View Poll Results: Which class would you pick if Hunter wasn't there anymore?

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  • Death Knight

    11 13.25%
  • Druid

    10 12.05%
  • Mage

    13 15.66%
  • Monk

    4 4.82%
  • Paladin

    8 9.64%
  • Priest

    1 1.20%
  • Rogue

    10 12.05%
  • Shaman

    10 12.05%
  • Warlock

    10 12.05%
  • Warrior

    6 7.23%
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    If hunter disappeared...

    Imagine the scene, tomorrow's latest PTR notes say Hunter Class removed.

    What class would you main instead & why? Lots of people will doubtless say they'd unsub, fair enough but not what this discussion is about.

    Personally I'd choose Warrior, I've recently done some tanking for our guild while we try to recruit more tanks and very-much enjoyed it. Also, plate armour looks the best usually, lots of awesome transmog options. Went from tanking N in 655 avg ilvl gear to tanking HC in 678 inside a week :P

    Where would you go if Hunter wasn't an option?

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    I'd switch to my Paladin I find ret easy to play and Holy is pretty decent Plus plate armor sets look great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aere1985 View Post
    Imagine the scene, tomorrow's latest PTR notes say Hunter Class removed.
    That would be the greatest day in the history of the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lei Shi View Post
    That would be the greatest day in the history of the game.
    half of the population of the game disapaers in 1s. THAS genocide

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    Would either roll an ele shaman, has been since mop my main alt, or would switch around and go melee, either dk or warr.
    Would also prolly main alt a warlock, pets and all...
    My vote to shaman.

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    Mained hunter pre wotlk.

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    I'd unsubscribe and probably try to sue blizzard for the time I put into the game, only to have the one class I enjoy playing removed.
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    *bro fist*
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    I'd learn/master whatever my raid currently needs.

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    Oh get over it. No one is removing hunters and only bad PVPers cry about them so much. Yes, my current main is a hunter. In the past it's been rogue, priest (all 3 specs) and druid.

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    One of the other 10 classes.

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    Probably warlock or priest. I mained a warlock in BC/Wrath/Cata/Mists and switched at the start of WoD.

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    I love how no one's picked a priest hahahaha.. I have a disc as a back up healer.. But I wouldn't touch shadow unless it was to push them into the abyss. I would choose a lock or ele shammy. I used to main a mage back in the day but I doubt I'd go back to main one.

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    I'd main either a Mage or a Shaman. Incidentally I've tried to play a Shaman at least once a month for my entire WoW career; it looks amazing, feels great lore-wise and all, yet I just can't seem to get past level 25 or so.
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    I'd play monk. Oh wait.

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    DK definitely.......hell the only reason i'm not maining my DK right now is because I love my hunter way too much.

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    If I had to choose a class for all 4 roles...

    Tank: Monk
    Healer: Shaman
    Melee: M U C K F E L E E. If forced, Rogue.
    Ranged: Mage

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    Probably a lock or mage. Melee are too unreliable in terms of usefulness imo.
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    ranged I would go lock or boomkin (since they are typically popular)

    melee I would go WW or Combat rogue

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    Probably warlock, maybe balance druid or elemental shaman.
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    the world of warcraft will be a better place, now put that next to a paladin class removal and that would be orgasmic

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