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    I'll be using all my current gear because I don't have anything else.

    Prolly start working on T6 today

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    Season 1 for hunter has a very nice colour-scheme for me. and for the lols, my 3 parts of the twilight cultists set. I'd like to have a whole raid downing chogal in that =P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Edlarel View Post
    Anything to raise that post count, eh? Anyway, plenty of people care, which is why this is being added. When your own opinion/request actually matters, you can be sure it will probably show up in game at some point.
    ummm no i dont care about my post count.why do u care about my post count.this feature is a stupid idea isnt gonna make the game any better.they need to focus on NEW content rather than pointless crap like this.

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    Already linked on the first page, but, this:
    (Also, got carried away with different sets for non-warlocks. *bonks self*)
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    Quote Originally Posted by slozon View Post
    i see we agree on which tier looks the best

    you must care since you took the time out of your busy day to post here
    or are you just doing it to increase your post count?
    lol yeah thats what i live raise my post count.just as u did by saying that too me lol.

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    I'd like to get my Druid Tier 7 25man Gear. I actually want Tier 3, but it's unavailable now. Tier 7 25man looks more to the color of Druid T3 though.

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    Man, I'm pretty pumped ... I'm gonna use a different old tier set for each of my specs: t5 for Destro, t6 for Demo, and t10 for Afflic. So pumped

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    So many non-warlocks in this warlock thread ! Maybe when stuff gets posted in a class forum, on the front page it should say like "(Warlock) what will you wear?" ...
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    Tier 5.

    You can't beat mages skulls being part of your armor

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    As frost Death Knight, wearing green starter set + dual-wielding Thunderfury.

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    shaman ulduar tier set for me crazty, but the overblown shoulders on that tier are friggin awesome.

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    Actually, I'm thinking t5

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    Only bows/weapons will be able to be changed..! Weapons cannot.. i believe due to not making it look like a legendary!
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    You have to have the item to transmogrify to it in the first place, I don't see any problem with making it look like a legendary

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    The tier 6 combined with a Val'anyr looks just freaking awesome!
    Just take a look!

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    When did warlocks get a bear form? I'm hyped

    Edit: Oh and we can use Val'anyr too now? Fuckin' sweet

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    ^ This on my druid.

    And this on my WL

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    with shoes and weapons ofc ::]


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    The trick is finding something that looks cool, that won't be on every other warlock on the server. for instance, as cool as T6 + a Thunderfury would be on a warlock, I'm sure the novelty will wear off quickly simply due to the amount of people with the same idea.

    EDIT: Apparently Thunderfury is unusable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Penguin FTW View Post
    You have to have the item to transmogrify to it in the first place, I don't see any problem with making it look like a legendary ,Four posts down.
    No legendaries allowed. QQ

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    Off-topic but didn't all the old badges, emblems, tokens, whatevers get taken out and replaced with JP or VP? So can't I use my JP to buy old Wrath and BC tier sets? Or do I have to farm for them in their respective raids?
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    or the mystical third option, which involves handcuffs and lubricant.
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    I seriously think some people picture the higher ups at Blizzard as a group of guys in suits sitting around an office wearing giant hats made out of $100 bills and smoking giant cigars rolled out of $100 bills saying to each other "How can we piss off out players this week? Muhahahahaha!"

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