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    Lightbulb Hunter mount idea!

    I reckon it would of been way cooler if hunters got a saddle skill that allowed the hunter to mount their pet instead us getting a wolfkitty for class mount. Could work like catform or ghostwolf for druids and shammys. Little saddle would appear on their backs when they are mounted and all not just bare back. I dunno, i always wanted to mount my pets, specially spirit beasts. Would be kinda interesting since i feel more of a connection with my pets than some mount tab icons in my spell book. Anyway let me know what you guys think! Imagine all the possibilities!!!
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    Image the QQ if only one class could mount any beast in the game? But yea, idea looks pretty cool.

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    While I like the idea there would have to be some heavy restrictions on which pets qualify. Flying on the back of some of the smaller bird pets woulf just be odd. If they restricted it to the pets that were large enough ti be feasible I would support it.

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    WoW has been out since 2004 and this idea has been suggested/regurgitated many times over the years.
    The amount of artwork/mechanics to make a single mount ride-able so it looks right, doesn't clip, etc. is a lot. Now add genders and races to the mix.
    Hunters have way too many pets to make this viable. This is never going to happen. Ever.

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    I just want to tame more raid bosses. Horridon please?

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    Besides the tons of extra work that would create for Blizzard's animation team, and the many restrictions that would be there anyway, it would be of limited use on non-flying pets, which would create an annoying preference to such pets. Either way, a lot of mounts share models of pets anyway, would hunters just have an easy way of getting, say, nether ray mounts?

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    Seagull please

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    This is something Blizz actually acknowledged years ago, as something that would be cool but 'really challenging' to do, around the time of Cataclysm if I remember correctly. 3 expansions later, I think its safe to say 'not happening'.
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    Sure, I'd love to ride my Ooze pet!

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    This idea has been around for many long, and it would be cool. Obviously with some exceptions.
    btw: I would be happy if that wolf-hawk had some "kitty" on it.

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