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    Enhancement Shaman problem with DPS - Need help

    Hello fellow Shamans,

    I'm an enh shaman main who's logging pretty poorly bracket wise.
    Currently i'm 3/9m and i'm trying to improve myself drastically since i'm not satisfied with the numbers i'm pulling, and I'm hitting my head against the wall trying to figure out what i'm doing wrong.

    I can see some small problems myself, but nothing too impactful. One thing i do notice though is that most shamans that parse a lot better seem to get a lot more out of their ascendance time than i do.
    My wind strikes rarely out out-dps's my stormstrike which i feel is a bad thing.

    Could someone take a look at my logs ( link below ) and see if they can see some major problems with my rotation/spell usage/buff uptime etc?
    It would be greatly appreciated.

    warcraftlogs .com/reports/K2aTZHpnY3LrcdyW#type=damage-done&fight=1

    Thanks in Advance,

    Fullgøre ( Twisting Nether EU ).

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    Don't see anything that stands out too much. It looks like you could use alot more mastery tho, trade some crit for mastery... can prob replace neck, waist, wrist with similar ilvl but more mastery. The EoE trinket has alot of mastery too so thats an option. And yea, your SS usage is lower then most... more mastery will prob help give you more SB procs, which means more SS or windstrike useage. Also, sometimes you cap on maelstrom so try to dump it earlier with SS or LL. Lastly, remember to use CL after feral spirits.

    Think if you try some of those out, mainly more mastery and SS usage, you should be good.

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