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    Finally got a panthera, and decided to change my mog to match, looks pretty sharp the combo.

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    I have had this transmog for a couple of months, but now I augmented it with the same panthara as the poster above:

    I feel like, as a hunter and worgen, it would be too clunky to have gloves while using a bow, so I'm just using a leather-ish looking pair. The fel theme also fits the expansion.

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    Purple is my favorite color and I really like simple xmogs.

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    Gotta ask, how do you manage to keep the quiver visible while mogging the artifact bow to something else? The quiver disappears, if you mog the weapon.

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    No idea. Just mogged over it and its still there.

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    Switched to female just to try it out... no regrets.

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    Any chance on getting a quiver as BM with a bow ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shootsalot View Post
    Any chance on getting a quiver as BM with a bow ?
    not unless they re-add them in 8.0 or let us transmog to thas'dorah as BM

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    What do you think of this. To be honest did not spend much time on this, just wanted a black-not-that-serious-but-not-a-circus transmog

    Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.

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    Wanted some blue armor to rep Alliance. Have only just begun getting stuff for transmog so stuff changes all the time but I'm pretty satisfied with this look for right now.
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    Very nice Rockwoodz.

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