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    i will use my murloc costume from blizzcon before wotlk. the end

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    On the edge of the cliff laughing at the lemmings

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    am i the only one that cant really get the feel of war tier? only one i remotely like would have to be tier one...

    as for mine Valexe ...

    yea i know kinda lame but its simple and decent IMO.
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    I don't understand how valor and gold have anything to do with one another. Daily quests give you gold and valor. Professions give you gold. It's as if you wanted a smoothie and I made you one with a straw and you told me you didn't want it because you don't use straws...

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    Quote Originally Posted by zonde View Post
    Dat prot set... where did you get the sword (1 hand)! D: MUST FARM
    drops from 25m naxx of 4hm

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    Val- sometimes simple is better i actually like the full "red plate" dungeon set in cata
    Using a mix t9 and other wrath gear, cant post pics or links yet or id have a better shot of the glow on the sword. (blue)

    going for the Soldier of Stormwind look :]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Burgundy View Post
    u have the corrupted ashbringer ?
    yes though it seems unfair that I can mog it haha. sometimes I have to swap it out to avoid the darned whispers. Happy I might be able to finish my tier 3 set though with the help of the Black Market Auction House in Mists

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    Trying to design a set that uses the very unique looking Hateful Gladiator set and the unique Defiler's tabard - basically the concept is balancing the neutral gray with the green and yellow-green theme of the Defilers.

    Not keen on the combination of boots with everything else but my hands are kind of tied. I don't like the basic look of the hateful greaves, but very little else matches that particular color of dark gray. I usually like to do boots+gloves+shoulders+belt from one set and helmet+chest+legs from another set to create a cohesive look... but again, that's not an option, unfortunately. I tried to balance it where I could, not being able to get the hateful belt anymore really sucks because there aren't any other good options. Some nice belts with gems in them for color but they're all blue gems, not the green or yellow we need.

    Multiple choices of weapon (no good options for maces, unfortunately.) I like the relatively simple elegance of the Facelifter. Elementium Stormshield doesn't match as well as the other shield (the other shield is an almost perfect match aside from the wood looking out of place combined with all of that steel), but it's the right color scheme and it's a completely unique shield model that I frankly think is majorly underused. I actually like the Forsaken Bonecarver the best out of the weapons, but that weirdly blue-green steel color doesn't really work with the rest of the items.

    Elementium Mindcrusher is the only option for a two-handed weapon because it's a hammer, hammers are always the best weapon available, and it looks like a naval mine had sex with a jackhammer. It doesn't match at all and I don't care. If you use two handers you use that fucking hammer, no ifs ands or buts.
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    Wouldn't you like to know?

    I love heroic warrior t12. Must say, I was surprised how well the ToC10 sword goes with it. I could take or leave the mace but it goes alright, until I find something better.
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    Oh, PVP twinks. I thought this was about Anduin.
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    Yeah, when I think of namby-pamby liberals the first state to spring to mind is South Carolina.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pizzakid2093 View Post
    My gear :3

    *dat wep*

    ouff, can i please borrow your sword? pretty pwease!

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    been trying to upload a few pics of my warrior,but unable to do so.i seen something saying "You may not post attachments" under permissions.do i have to have a certain # of post before i can upload a pic?any infor would be cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maoam55 View Post
    I got a red scarlet rawrior set going on!
    love our options as a warrior!

    What is that red gear?
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    may i suggest you check out wowwiki or any similar site, it's Grom that orders the murder of Cairne

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    In my post, any suggestions to be it look more ebony?

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    Here's mine

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    Has anyone found a good weapon to go along with the new challenge gold set. So far all I have found is the Soul Cleaver. It's also gotta be a 2nd Axe for the BiS Mop Weapon

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    Looking for dark boots, tips please?
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