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    Heroe's Song - a new fantasy action RPG (with online world hosting)

    Hero's Song is an open world rogue-like fantasy game done in a beautiful 2D pixel art style. Create epic fantasy worlds uniquely shaped by your choices, the power of the gods, and thousands of years of history. Become a legendary hero in a dangerous and mysterious world of magic and monsters. Explore endless dungeons and ancient cities in long forgotten lands in search of knowledge, treasure and the power of the gods!

    - An hardcore action RPG for hardcore gamers.
    - Create and explore countless epic and ancient fantasy worlds in which gods yet walk the lands.
    - Fight, kill, loot, survive and, if you are worthy, ascend!
    - Adventure alone or join a community of heroes online.
    - Host your own worlds online for your friends or up to thousands (up to hundreds playing at one time) of other players.

    The game is currently in the pre-alpha and already has alot of mechanics and stuff

    The game will cost 15$. You can back it now for 15$ and get a digital copy + access to Alpha 3 and further tests.

    Official website: http://www.pixelmagegames.com/
    Indiegogo: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/h...ng-game-rpg/#/
    Interview with devs: https://www.twitch.tv/cohhcarnage/v/88096978

    CohhCarnage (twitch streamer) is one of the people working on the game as an partner.
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    The graphical style is nice. Resembles early 2000-s!

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    This looks pretty cool. I thought I had heard of it before (possibly even owned it on Steam) once I read the name, but... nope. This looks to be the first I've seen of it. It kinda reminds me of an MMO I used to play in the 2000s. I think it was called Tibia? The graphics and gameplay look slightly similar.

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    Btw, important info: Indiegogo is just an additional founding opportunity + game preorder (You get the game for 15$). Regardless of the amount of money gathere there, the development of the game will continue normally. It's only an additional "extra" opportunity to pre order the game and help the devs

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