid in its efforts, the Bastion is stocked with several deployable electronics which can protect its allies and turn the tide of any fight.
    1. Hardware Genius - Increases damage dealt to deployables, machines and vehicles.
    2. Resilient Alloys - Increases the health of all deployables.
    3. Sentient Armor - When hit, automatically adjusts battleframe armor to reduce damage taken from the last damage type taken. Adapts to Kinetic, Fire, Cryo, and Poison damage types. Sentient Armor has an internal cooldown of 7.0 seconds.
    4. Deployable Repulsor - Applies a repulsor unit to all of your owned deployables. The repulsor unit will detect enemies in close proximity and knock them back.

    Astrek Electron
    One of Astrek Association’s most advanced chassis; the AA-E01 “Electron” is designed for combat support in the most volatile environments. Using long-range weaponry and experimental shields, the Electron is the offensive answer to the more defensive-minded Engineer frames.
    1. Combustion Boost - Adds an additional 40 energy.
    2. Augmented Shield Generators - Reduces the cooldown of shield abilities by 2.5 seconds.
    3. Instant Module Refreshers - Activating your HKM instantly refreshes your cooldowns.
    4. Rapid Kinesis Assemblage - Increases the charge rate of HKM module by 40%.

    The World

    The wold of Firefall is split into four zones, each with it's own set of enemies, events, bosses, and story. As it stands, New Eden, the starter zone, is the only zone that is fully developed.

    New Eden (Copacabana)
    New Eden is the starter zone of Firefall with content ranging from level 1 to 30.

    Diamond Head
    This will be the level 15-45 zone.

    Sargasso Sea
    This will be the level 30-60 zone.

    This will be the level 45-60+ zone.


    Crafting is as much a part of the firefall experience as shooting. Since your gear breaks over time and stock gear is very weak, you are going to have to craft, use the market, or befriend a craftsmen. The next few sections is the barest explanation of crafting possible. For a more complete explanation, there is a site dedicated to crafting . That said, crafting in firefall is one of the best aspects of the game. As you can only have a certain amount of stats within the constraint cap, you must make important decisions on a micro scale which will impact not only the item you are creating but your frame and ultimately your play style. Crafting allows you to control which stats are prevalent in your gear, at which amounts, and at the cost of whichever other stats you don't want.

    Crafting specialization
    In order to begin crafting gear, you must first pick a specialization. Currently, there are three specializations; ability crafting, weapon crafting, and armor crafting. This means, even as a craftsmen, you will have to utilize the market or your friends list to obtain gear outside your crafting specialization. Eventually, the ability to post “market orders”, where you can specify what gear you want with what stats will make it to live and the market will be far easier to use for both craftsmen and non crafting players. In the future, additional, non crafting specializations will come into play but more on those when there are details to share. You can change professions at anytime but doing so often will increase the cost of doing so. However, if you wait, the cost will drop over time.

    Molecular Printer
    This is where you will be doing your crafting. These terminals can be located at Copa, Transhub, Thumpdump, and South Harbor. You interact with them as you would any object, with E.

    Job Slots
    Once you have interacted with the printer, you will see job slots. These can be filled with tasks such as building items, researching new items, refining resources, or blending resources. The time a job takes to complete depends on how high a rank the research is, how powerful an item is, or how much you are refining.

    In order to make the raw resources you find usable in the crafting process, you must refine them. Initially, you start out only able to refine a single stack of resource at a time. However, you can increase this by researching refining to the point where you can refine six stacks at once, using only one job slot. In addition to refining your raw resources, this process also rewards you with a small percent of what you refined as crystite.

    In order to use the resources you have refined to create an item, you must first research how to craft it. The begins by selecting a profession; weapon smith, armor smith, ability smith, and then you can spend a mix of crystite and research points to begin learning the recipe. *Side note, research points are obtained by salvaging items, particularly broken modules like [Half Digested Module] or [Broken Tanken Gear]. Research you complete in one profession stays with you when you switch professions, although you will not be able to craft it while you are not that profession.

    Once you have done the research and have the materials, you can build your item. This can be done by selecting the item in the drop down box and then by choosing components, or building them, and them selecting build. Different components control the strength of different stats. This is important in min/maxing your item because you can be selective as to which stats are important to you. However, there is something to be said for a balanced frame, as those have the most stats. Determining the highest yield, of stat per constraint cost, takes a bit of algebra. It also depends on several variables. The basic outline is this, total constraint pool / total number of components = ideal cost per component = (ideal quality / 1000)^2 * max cost.

