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    Why does Ele suck so much balls on Mythic Reaver?

    It's terrible. And Killrog.
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    Wait till you see Gorefiend lol.

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    I really wish we weren't so bad at target switching. It's a real kick in the nuts, especially when on progress and add damage gets linked. "It takes 3sec + to get dmg off" doesn't wash when ppl are frustrated. But hey, we are good on HFA, HFC, Soc, Xhul...

    Gore is brutal but if you can weave some CL's off gore onto prisons the EQ procs can help with overall deeps. Especially if you get the job of primary breaker. We seem ideal for this, but I doubt many raid teams look at Ele as being a key player. However, for gore progress if you find your team struggling with breakout timers, tell them you can drop an EQ proc with 8s left on the timer. It's good to feel useful.
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    I know turtledragon said it, but wait until gorefiend!! EleGiggle

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