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    Trinket question

    Hey guyes,

    at first I want to apologize for some gramma or spelling mistakes I will make. English is not my first language.

    So let's talk about the "problem" I have:
    Yesterday I got normal mode Fragment of the Dark Star. At first I was quite happy about it but then I realised i will use it only in one fight

    So what I need is a confirmation wether my consideration is right or not.

    I'm playing Affliction/Destruction in a smaller Raid (10-14 players per raid) so I can't play Affliction on some bosses it may be better in pure DPS. As you can see: we don't do mystic raiding.

    I have access to the following trinkets:
    Shards of Nothing 685 mystic
    Goren Soul Repository 700 mystic
    Darmacs Unstable Talisman 700 mystic
    Blackiron Micro Crucible 706 mystic wf
    Unblinking Gaze of Sethe 695 normal
    Prophecy of Fear 700 normal
    Desecrated Shadowmoon Insignia 696 normal wf
    Fragment of the Dark Star 705 normal
    Chipped Soul Prism 705
    Fleshrender's Meathook 705
    (213 Int / 2130 haste on use)

    My plan is to use the following:

    Assault: Destruction Prism + Insignia
    Reaver: Affliction Prism + Meathook
    Kormrok: Affliction Prism + Meathook / Destruction Fragment + Insignia (If we lack AoE)
    Council: Affliction Fragment + Prism
    Kilrogg: Destruction Prism + Insignia (killing Adds)
    Gorefiend: Destruction Prism + Insignia (killing Adds)
    Iskar: Destruction Prism + Insignia
    Socrethar: Destruction Prism + Insignia (AoE) / Affliction Prism + Meathook (Boss)
    Zakuun: Affliction Prism + Meathook
    Xhul'horac: Destruction Prism + Insignia (killing Imps) / Affliction Fragment + Prism
    Velhari: Affliction Prism + Meathook
    Mannorth: Destruction Prism + Insignia (killing Adds) / Affliction Fragment + Prism
    Archi: Destruction Prism + Insignia (killing Stars)

    It's your time now: every tip or hint is welcome.

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    For Destruction, you should be using Mythic GSR over the prism. Based on your trinkets, I'd use DSI + GSR on every Destruction fight.

    For Affliction, probably DSI + either the class trinket, CSP, or DuT

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    DuT is no longer worth it as affl since the preproc fix...it was the only strength of the trinket, the fact u could proc it twice on pull...now its either class trinket + DSI or Orb of Voidsight + DSI...id still prefer class trnket because it gives u so much shard regen.

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    DSI for everything no matter what. Fragment or chipped soul prism for affliction, unblinking gaze/fragment/chipped soul prism for destro. Fragment for fights that don't have much target switching where you can keep the buff up on the boss full time.

    Someone can feel free to correct me if I'm wrong!
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    You really can't go wrong with DSI+GSR for Destruction and DSI+FotDS for Affliction.

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    So no Meathook for affliction?
    I found it realy strong because it lines up perfectly with Ring and Dark Soul.

    For destruction I will give GSR a try.

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    No meathook for Aff. I mean I guess it's nice but you're limiting some of your potential DPS to that 20s confine. DSI is BiS period for every boss fight so you should have that on every fight it's only the other trinket slot you swap out. As the others said until you get a Heroic/Mythic Class Trinket your best bet will be to go DSI+GSR for all your Destruction fights (though even then, the class trinket can be pretty poopy imo even if Mythic).

    Personally for Aff I'd go Prism + DSI for Reaver and Fel Lord otherwise for Council and Velhari you should go DSI + Class Trinket.

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