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    What you say is very true, but from the original post about this opinion of his, from my understanding I got that he didn't think it was post-worthy, since one could just say "I'm using T6" for example. It's all fine and well to use a full set, but posting it here is what he was against. I think.

    Tbh, I kinda agree with that. I love this thread for the original and creative mixes of items people come up with, just posting a full set isn't very fun. We all know what that looks like. Of course, people are still allowed to post whatever the heck they want, I personally will just skip over that post
    You have to keep weapons, off-hands and cloaks in mind. Sometimes a certain combo can give it a different feel to a well known set. Maybe there's a weapon you would have never thought to use with T6 and it suddenly reignites an interest for it.

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    Yeah, I guess. But when I look at someone's transmog I usually pay more attention to what items in the actual armor the person has, more so than the weapon. Although yeah, it does happen that someone uses a weapon I never thought of. And I so rarely use cloaks that I pay no attention to them either ^^ But yeah, it's not like I'll try to get people to *not* post whatever they want. I'm just more likely to scroll through it, or to not post any thoughts about that particular mog.

    I'm one of the more boring persons, so I've kept using the exact same transmog since the DS patch, so I don't really get any chance to post some new stuff ;c I did change wep (since the axe/sword/mace limitations were removed) and race since my last post though!

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    About this debate weather or not something is worth posting here or not: I myself mostly only like more or less complete sets, streamlined looks with matching weapons. I find mixing and matchaing single pieces always looks a bit off, but that is just me.

    That being said, here I have some tier 6 lightbringer action for you. Deal with it. Been farming Stormrune Edge for quite some time now, it finally dropped and is a perfect match in my book.

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    Well, in the end - a full set is afterall designed to look good together (though not all sets look as good), but there is options to alter them by shifting a helmet or something. I realy like using full sets aswell, and sometimes I spice it up by changing shoulders and/or the helmet, if I can find a good match.

    I dont see whats wrong about posting it here to be honest, cant remember I read any rules about it :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nonslid View Post
    I dont see whats wrong about posting it here to be honest, cant remember I read any rules about it :P
    That's what I'm trying to say. I'm not going to try and stop someone from posting whatever they want, like posting mean stuff or whatever I'm just voicing my personal opinion on the matter. Post whatever you want ;>

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    Quote Originally Posted by dawawe View Post
    This is me from teh armory

    Also i am looking for a shield that matches the color scheme that isnt round
    Not sure if you found one yet, but http://www.wowhead.com/item=73468#. would match well i believe.

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    I adore full sets. I adore a mixture of pieces. A tabard change, cloak change, and even a weapon change can bring new life into a set. And I just enjoy the screens of the different places people take of their toons. All shall be welcomed. Every human, dwarf, elf, space goat, and tauren shall feel the <3. And some full sets can have one or two pieces change you don't even notice 'til further inspection. It's fun to see that too. Though I understand where the other is coming, trust me.


    The thread is full of love for xmogging for paladins. Full sets or not. The only 'rule' ( request, I ain't a mod ) I have is people be paladins and use strictly just plate.

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    recently rerolled a paladin, and here is my first try at an xmog

    still after the Judgement belt, but i love the contrast with the T6 shoulders with tthe T2 legs and gauntlets. I'm wondering if there is a "top-like" chest that would fit the set better, even tough ingame it doesnt look that bad, any sugestions?

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    Here is my current with one of the new helms. The glow of the sword, really goes well with the helm, but you cant see it in the picture.

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    Tried to go for something demon-ish straight outa Sunwell with the horns plus the greengold sword and green skull tabard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninji
    "lets loose quik" is the only alliance pride I am aware of

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    That's my pally now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Truthbearer View Post
    That's my pally now
    your sword is hot sh!t...proud of you.

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    Gave up on lookalike legs after stupid amount of farming + checking AH so bought similiar from JP in dalaran..

    Empty Drinking Horn is just a myth, I no longer believe in its existence.

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    Pre 5.4 AC-Tank gear
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    Threw together my first transmog just from what I had in my void storage and bank, been collecting a bit of gear for it here and there but never gone for a specific set or look so I think it's fairly mismatched. If anyone has any pointers on better pieces that might suit it let me know

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    Quote Originally Posted by kittycovox View Post
    please please please tell me i pulled this head off finally. been searching for a good set since ToT was on ptr-.- this MUST be the best i can make. its a shame only real matching set is warriors CM set-.-

    The dungeon set from Cataclysm matches it extremely well.
    Here's a link to it: http://www.wowhead.com/transmog-set=1308

    Quote Originally Posted by Ammadeus View Post
    Pre 5.4 AC-Tank gear
    And god I love that sword! Many people find it ugly, but I like the glow and the fact that it looks just so... crusader-y. It's quite hard to explain; it's like it's a torture weapon, but with the sun mark at the tip of the sword, it's also a paladin/holy type weapon! I love the contrast
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    wuz i rly hear m8?

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    I really like your guys' sets with the new Blizz Store helms, they look great!
    I wanted to ask your guys opinion on a new set, I just recently got my Challenge Mode set and was wondering on a helm to go with it.
    Which one do you guys like the best?
    Normal CM set:
    With the Engineering Goggles:

    Different color Engi Goggles:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fiddlesnarf View Post
    Thumbnails aren't working for the last 2 pictures... the hell?
    You're not using the URL for a thumnail in the last two pictures. Imgur puts an s before the file extension to denote a small thumbnail.
    The last two URLs you posted do not have the s.

    I included an extra space in the URLs to intentionally prevent the forums from displaying images.
    The following URLs should be used in your IMG tags to show thumbnails.
    http://i.imgur.com/8gdejjjs.jpg  and  http://i.imgur.com/mhpnWcas.jpg
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    Thank you! That worked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anakso View Post
    Threw together my first transmog just from what I had in my void storage and bank, been collecting a bit of gear for it here and there but never gone for a specific set or look so I think it's fairly mismatched. If anyone has any pointers on better pieces that might suit it let me know

    The head and shoulders look quite good together, but of the top of my head.. maybe mix those with the DS dungeon set/S6/S10? Just some random nice-looking reddish sets I could think of. I really like your sword, it doesn't pop up that much in here

    The pic to the far right looks a bit.. off

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