    In order to further control the outcome of your crafting, you may want to blend resources to end up with a specific quality. The way in which this works is that the total number of resources stays the same but the quality is averaged. The average is weighted based off how much resource you added of each value. By this I mean, if you add a bit of high quality to a large stack of low quality, the quality of the finished stack will have only gone up a few points. This allows you to bring resources up or down to the quality that you are hoping to use in crafting.

    Resource Shifts
    Resources are the most common form of crafting material you will need in Firefall. Just about any activity will reward you with raw resources like Copper, Radine and Xenographs however the main way to collect large quantities of a specific resource is to mine it from the ground using Thumpers. Resources will vary in quality, stats and rarity in a dynamic way called resource shifts however they can typically be found appearing in specific locations. These shifts occur depending upon a timer and player activity. The way it works is a seperate server at Red 5 Studios contains a database with all of the current resources that can be found throughout the game, these are consistant across shards however the resource veins themselves will be unique for each shard. This can lead to shortages of a specific overmined resource in one shard but a plentiful supply in another. All resources have a key value called Quality (QUAL). This value is the highest stat on the resource, because every resource has a single stat that they are uniquely potent in you can easily compare two types of the same resource and see which is better between the two. Typically the higher the quality the higher the stats will be in items you craft with it. The resource server creates a pool of each resource and distributes it across instances within veins, when that vein is exhauted it attempt to create another vein from the resource pool it has available. If the pool is emptied then a totally new resource will be created along with a new pool. This is why sometimes you may find Copper 500 and Copper 700 within the same instance, this is because one of these Copper resources is new and the other has now been exhausted from a previous pool.
    In addition to players draining a resource pool there is also a periodic timer that will automatically remove all resources within a pool roughly every 7 days from the last time a new resource was created. Any deposits which have already will be cleared and replaced with something different. These resource shifts help to maintain a healthy player economy by ensuring that nobody will be able to monopolize the market with any specific item since the resources required are not unlimited in their supply.
    In addition to the veins and pools there is a third factor which has to be considered. By design there are two resource lists which are used in different parts of the game. These are commonly referred to as the New Eden and Melding resource pools. New Eden's list of active resources are typically favouring a range of resources around Quality 500 with especially low and especially high quality resources appearing less frequently. The Melding pool however is designed to give a greater chance of high quality resources. This list is used for Tornado bubbles, veins near to the Melding wall and the resource veins within Melding pockets like Antarctica and Diamondhead.

    When you first start stage 1 crafting the nanoprints will not require anything especially hard to find or need specific resources. Instead they will only require resources from certain resource groups. In Firefall these groups are Gas, Mineral and Organic. Within these 3 groups are Families of resources which are classified as Metal and Composite for the Mineral group, Reactive and Inert for the Gas group and Biomaterial or Enzyme for the Organic group. Have a look at the following chart to understand the classifications and groupings more easily:

    *Numbers show the maximum quality of a resource per attribute
    As you can see here each of the resource Groups also have specific properties. Minerals have Density, Conductivity and Thermal Resistance for example. Most of these properties are unique to each Group but some transend multiple groups such as Thermal Resistance. All resources will also specialize in one specific property which will often make them the 'best' for making items that require that property. In the Metals family Copper is the best Conductivity but Iron has the highest potential for Toughness. If an item you are making requires both Toughness and Conductivity then you will not be able to simply make a decision based upon the maximum possible value for each property, you will need to check to see what resources are available and which have the highest total for both of these properties. It is entirely possible for Iron to appear on the server with a value of 0 for Toughness and Copper to appear with a value of 200. This would therefore mean the 'best' resource for making that specific item at the time is actually Copper.
    All resources have roughly the same total points distributed across their properties with a slight variation so they are largely equal in terms of best possible performance.
    One of the most common questions players have is: Where do I find resources in Firefall? If you are ever struggling to find a resource it may be that you are looking somewhere it does not commonly appear. This is not to say it will never appear in certain places, but the chances are much lower. You can also check what resources are in certain areas by opening your map and pressing TAB. This will display resources detected around each Watchtower the Accord controls.
    As a footnote here. Each resource group is used for unlocking certain parts of your battleframe constraints. Mineral is used for Mass which is used for defensive and movement gear, Gas is used for Power which governs the strength of abilities and weaponry and Organic is used for CPU that boosts your energy pool and allows for more powerful Abilities to be used. This can typically mean that since many players initially focus on Power and CPU constraints you will often find these resources are in higher demand. Furthermore there is also progression items that you need to craft in order to unlock the Stage 3 and Stage 4 constraint slots.
    For RPG-style game veterans, Firefall uses the classical rarity colour scheme you are most likely familar with already. If you are not familar however you will find that the table below is a useful guideline to tell the quality of a resource or item of gear at a glance.

