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    Careful Aim Worries

    So I have A quick question/concern.
    I have my Aimed and Chimaera shots on mouse overs as well as bound.
    I also have a WA tracking my Careful Aim.
    When I use my mouse over Aimed Shot to get first dibs on newly spawned adds my WA doesn't show up. Now is this because I have to be targeting what I am shooting in order to receive the buff, or does it just not register in my WA because I am not targeting the add while I am still receiving the buff? Haven't seen any of this covered in all the stuff I have read. Any and all help is appreciated.


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    You don't have to be targeting anything.

    As long as whatever you hit is above 80% health, Careful Aim will work.

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    It doesn't come up as a buff in the traditional sense; it just fires when the target is > 80% health or when RF is active.
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    I use tidyplates with health threshold options to see which targets will be affected by careful aim (and also killshot). If you want to dabble further with WA, you can set it up as health % trigger, not buff tracking.

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