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    what about this?
    i LOVE it!

    But the staff, not so much. anyone have any ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkflame View Post
    I like the idea of not wearing a robe, are there many options?

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    I found some chest in model viewer, let me link some of them:

    http://www.wowhead.com/item=10581/deaths-head-vestment - The one I'm wearing in model viewer.

    There's a lot more but I think you can get one of those easly .

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    I've been probing tiers, and for worgen, if you got a nice tabard it will fit well anything.

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    It's Corruptor Raiment (The black/red themed BC set) for me all the way, at least until the next raiding tier comes out and I can get my hands on the Faceless Shroud pieces. Tentacles = awesome in my book.

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    Full Merciless Glad gear w/ Brutal Gladiator's War Staff, unless of course the actually release Vengeful for transmog, in which case most definately Vengeful with my delicious Shadoweave Mask <3
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    Valorous tier 7.5 from naxx 25 with Damnation from nax 25, Sunreavers tabard and some other items.

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    Something along the lines of this, still haven't found a fitting weapon yet though. Open for suggestions.

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    Gonna get Wrathful on my Warlock, the Helm is possibly the greatest in-game: http://www.wowhead.com/item=51538

    Maybe find a matching set that implements the helm, but I'll see.

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    I'm gonna go with this:

    I can't find a helm I like to go with it so maybe there will be something in 4.3.
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    T1 + first mates hat!

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    Anyone have a good idea for shoulders to match malefic helm?

    Going for a purple type theme, but am up for suggestions,

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    Another Set done Tell me what you guys think!!!!

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    Its Tier 4 for my Lock. I loved the look of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rijn dael View Post
    T1 + first mates hat!
    I got a set i am working on when it's done i'll post pic's of it and if you like i'll list items =p

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    I like it. Mind sharing what the pieces are?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lockja View Post
    Another Set done Tell me what you guys think!!!!

    Link the Items? Please.
    Otherwise, 9.5/10, only thing i;m not sold on is the head piece, all else is great!!!

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    Spellfire gloves/robes/belt, the level 70 nemesis recolor, looks like a blood elf bandit mask (not sure you can transmog those) and the staff from Jaraxxus.

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    Ok List is.
    Helm: Circle of flame or Blood Elf Bandit Mask
    Shoulder: Mantle of The three terrors
    Chest: Spellfire
    Boots:Extravagant boots of malice
    Back: Drape of Fuming Anger
    Staff:Tower Of Mouldering Corpse

    Btw ty for the feedback guys i put alot of time into trying to make a good set i got a few other's i am working on as we speak =p!!
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