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    William Shatner

    Okay since Legion will be giving us class hall wonder if blizzard is gonna give us an idol to pray to for "improvements" Lo and behold, William Shatner is a tauren shaman. At least I'm not a hunter who gets to worship Chuck Norris.

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    WE are supposed to be the idols.

    I mean, WE will be using the ultimate classes artifacts and all. We will lead our classes to the victory. I don't think there will be anyone above us. There still will be huge figures for every class, but there will be equals to us. At least, it's what they said (or i understood badly).

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    And Mohawks get to idolize Mr. T!
    The reality of nature is far more wondrous than anything we can imagine. -NdT

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    Quote Originally Posted by DocHibb View Post
    And Mohawks get to idolize Mr. T!
    I pity the fool!

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    My avatar begs to differ.


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    Blizzard should be ashamed...William Shattner is an institution and for them to rip most of the fun out of ele is just wrong!

    Seriously Blizzard if you are going to use William Shatner as the face of WoW make sure the class you use is given MAX design/development time and focus and make sure YOU GET IT RIGHT!

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