    Durability, Salvage, and Prestige
    The way in which these three systems interact is crucial to getting the most out of your gear. Gear, with the exception of stock, decays and eventually breaks permanently. However, once it has broken, or before, you can salvage it and gain fantastic rewards based off how much prestige the gear accrued over its life.

    Crafted items have both durability and repair pool. Durability ranges from 1000 to 0, from perfect condition to broken, respectively. Once an item is broken it will cease to function properly, losing almost all accuracy, damage, and clip size. If the item has a repair pool, a player can siphon points from the repair pool to restore the items durability at the garage.
    Durability 0/1000 Repair pool 8000
    Basic repair at the garage
    Durability 1000/1000 Repair pool 7000
    However, once the repair pool is spent and the items durability reaches 0, the item is broken permanently. How quickly this happens is dependent on two variables; time spent in combat and deaths. Durability decays at a set rate while in a combat state whereas deaths are worth 100 durability per death. Entering a downed state results in a portion of this 100 durability but not the full amount. A piece of gear can last a very long time if a player does not die.

    That said, there are ways to extend the life of an item even further through enhanced repairs. By spending crystite, a player can spend repair pool per point of durability at a reduced rate. This means that the life of an item could be several times what it would be with normal repairs. However, this is a very expensive process and one best saved for unique items, but I will talk more about that when we get to salvaging.

    Prestige is sort of like an items “experience points”. The more durability spent on 'in combat state' the more prestige an item gains. Conversely, durability lost to deaths is potential prestige lost. Ideally, you want powerful items or unique items to last as long as possible so they can gain as much prestige as possible. By using advanced repairs, you not only expend the life of your gear but increase the potential prestige it can gain. The higher the prestige an item has, the higher the chance you will get a rare salvage reward like the schematic to rebuild the item, this is particularly important for unique items.
    Something of a side note but, frames like bastion are able to stay in combat state through placing turrets in different locations. This may be one way players will be able to “farm prestige”.

    Once your item is permanently broken or at low enough a durability level that you feel it is no longer with using, you can salvage it for rewards ranging from crystite to rare schematics. The higher the items quality, the rarer the item, and the higher the items prestige all influence what the potential rewards for salvaging are. Salvaging shifts durability from “losing an item” to “investing time and resources toward a chance at something better”. One example given at the round table was legendary weapon skins and the ability to find the schematic for them by salvaging one with very high prestige. The implication was that not only would legendarys themselves be rare, but the chance to find the recipe through salvage even rarer so “you could end up being one of a handful able to craft it”. I will post more on this when we see unique items reach live.


    There are several forms of PVE ranging from solo, to group, to raid. Events are catogoized into solo and group, shown by the number of stick figures above the mission on the map, and color to signify difficulty, yellow > orange > purple > red = easy to hard.

    Daily Missions
    In Firefall, daily missions are assigned to you as a set of 3 random quests which can be viewed by pressing Y. Competing each quest grants you at least 1 accord merit point (AMP), EXP, and sometimes crystite (CY). They are adding new missions every patch or so. I am not sure if it is a bug, but I’ve found that credit for the daily is not applied if you are in the warfronts.

    -ARES Vault: There are several potential spawning points for an ARES vault. However, they always spawn in an ARES area. Some examples of ARES vaults I have found are the bunker south of Cerado plains and the Tanken Fortress in the south east corner of the map. Completing this daily will grant you CY in addition to the normal rewards.
    -Accord Chem lab: There are several potential spawning points for the Accord Chem lab. Some examples are the bunker south of Cerado plains and the reactor below Shanty Town. In order to complete this daily, you must first go to the chem lab and then collect the sample which is located nearby.
    - Kill 5 flying creatures: Cultex and Birds count toward this. A good way to complete it is to go to the cultex nests in coral forest and step near them to provoke their spawning.
    - Kill 10 sea creatures: Nautiluses and skivers count toward this. A good way to complete it is to place a stock personal thumper near the ocean to spawn sea creatures.
    -Kill 50 geia creatures: The best way to complete this is to go to cerado plains of east of shanty town and find hisser nests. Destroy the nest and AOE down the hissers that spawn.
    -Kill 15 Tanken: If you can’t find an ARES mission that has Tanken in it, you can go south of Copa and find a small, tanken base that stretches to eastern Transhub.
    -Kill 15 chosen: Chosen strike teams, taken bases, ARES, and death squads are all good ways to find and kill chosen.
    - Kill 60 enemies: The best way to complete this is to go to cerado plains of east of shanty town and find hisser nests. Destroy the nest and AOE down the hissers that spawn.
    - Crashed thumper: Find a crashed thumper on the world map and complete it.
    - Crashed LGV: Find a crashed LGV on the world map and complete it. It’s worth noting that the timed defense LGV and the instant loot LGV both grant completion.
    - Return a thumper at 100%: This means 100% full of resources (or dirt), not health. You can do this with any difficulty level thumper.

