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    When to break a 4pc?

    Hey all,

    I'm 693 ilvl, with gear I have, I could be 696, and while I'm sure it's not worth it yet, it got me thinking...at what point would I dump the 4pc to get more raw stats? Anyone run into this yet, or is it something we will see with HFC?

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    If you are BM forget about to break 4pts till HFC (heroic difficiity)

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    Same is true of Marksman.
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    I totally agree with the previous posters. I'm at ilvl 690 with the 2-piece, and there's another hunter in our raid team that has a lower ilevel but out-dps's me. I'm actually working towards the 4 piece even though it means giving up warforged items in the process (which is very painful).

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    You should just sim it as you get upgrades, its really hard to tell since it is sort of individual and RNG based.

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