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    Ele Tips on Mythic Avatar?

    Anyone have any advice on how to approach this fight as an elemental shaman? My guildies and friends are just telling me to play my hunter for this fight instead.

    I can't seem to find any ideal times to turret and ascendance, and my damage profile seems way too random and unreliable for the Maiden Shield (and this fight in general) and my survivability is ass. I've tried playing Ice Fury which seems to work out okay, but not enough for this fight.

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    Just go Hunter.

    This Fight is not that difficult anymore in terms of Dps Requirements, it's just about handling the purple streams properly and soaking Touch of Sargeras / Rain of the Destroyer in P2.

    Hunter, especially BM, is very easy to play on this fight and Aspect of turtle is so good due the heal debuff on you, you can also just use it in any tight spot if Rupture realities overlaps with something.

    Also in P2 you can easily solo soak a Dark Touch with Aspect of the turtle, as Ele, you can't.

    Ele is decent again on KJ, but Avatar is most certainly by far the worst fight in ToS for Ele.

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    Don\t play the shaman is the best tip you can get.

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