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    I got a red scarlet rawrior set going on!
    love our options as a warrior!

    What is that red gear?
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    may i suggest you check out wowwiki or any similar site, it's Grom that orders the murder of Cairne

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    Here's mine

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    Has anyone found a good weapon to go along with the new challenge gold set. So far all I have found is the Soul Cleaver. It's also gotta be a 2nd Axe for the BiS Mop Weapon

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    Looking for dark boots, tips please?
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    @ Nivis, Grand Marshal sword is much better imo!

    Myself, I love this. http://i.imgur.com/EidQz.jpg
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    Just finished my lil guy

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    finally i got the helm.

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    So im currently farming T1/T2 and their Recolors coz im so unlucky at getting the real versions (will switch once i get full T1/T2)

    So im looking for a nice Greenish or just absolute beast of a 2H Axe/Mace Im thinking T2 for PvE Arms and T1 for PvP Arms so a nice 2H Wep to go with that any of Sword/Mace/Axe for that is cool coz im a Human.

    Currently toying around with some of the funky weps from TBC Heroics, like Reaver of the Infinities.

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    my newest 85, another warrior and here's his mog'd set

    the 2hander is just the mace from well of eternity and unmogged for now, hopin to get gurthalak soon.

    T4 pvp helm, t5 pvp shoulders, chest, hands, legs, crustacean stompers, and i forget the name of the belt, drops off Talon King Isis or whatever his name is in sethekk halls
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    Deadly Gladiators set
    Tabard of Summer Flames to match red plate
    Periwinkle Cloak to match Gurthalak
    Runescriven Demon Collar and Treads of Crushed Flesh to match

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    Cant help it, i LOVE the DK set from ICC!

    And yes i am a warrior :P

    Random boss drop from Firelands as weapon.

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    Lol, well people won't really realize you aren't a DK unless you are in prot spec, then they may do a double take and wonder when DK's got to use shields.

    I like the set too, but my favorite is the blue recoloring.
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    super villeins..!!

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    I have more

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    Wow. I see so many great sets but no one actually says what they are using. Wish people would list all the transmog gear.

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