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    Question arms stat prio


    is it 20 %haste>mastery>vers>crit or mastery>vers>haste>crit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackleaf View Post

    is it 20 %haste>mastery>vers>crit or mastery>vers>haste>crit?
    Hello, 20% haste>mastery is correct according to the sims that I just made.

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    not sure you can achieve 20% haste while stacking enough mastery for the spec to achieve maximum output damage.

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    hey can u five ne the stat weights and caps for askmrrobot or pawn?

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    Disregard the 20% haste thing -- it gets you one more global during a CS window, and generally isn't worth the loss of both mastery and versatility.

    You should just aim for mastery > versatility > haste > crit instead.

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