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    Holy CoW with Silent Crusader again

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    Quote Originally Posted by vasya111 View Post

    that is so beautiful!
    Quote Originally Posted by Ninji
    "lets loose quik" is the only alliance pride I am aware of

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ammadeus View Post
    Pre 5.4 AC-Tank gear
    what shield is this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dawawe View Post
    what shield is this?
    One of the ToT ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rasstapp View Post
    One of the ToT ones.
    Ultimate Protection of the Emperor (normal)

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    Here is mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vasya111 View Post

    awesome - what is set if I can ask?....

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    Quote Originally Posted by jello72 View Post
    awesome - what is set if I can ask?....
    It's a bunch of non-set pieces from Tier 6, don't know the name of all of them, but the sword is blade of savagery iirc.

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    A lot of awesome transmogs in this thread

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    Not a mog, just testing alternatives with the wardrobe. Goodbye, dumbass skirts.

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    The weapon on the left picture looks much better with that set imo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cariboulou View Post

    Tried to go for something demon-ish straight outa Sunwell with the horns plus the greengold sword and green skull tabard.
    I have that set on my Paladin, but I stuck with the Tier 6 boots. Very nice!

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    I wanted to use the Replica Shado-Pan Helmet in keeping with the spirit of the expansion, and I've finally found a mog I love. I haven't changed since I finished it. Thought I'd share.

    I decided to base my mog around the Mountainscaler Battleplate set (purchasable in Townlong Steppes), since it has that samurai-ish style; the matching shoulders for this set, however, are too large and make you look top-heavy and goofy, so I fired up WMV and eventually found a subdued shoulder replacement that picks up the grayish-pale green and ridges of the armor. They're a reward from a post-Cataclysm quest in Tanaris that I had luckily never done.

    I matched it with the Indefatigable Greatcloak, purchasable for JP. It forms a neat, green "T spine", and the rust color picks up the red in the set, with a little fancy flourish at the bottom. I then farmed the Dreadlord's Blade, since its color reflects the reddish parts, and its model is both unique and looks brutal.

    Another decent 2-hander match with a unique model is the Sword of Justice; the green in it matches fairly well. I just don't like the "tuning fork" look of it.

    With Dreadlord's Blade:

    With Sword of Justice:

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    Oh my God that looks amazing! Incredibly unique and fits together perfectly. It looks best with the Dreadlord's Blade imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jello72 View Post
    awesome - what is set if I can ask?....
    Pauldrons of Abyssal Fury, Faceplate of the Impenetrable, exalted set, blade of savagery, Antonidas' Aegis of Rapt Concentration.

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    I love how original a lot of the set are that have been linked, very cool to see all the variations. Still working on mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamie081 View Post
    Oh my God that looks amazing! Incredibly unique and fits together perfectly. It looks best with the Dreadlord's Blade imo.
    I agree with this poster, that mog looks absolutely amazing. Best mog with the Shado-Pan Helmet I've seen. And it does indeed look the best with Dreadlord's Blade.
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    I haven't seen those shoulders be really worked into a set. You kept in mind the color scheme while still holding out on the reddish theme. I'm very impressed, Majestian.
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    Let's look fabulous~. A Paladin transmogrifier item list.

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    What are some good shields and weapons for the challenge mode gear. Just finished my gold runs and now need some cool transmog items to go with it. I'm a blood elf.

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