    ARES Missions
    ARES missions are the primary form of PVE “questing” in firefall. These events spawn randomly throughout the world, usually in caves or bunkers. There is an ever growing variety of objectives and spawn points for ARES missions as well as an increasing number of difficulties. ARES missions range from solo to small group scaling. They are marked on the map by a Trojan helmet. Difficulty ranges from yellow to orange in New Eden and orange to red in Diamond Head. Group ARES are marked on the map with a three player symbol above the Trojan symbol.

    -Retrieve the Datapad: Enemies in these missions can be anything from aranahs to chosen to tanken. The goal is to find the Datapad, pick it up, interact with the terminals, and then take the pad to the arcporter outside the mission area. For now, the terminals are an optional step but this may change in the near future. The player holding the datapad is the only one able to interact with the terminals which offer a small amount of bonus resource and exp. While carrying the datapad, you can use your secondary weapon and abilities but not your primary weapon. If you attempt to fire your primary weapon, you will drop the datapad.
    -Retrieve the Payload: Enemies in these missions can be anything from aranahs to chosen to tanken (but usually not aranahs). The goal in this is to collect the payload which can be chosen tech, accord goods, drill bits ect from the payload terminal in the mission area and deposit them into the arcporter outside. Unlike the datapad mission, you will need several payloads to complete the mission. Solo missions require two payloads whereas group missions require four. Accessing the payload terminal the first time will spawn more enemies. While carrying the payload, you can use your secondary weapon and abilities but not your primary weapon. If you attempt to fire your primary weapon, you will drop the payload.
    -Destroy the chosen Strifebringers / Aranaha nests: In these missions, the goal is to destroying the objective by interacting with it (press E). Once you have planted the explosive or sabotaged the chosen arcporter they will explode after five seconds. You can use this to your advantage, if you run into a densely packed area (of enemies) and use the nest or arcport for LOS, you can activate it and run away… leaving a giant 1100 damage explosion behind you to clear out the room. The explosion has an impressive radius which can sometimes, inadvertently, kill your allies. There is no tanken equivalent yet.
    -Chosen Energy Bomb: This is probably the most difficult mission to do if your teammates don’t know how to do it. In this mission, chosen have set up a time bomb that must be defused before the core destabilizes. You can see the cores % on the map if you zoom in as well as the locations of the resonators. In order to stabilize the core, you must collect the three resonators, but you can only carry one at a time, and bring them to the core. The core will change colors every second or so. You must match the color of your key to the color of the core. It is best to wait till they core has just turned to the matching color to attempt to place it due to server side communication lag. If you make a mistake, you will take about 400-800 damage and the core will lose 20% stability.
    -Tanken Raider Chief: The objective of this ARES mission is to find and defeat the Tanken raider chief. The mission starts out with only one, but when you aggro tanken, they will run to the nearest transceiver and call for backup. This will summon more chiefs and elite tanken. Players can also activate the transceivers, this is sometimes done because chiefs, like data terminals, offer a small amount of bonus exp and resources per kill.

    Dynamic Events
    Dynamic events spawn based off player population density and location and can not be seen on the map beyond a small range. These events blunt the tendency for players to form herds that move from one ARES to the next by creating dynamic events which fragment the herd as they move between ARES. This also ends up rewarding explorers as these events take place in, sometimes, unusual places. Dynamic events involve anything from protecting civilians from a chosen death squad or tanken ambushers, to freeing kidnapped citizens, to clearing out bandit camps, to clearing out LGV mine fields, to defeating a tanken Baron (miniboss), to looting birds nests (which drop a rare pet). These events will spawn near players and rewards are unique for each player so don't be afraid to group up and start hunting!

