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    Ele shaman, elemental totems scale?

    Hey. So yeah, I was off wow for 2 tiers so not sure if something changed or the storm elemental mechanics. Question is: Do the elemental totems scale with activating EM or BL for examle?, procs generally

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    The casting speed of your Searing Totem's Searing Bolt and Storm Elemental's Wind Gust are affected by haste, as is the attack speed of your Fire Elemental. Intellect procs etc will also increase their damage. I actually couldn't say regarding the Earth Elemental but I'd have to imagine it's also true; not that it does any damage any more.

    It's not snapshotted any more though, they all scale dynamically, popping your Fire Elemental after Hero/BL will still reduce its attack speed once Hero/BL ends.
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