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    Destro mythic+

    Hi there newish destro lock here trying to figure out mythic + trash rotation there's guides on talents for st and aoe and st openers but nothing on optimal trash pack openers. Usually I run FnB go serve and CDF I open with Rain of fire imolate CDF then spam incerate(FnB) until CDF is up or I have 3 shards for rain of fire just curious if that's good
    also should I worry about conflagration capping on trash or just use when I need shards ?
    Usually drop a portal or two too avoid capping and use. GO serve/ summon infernal/ doomguard as well along as they'll be up for the bosses

    Currently run lego shoulders and KJ trinket 99%. (I have Cb bracers and havoc cloak tho too )

    Item level is 907 eq usually only pull like 550-650k total sustained variying dungeon to dungeon running food flask and potting only on bosses feels low tho my 898 54 trait boomy was pulling that two months ago before I swapped to lock

    Any tips on legos rotation ect would be approcated thx
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    Probably not the optimal build, but I usually run with ELT, Cata, Service, Wreak as it gives me options for all possible scenarios during a mythic+. You got cata + RoF for AoE, Wreak for 2-3 targets and service for added ST damage or priority add damage.

    Cata + RoF as your AoE option is incredibly useful this week if you're an EU player dealing with the explosive affix, as it basicly allows you to do solid AoE whilst sniping the fel orbs with conflags.

    Edit: And as for openers, just make sure you pop ELT before trash packs and then for AoE you do cata into RoF, and for anything else you just do regular rotation.

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    I prefer BD, SF, ELT, Cata, Sac, CDF. CDF allows you great single target damage for bosses whereas WH kind of gimps you, Cata+CDF Synergy is good for burst on big packs. Sac over Serv because the timing of Serv might not always work out.

    When there's 4+ targets, Cata+CDF+RoF as mucbh as possible. When there's less than 4, default to baseline Havoc CB's when possible and just kinda blow what you have.
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    Havoc and chaos bolt more.
    I do around 900k overall on most dungeons/affixes.
    Never take FNB unless ur gear is shit.
    Cataclysm is also not viable with a good group.

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    Swap shoulders and trinket for cape and bracers n basically Havic something imolate n spam cb/incerate
    With bd elt sf. Sh br serve wh
    n cast ROF only on like imps in court and brh ect that's gona die fast regardless?

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    I use bd, elt, sf, fnb, br, sac, sc.

    So that makes all of the posts contradictory Maybe thats one of the reasons there isnt a guide. I would say avoid anything with a cooldown when running dungeons, why be useful on one pack and crap on the next few when you can be good on all. CB and incinerate are your main sources of dmg, rain of fire can come close only on something like +15 fortified where huge packs of stationary mobs need ages to die. As far as legendaries go, pray for feretory so you can get rid of the awful CDF in every situation

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    shadowburn(once they fix the bugged trait not affecting it)/elt/sf/cata/burning rush/sac/cdf. Cataclysm is actually quite exceptional in a "good group" because it enables you to deal massive damage on big pulls like the MoS intro or the Corstilax room in Arcway. But it's fine anytime you have a decent sized group and the other two options are very mediocre, especially fnb. CDF over WH to give you some flexibility depending the texture of the pulls. Contrary to what a lot of people seem to think, you can still cast Havoc without talenting WH; having the 2 piece bonus helps a lot to get off 3 or more cbolts. On Tyrannical and slower fortified dungeons service can be preferred as well. You're right not to use the bracers, they are pretty terrible for most dungeons. I don't like soul conduit because there are a lot of situations where you're either shard starved, like a single target boss fight, or where you have so many shards from cataclysm&shadowburn that you are just able to spam rain of fire with or without it

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