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    Resto : Jonat or Velen ?

    Hello everyone !

    First of all i did a post some days ago about my new resto shaman and asked questions about it.
    I thanks everyone who replied, i learned things nad im currently very progressing in my healing role !

    Im here because i have another question and i cant really find my answer anywhere.

    I actually got the trinket leg Velen as my first leg.
    Yesterday i was lucky enough to get the ring leg, Jonat.

    Since im currently healing with CH a lot this leg seems very good.

    But at the moment, i just cant equip both leg, i actually dont have the research.

    My rings :
    - ilvl 875 - 1451M / 665H
    - ilvl 860 - 1430M / 572H
    - ilvl 940 - 2004C / 1114H + socket (200I)

    My trinkets :
    - ilvl 940 - Velen - 456 C/H/M - 2994I
    - ilvl 875 - Urn - 1075M - 1634I
    - ilvl 880 - Mirror - 1095H + proc

    So i have to pick 2 in each without getting velen and jonat at the same time.
    Its a matter of time for me to get the second leg equiped but i still need to farm a bit for it.

    I dont really know if the benefit of the ring will outperform the loss of hte trinket ?!

    Any thought about it ?

    Thx a lot !!

    PS : Im currently sitting on 20.2% crit / 22.4% haste / 111.8% mastery
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    Mirror is stinky garbage for Resto (and Haste is pretty meh for us in general), so my instinct is to say go Velen's for now. I am a big fan of Jonat, though.

    An easy way to test is to try a little of each, look at logs, and compre roughly how large a benefit you're getting. You can estimate the Jonat's benefit by taking your count of HW/HS casts (*10% per) and multiplying that by your average CH (not perfect but will get you in the ballpark). My gut says if you're using Velen's effectively it's probably winning, at least in a raid situation.

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    If you could get Cake or Map or a stat stick (preferably crit with your current stats), then definitely the ring. For the standard shaman build/game play, Jonat is BiS. Mirror is just so disappointing for us that I'd recommend using Velen's until you have a different trinket or your research finished.

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    Remember, if you chainheal ALOT, Jonat becomes worse.
    If you spellweave alot, like a mix between healing waves and chainheal, Jonat becomes really strong.

    For the chainheal-spam builds, i recommend Velen's trinket and maybe the roots for insane intellect.

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