    Terramoto race challenge
    Drive from Southharbor to copacabana in the time limit to win the race challenge.

    Holmgang Raiders
    Defeat the holmgang raiders before the reach the drop off point, or kill them once they reach the point and switch the arcporter to receive a bonus.

    Hidden world bosses
    Meganautolous, toxic sandshark, crystaline aranah, giant aranaha, a several other bosses are hidden through out copacabana.

    Crashed thumpers / Crashed LGVs
    These are very short solo quests that players usually do on their way to ARES missions. Crashed LGVs either pay out resources upon looting or initiate a 'defend the point' for 2 minutes mission. Crashed thumper missions involve gathering parts, one at a time, and bringing them to the downed thumper.

    Melding Tornado
    The objective of these is to shoot the unshielded melding shard, and the shield switches every few seconds so you must switch your target. Once the shards are destroyed, the core will be exposed. Then, dps down the core. You must do this while also killing the melding creatures of they will overwhelm the group. Once the core is destroyed, a portal will open at the base of the tornado. You can enter this, it's sort of like a bonus stage. Once inside the unstable melding pocket, you can go to the edges of the melding wall and attack giant crystite hybrid nodes to get resources that are outside the usual shift. However, the melding wall will collapse in waves. You can either go for as many resources as you can before dying or head to the portal exist in the middle of the map. (its above you, you have to climb the junk spiral.)

    The Chosen
    The chosen move about new Eden in strike teams. They take sin towers and even cities. Your job is to take those back (since you get buffs for having them). You can take them back by activating the computer terminals inside the bases which will start a 3 minute defense mission. You have to protect the terminal for chosen who will attempt to hack it.
    Recently, chosen deathsquads have been added. The chosen are able to arcport in to your location and are led by a chosen executioner. These guys will kill you in about one to two seconds. They are marked group quests for a reason. The mechanics of this are still getting the bugs worked out. Sometimes they port in, sometimes they don't... And sometimes they stay invisible.
    In addition to this, there are periodic raids on thumpdump and southshore where hundreds of chosen attempt to destroy the city repuslor, causing the melding to flood in. After 3 hours the melding will recede but this will change soon because they are implementing a way for players to take back thumpdump and southharbor from the melding.
    The role of the chosen will be expanded with Stage 2 of beta when warfronts get fleshed out into additional zones.

    Raids (10+ man)
    Baneclaw is, currently, the only open world raid boss in Firefall. His fate is uncertain as, while he is a community favorite, T4 gear has made the encounter trivial. That said, here is how the fight works. Someone needs to build a Melding Anomaly Neutralizer or M.A.N. In order to summon baneclaw. This is expensive (however, there is a hat for doing it). Once you have your MAN and a raid group of rhinos with turret mode and a raptor to give heroism (overdrive) dragonflys can come too. Go to northernshores, find the “melding anomaly” and then activate the repulsor closest to it. The player with the MAN must move into the melding anomaly and activate the MAN. This will summon baneclaw. Baneclaw has a weakness... It's his face. If everyone groups up to the front and activates turret mode and has overdrive dropped on them they should be able to burn BC pretty hard. He will become invulnerable and you will have to kill the adds. Then he will do shockwaves that you have to avoid (theres a purple ground telegraph). Rinse and repeat until he is dead or the hard enrage kicks in at 5 minutes and you die due to the melding wall collapsing.

    War front Raid events
    There are three raid events in the melding pockets. You can reach them by pushing back the melding all the way back (usually 3 pushes) to get to the event. Diamondhead is the hardest. In that one you have to defend several nodes from waves of chosen and husks while meteors rain down on you (which do a lot of damage). Both Antarctica and Sargossa Sea are a little easier. Those ones you can choke point the chosen rather than being trapped in a crater.

    Attack on Thump Dump and South Harbor
    Occasionally, the chosen will launch large scale assaults on the southern and northern city hubs. The chosen have several artillery cannons which can destroy the shield generators, leaving your melding repulsor vulnerable to attack. The chosen attack in waves and your group must survive ten minutes before the arclight cannon can destroy the invaders. If you fail and your repulsor is destroyed, the city is enveloped by the melding for several hours.

    Instances (2-5 man)
    Firefall has three, five man instances with a fourth coming soon. Currently, the difficulties range from yellow to orange difficulty. It is unclear if purple and orange difficulty instances will be hardmodes of existing instances or their own instances. However, but with the story telling focus of firefall, I suspect it will be the former as purple/red level instances might exclude some players from experiencing the story. There are currently some balance issues with players in tier four gear speed running orange (tier two) level dungeons.

