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    Destruction Warlock Help

    Hey Guys,

    Currently Playing a Destruction Warlock due to it was the one i invested all the time into playing at the time,

    im having issues with DPS as i am having very low Shard Procs from Immolate and sometimes having to wait a long time until Conflag is up.

    warcraftlogs.com/ reports/ZPaDTB4x81vb3jgJ <--- N ToV

    warcraftlogs.com/ reports/F496yLgGZVbzYQNk <--- H EN

    us.battle.net/wow/en/character /barthilas/riaas/simple?q=Riaas <--- Armory

    only fight i ranked half decent for Bracket was Guarm, but rest i seem to lacking, i know i can deal the damage if i had enough shards coming available but there are times where i sit on 1 shard until a Conflag comes back up and even sometimes im needing the both the Conflags to give me Shards so 20 Seconds of no Chaos Bolts,

    I know im playing a Proc Spec and most probs the worse one but i prefer the Destro Playstyle but i feel as though i am letting the team down because i cannot perform the damage.

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    Hi there,

    Do await input from others, i've been out of the game for a bit but just came back and play destro aswell. That said, i recommend you do the following:

    1) read Brusalk's Destro Guide for Legion
    it's a hands-down guide to looking for gear/itemisation

    from your armory i can see you're at 23.71 crit, 19.62 haste, 74.58 mastery. As the above guide says, the prio for destro is Haste >= Crit == Vers >= Mastery. As a general comment, more haste = less time between immolation procs + a lower conflagration CD = more shard generation. I've read other posts that said the go-to % would be 33% haste, 20% crit, then vers then mastery (or in this same post i'm not entirely sure). still, you should try to gear for crit+haste, then try to prio haste+vers (anyone else, feel free to correct me if i'm wrong). I've found that reaching 33% haste is a nuisance, currently sitting at 28% myself and around 21% crit, but i don't feel like i'm lacking shard generation (maybe just once between the 2nd and 3rd conflagrates, following the normal rotation).

    2) looking at the parses, you've used Havoc only once in the entire Xavius fight. Why ? As far as I am aware, in P3 atleast, you've got plenty of tentacles which you can cleave. If not for the CB value, then atleast as extra immolate targets, for more soul shards ( since that seems to be one of the questions you need answered)
    Even if you don't hit Xavius for those immolate applications, the immo ticks ( with BL especially) will raise your shard generation -> more CBs on the boss (least that's my personal opinion)

    that's all from my side, good luck in your ventures in the game!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soulscaper View Post
    2) looking at the parses, you've used Havoc only once in the entire Xavius fight. Why ?
    Reason behind that due to im used to a different caster E.G Balance Druid and Marksman hunter and S Priest, im more used to tab dotting and sometimes do forget that i do have havoc in those situations, i am still dotting the other adds just not at the same time through Havoc, i do use it alot more on more of Cleave Fights E.G

    N ToV Odyn and Dragons of Nightmare in EN
    it's a bad habit that im working on getting better at.

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    If you're lacking in shard procs it's probably due to your low haste. Try to switch gear around and get yourself up to atleast 28%. Trust me it makes a huge difference in immolate procs and conflagration cool downs. I'm at 33% haste and there are still times where it takes forever to generate shards. So it's all about rng too. Hope i was helpful.

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