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    help please

    I purchased the new expansion and got the level boost. when boosting my hunter i seem to have lost the ability to be able to tame pets to complete my 5 pet slots. What has caused this and is there a way to get it to come back ?


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    I did my boost with a DK and couldn't find half the stuff I was supposed to have, fixed it by going to my class trainer. Might want to try that out.

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    Boost characters are gradually taught new spells during the Tanaan Jungle quest experience, just head to Kadghar in Blasted Lands to start it.

    By the time you have your garrison you'll have unlocked all your spells.

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    When you boost it turns your character into a kind of retarded tutorial character. You gotta do stupid quests to unlock abilities and junk.

    However if you queue for a battleground or dungeon it'll auto unlock all your abilities to bypass that annoyance.

    That might be your problem, not sure.
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    Thanks guys i am almost done with the jungle thing so will see at that point otherwise will try the other suggestions.

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