    Blackwater Anomaly (5)
    Black Water Anomaly (BWA) is the first installment of firefalls instances. The amount of time it takes to complete varies considerably based off goals, group composition, and gear. Players have clear BWA in as short as 5 minutes by breaking into pairs and a person going solo to tackle the objectives all at the same time. This is usually accomplished in T4 gear and by mammoth frames. Most players complete BWA in about twenty to thirty minutes.

    -The instance begins with you having to defend the repulsor from chosen for three minutes.
    -Once the repulsor is online, you will have to destroy the three siphons north of you. You do this by targeting their underbelly and firing until they break. Then you can fly into the siphons and destroy their three hearts.
    -After you have completed all three siphons, you can proceed up the mountain where you will find the anomaly.
    -When you have secured the anomaly by accessing the three panels, you must retreat south. You can either place your own glider pads at the edge of the mountain face or wait for oilspill to air drop some for you.
    -Glide down to the repulsor and wait for oilspill to land his drop ship and enter by pressing E.
    BWA Achievement Items
    BWA Blitz (Grants Techskull Mask): Compete BWA in under 25 minutes with 0 deaths. *Note, if someone is in a downed state, they are not dead yet. Only if someone releases or is unrezable are they “dead”.
    My Name is Hendrix Lake (Grants BWA Paint): Retrieve all 5 sin imprints 20 times.

    Tanken Cave (3m)
    Tanken cave is another instance designed for smaller squads and, like BWA, around T2 gear. The mission is similar to payload maps in TF2 except that the payload can be damaged.

    Cliffs Edge (3m)
    Cliffs edge is a speed run instance where you must complete the objective, destroying the chosen cannon, before your melding repulsor is destroyed.

    There is only dueling, both 1v1 and 5v5 now. There are several good instanced PVP modes, especially Jetball, and an open world PVP area but those are being pulled for redevelopment. Participation in firefalls pvp is quiet low and they are hoping to design something that a larger percent of the population will enjoy.

    Jetball tourny
    *Update: R5 announced their plan to create a PvP free for all zone called a Remnant. Remnants will have high quality and possibly rare resources, abandoned military bases, and who knows what else. Armies will form alliances, betray one another, kill each other all in hopes of securing the remnant for as long as they can.

    Firefall has a number of achievements that grant hats, warpaints, and decals to show off to those around you. As there is, for now, few ways to demonstrate your advancement visually, the rewards for achievement are the main way to differentiate oneself. Granted, soon your frames level, 0 to 60, will change it's appearance.

    Engaging in the firefall community is pretty vital to your enjoyment of firefall. If you aren't doing group content, raids, or even fun stuff like the herpaderby racing then you are probably going to get sick of doing solo quests.

    Community LGV Destruction Derby
    An LGV destruction derby to the death (of the bike)! Ride around the designated area and run into your foes to eliminate them to be the last LGV standing. There are three rounds with the winner of each receiving 20K Crystite and then we will move to the final arena where the three winners battle it out to see who is the most ruthless rider in all of New Eden, with a glorious final prize of 40k Crystite! That's 60k total for the one that takes it all! Every Saturday at 11pm EST (GMT -4), 8pm PST (GMT -7). Sign up here!

    Community PVP
    In an effort to continue PVP, the community has banded together to form the Raider Town Lethal Holmgang PvP.
    Even after the instanced PvP servers have been shut down, open world dueling will still exist. Some people don't realize that, besides 1 on 1 dueling, a 5-man squad can challenge another 5-man squad as well. So, we gather on a specific instance, at a set date and time, create two teams, and duel to the death. No in-game rewards, no prizes (at least initially), just pure carnage for those of us who need an occasional break from quashing bugs and slaughtering lobotomized Chosen.
    Fear not, according to Fancy_pants' research, dying in a duel does not incur a durability loss for your precious gear, although falling from great heights due to combat has resulted in accidents before. Some amount of risk is involved, but hey, where's the thrill in 100% safe warfare?
    Speaking of gear, players are encouraged to bring the best they have. That includes ammo chambers, health&ammo consumables, gliders, hacked Chosen Drones, Mosquito Wings, Aranha Glands etc. There has been some desire to do this event with Stock Gear, but right now the majority appears to prefer using their pimped up battleframes.
    It will probably be advertised on FFANZ as well, as a regular event every Saturday.

