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    Are the new hunter specs fun?

    I'm just wondering if I should return back to game with hunter. And especially, which spec feels the most fun as of right now?

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    Demon hunter is.

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    not enjoying it all. Time will tell though

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    MM is just disgusting...

    Good bye hunter.

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    10 chars

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    Bm.. ok go! >

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    They're meh.

    Did a dungeon as BM. Was doing about 80,000 to 100,000 DPS, depending on the fight, in 735 gear. I haven't changed around my enchants or gems yet. Mainly because I'm not willing to spend 40,000G on 4 75+ haste gem. lol (Yes, they are going for 10K per 1 gem on my server)

    MM seems to be doing more damage than BM.. At least on target dummies. Haven't tried MM in a dungeon or raid.

    As for the play style.. BM is mash things on cool down. MM is also seems like mash things on cool down.

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    nope very poor imo,only bm has a semblence of fun about it,i honestly dont know what blizz was thinking with the hunter changes,change for the sake of change is never gona end well.

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    nope iv played hunter for about 5yrs dont like them at all now

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    Did a few dungeons and was very unimpressed. MM feels so unbelievably bad I can't bring myself to play it any more. SV was alright but it's melee and I dislike melee. BM is playable, I guess.

    Also did a few BGs. MM and SV were unplayable, and BM was fun, but lack of traps and any other meaningful abilities make it feel like I'm doing PvE without a tank.

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    Are people seriously calling BM fun? Press one button wait a few seconds press another? Is that really fun? There's no real interaction between abilities, completely awful.

    MM is half way to fun, survival is actually pretty fun when you understand it.
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    Played BM a bunch in beta, lots of fun, kinda cool when you get your artifact since you get to "dual wield" pets. If you like that sort of thing, it will be right up your alley.

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    MM is OK. It actually plays a lot like SV did in Cataclysm, what with waiting for something to proc before you use it. The RNG reliance can be a bit annoying. It's a lot better once you get your artifact ability.

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    Out of the 3 I found SV the most fun, MM is just meh and BM you just constantly whistle at your enemy.

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    Been a hunter main the last 2 expansions. MM has always been my favorite and BM has always been my least favorite. Going into Legion I feel about the same about BM, and hate MM. Since Survival is melee now it's not even an option in my eyes.

    BM only has spenders, so is no longer GCD capped, so there are often parts of the rotation that you simply wait for 4-5 sec for focus regen. Waiting for resources makes it a little boring, but it really isn't any worse than I remember rogues being back in the early expansions (no clue how they play in recent ones).

    MM is now far less mobile than most casters. Depending on talent choice they spend roughly 60-80% of the time casting Aimed Shot. Half the reason I play hunter is because I have always liked being the "Slime Duty" guy as my guild calls it. The class that goes off to do special things that no one else wants to do since they would lose dps by having to move for it. So a spec that is less mobile than most casters is no good in my eyes.

    So for me its BM or new main... other 2 are just so bad for what I like about hunter. I probably will just go BM (stay hunter) because I like being a 100% mobile ranged dps that also can bring Bloodlust.
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    MM, 3 button gameplay +1 for barrage if wanted, +1 for haste cd.

    Play hunter, you dont even need a keyboard anymore!

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    First off, i havent tried SV since its melee and i dont care about a pure melee spec for raiding. MM seems complicated at first but its a pretty easy Rotation after, while BM ist just being idle half the time and boring as nothing else.
    So no, i think hunter got messed up.

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    I did a ton of bgs yesterday as SV and I had a blast. MM feels very boring to me though.
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    SV is really good, with many different playstyles and a high skill ceiling, pretty fun spec to play
    BM is insanely simple, but quite fluid. Can be fun at times, but it's only drive is RNG based around Dire Beast, and that can screw you over.
    MM doesn't work in my eyes, it's an incomplete spec, probably a patchwerk of a few designers ideas mashed together. But hey, you can do big numbers.

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    Nope pretty frickin awful.

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