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    stance/gear/talent macro

    i'm desperate...

    whatever i tried - it's not working. probably it's because of the 2x 2H weapons. so, if there is someone out there who might wanna enlighten me about this - i'll be very pleased.
    i want to be able with 1 macro to switch from fury(2x 2H) to protection, change gear +stance. And of course from prot to fury exactly the same. Since i'm not sure what's wrong with my macro, i'm ready to separate to 2 macros. just need help (even better explanation) how can achieve this... the following macro seems to change both stance/talents but not the gear.

    Thanks in advance

    /cast [spec:1] Battle Stance; Defensive Stance
    /equipset [spec:1] Fury; Protection
    /usetalents [spec:1] 2; [spec:2] 1

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    The macro is trying to change your gear but it won't change to the other specs gear if it isn't in the spec first. So you either need to press it again after you've changed specs and interrupt the talent change, or reverse the gear change so it does it before you respec.

    Also, for future reference the following is a useful site for figuring out macros:
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    thanks man, it's rly useful.

    however, i thought that someone probably made it already seems will need 2 separate macros, cheeer

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