    For guides on firefall try for resources and crafting and for just about everything else. For community activities you should try FFANZ.

    Additionally, you can ask the community managers, and sometimes devs, questions directly and live on their weekly, friday @10, twitchtv cast

    What Extra Credits thinks of Firefall:

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    Well that must have taken quite some time. But at least this thread actually has Up-to-date information. And it will be kept updated surely, good job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mirve View Post
    Well that must have taken quite some time. But at least this thread actually has Up-to-date information. And it will be kept updated surely, good job.
    Thank you

    And yes. I shall try to keep it as updated as possible.
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    Lv50 (FF14) Paladin, Warrior (Swtor) Agent, Warrior, Knight, Inquisitor, Trooper, Consular, Smuggler, Hunter
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    MMO-C should just go ahead and make you a temp mod for this thread.

    Good job, though. A lot more useful than the old megathread.

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    Btw any news on Melee Frames ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mirve View Post
    Btw any news on Melee Frames ?
    Yes, actually.

    As of 9/13/13 it was deemed "Not feasible. Review in 6 months"

    Made me sad.
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    Lv50 (FF14) Paladin, Warrior (Swtor) Agent, Warrior, Knight, Inquisitor, Trooper, Consular, Smuggler, Hunter
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bardarian View Post
    Yes, actually.

    As of 9/13/13 it was deemed "Not feasible. Review in 6 months"

    Made me sad.
    Bummer. Wanted to play a space ninja.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mirve View Post
    Bummer. Wanted to play a space ninja.
    I know right? A nighthawk for double vanish with a crystite katana... Would make my life.

    *And one of those frostfire grenades! Can't wait to mix a fiery aranaha gland with cryogrenade.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I know I said I wouldn't touch crafting till it's done baking but here is a preview of the first set of augments.

    Crafted Item Variants


    Dragonborn Plasma Cannon
    Requires: Fire Gland (from Explosive Aranhas and Ash Dragons)
    Quality modifies: Effect range

    This replaces Scattershot Alt Fire with “Dragon’s Breath”, shooting a burst of fire forward in a cone.

    Shielded Crater
    Requires: Drone Module (from Chosen Drones)
    Quality modifies: Effect health

    This adds a Blast Shield to Crater. Blast Shield spawns centered on the impact site of Crater.

    Soaring Afterburner
    Requires: Wings (from Culex and Wasps)
    Quality modifies: Effect duration

    This adds Quick-Deploying Gliding Gear to Afterburner. Glider wings sprout from the Assault at the end of Afterburner. (Note that unlike a real glider, these wings don’t last indefinitely.)


    Noxious Needler
    Requires: Poison Gland (from Toxic Aranhas and Toxic Varants)
    Quality modifies: Percentage of increased damage taken

    This replaces alt fire with Plague Blaster, which increases the amount of damage enemies take when hit by the alt fire. This effect also spreads to nearby targets.

    Toxic Poison Trail
    Requires: Ink Sac (from Nautili)
    Quality modifies: Enemy accuracy reduction.

    This adds Blinding Fumes to Poison Trail, decreasing enemies’ accuracy while in Poison Trail.

    Ghostly Triage
    Requires: Space Manipulator (from Chosen)
    Quality modifies: Duration

    This adds a Phase Unit to Triage, which allows the player to be able to pass through enemies/allies causing damage to enemies and healing allies.


    Barrier HMG
    Requires: Brontodon Ivory (from Brontodons)
    Quality modifies: Shield health

    This adds an Upgraded Forward Shield to the HMG alt fire, creating an improved full-body shield.

    Spiny Heavy Armor
    Requires: Shell Fragment (from Rageclaws, Terrorclaws and Baneclaw)
    Quality modifies: Percentage of damage returned

    This adds a Damage Reflector which harms enemies that hit the Dreadnaught while Heavy Armor is active.

    Attracting Repulsor Blast
    Requires: Space Manipulator (from Chosen)
    Quality modifies: Effect range

    This adds a Magnetic Repulsor to Repulsor Blast, drawing enemies in to the Dreadnaught before Repulsor Blast is fired.


    Burrowing Sticky Grenade Launcher
    Requires: Brinewyrm Goo (from Brinewyrms)
    Quality modifies: Damage magnitude

    This adds Burrowing Explosives to Sticky Grenade Launcher, which applies a Damage over Time effect to the area that they were detonated on.

