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    Disenchanting gold making tip by using TSM

    I installed TSM (TradeSkillMaster) to compete in the Glyph market, but I want to share a tip (sorry for not writing a detailed tutorial).

    You need:
    * An enchanter
    * TradeSkillMaster

    You need to do a full scan of the AH first.
    Then when you open the AH, click the TSM sidebar open. To the right you have select the menu where you can buy herbs to mill, or ore to prospect.
    TSM will give you the option to shop for enchanting mats. You can choose all available dusts (Strange Dust, Infinite Dust and so on).

    First you need to check the current price for a given enchanting mat. I have had the best results with Infinite Dust. Because no one is doing WoTLK content anymore, there is a serious lack of the Dust on the auction house. On my realm, I can get about 6-8g per dust, because a new enchanter needs to truckloads to level it.

    TSM will aid you in buying greens that yield this Dust and will tell you how much the dust in the item are worth.

    Buy about 50-60 green items recommended by TSM for a total of 350g.
    Disenchant all of them for dusts. Occasionally you will get Essences (high value) and Shards (low value) as well, sell these as well.
    You will end up with a large supply of Dusts, for example 150 Dusts.

    In the current AH situation, you are able to sell these for whatever you want: YOU have the supply. If you can sell for 7g per dust, you are netting 700g profit for being smart and buying/disenchanting/selling for about 15 minutes.

    You can try this for other Dusts as well.

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    Correct - and much more detailed then what I wrote here. But the whole shuffle takes a lot more time.

    I was mainly focussing on dumber people who dump their greens in AH for a low price without checking the enchanting material costs, allowing me to profit from it. The shuffle is a much higher scale operation.

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    Auctioneer also has the same search function which sorts out what's available that you can make a profit out of.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shamanic View Post
    Auctioneer also has the same search function which sorts out what's available that you can make a profit out of.
    Yeah, but I never found that one to be working as adequately.

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