    HKM Supply Station
    Requires: Hypercapacitor (from Chosen)
    Quality modifies: Amount of charge given

    This adds High Capacity Arcfold Tech to the Supply Station, replacing health pickups with HKM powerups.

    Rocket Turret
    Requires: Explosive Device (from Tanken)
    Quality modifies: Rocket damage

    This adds Rocket Turrets to Heavy Turret, adding rockets to the projectiles fired.


    Sharpeyed R36
    Requires: Cornea (from Wargrim and Rimehunters)
    Quality modifies: Magnification

    This adds tech to increase the magnification when zooming with the R36.

    Advanced Decoy
    Requires: Drone Module (from Chosen Drones)
    Quality modifies: Effect duration

    This adds AI behavior to Decoy which allows Decoy to move and shoot before it explodes.

    Burning Cryo Grenade
    Requires: Fire Gland (from Explosive Aranhas and Ash Dragons)
    Quality modifies: Damage

    This adds a Frost Burner to Cryo Grenade, which increases Cryo Grenade damage. It applies a DoT that burns the target top on of slowing them.
    *Subject to change!
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    Time to download the beta again it seems

    Also amazing job OP, much appreciated

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    pfft as if you care..
    nice info update

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mirve View Post
    Bummer. Wanted to play a space ninja.
    It kinda makes sense though. The only way to make the melee frame viable would be to either make them permaslow their enemies (which is OP as shit), have them have tons of gap closers (again, OP as fuck), or make them have obscene burst to let them counter a low uptime (yet again, OP as motherfucking hell).

    While I haven't PvP'd extensively, with what little I've done I can't really see a melee frame fitting in very well : /

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edge- View Post
    It kinda makes sense though. The only way to make the melee frame viable would be to either make them permaslow their enemies (which is OP as shit), have them have tons of gap closers (again, OP as fuck), or make them have obscene burst to let them counter a low uptime (yet again, OP as motherfucking hell).

    While I haven't PvP'd extensively, with what little I've done I can't really see a melee frame fitting in very well : /
    I feel the same really. The enemies move too fast, and unless your frame moves like Dante, Bayonetta or Raiden i don't see it working. I still want it though <.<

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    pfft as if you care..
    Quote Originally Posted by Mirve View Post
    Bummer. Wanted to play a space ninja.
    "cough" warframe "cough"

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    Nice Job Bardarian !

    The augments sound pretty cool !

    Edit : Are the augments supposed to bring a different gameplay/utility or are they supposed to be a clear evolution and therefore more powerful ? Hoping for the former.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Recom View Post
    Nice Job Bardarian !

    The augments sound pretty cool !

    Edit : Are the augments supposed to bring a different gameplay/utility or are they supposed to be a clear evolution and therefore more powerful ? Hoping for the former.
    To be honest, I am not sure yet (and it's possible that R5 isn't sure either). I suspect this first round of augments is a sort of a "let's see if this works and if people like it" thing. If people want the concept expanded I am sure that we will see it happen.

    Like, HMG shield reflecting so you have to choose between a larger shield and a reflective shield. Mmm... Knock siegebreaker blasts back into enemies... /gurgle noise.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Achaman View Post
    "cough" warframe "cough"
    Ehh... /10chars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mirve View Post
    Ehh... /10chars.
    I would be content with, rather than a melee frame, either a melee secondary or melee attacks like a stockstrike or whatevs. Like, snipers would have a plasma belt knife that the whip out in a frontal arc when you press V or something.
    Lv40 (Firefall) Dragonfly, Mammoth, Nighthawk, Arsenal
    Lv50 (FF14) Paladin, Warrior (Swtor) Agent, Warrior, Knight, Inquisitor, Trooper, Consular, Smuggler, Hunter
    Lv60 (NWO) Rogue, Fighter, Wizard, Guardian, Cleric (Rift) Rogue
    Lv80/85 (GW2) Thief (WoW) Rogue, Mage, Priest, Hunter, Warlock, Warrior, Death Knight, Paladin, Druid, Shaman

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bardarian View Post
    I would be content with, rather than a melee frame, either a melee secondary or melee attacks like a stockstrike or whatevs. Like, snipers would have a plasma belt knife that the whip out in a frontal arc when you press V or something.
    That would be sweet, like a Hybrid. Raptor and Accord Recon could do with that. Nighthawk is pretty much THE sniper.

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    Great work on the detailed review, Bard.
    Saddened that melee frames are not feasible.

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