Thread: sick of bad dps

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    Horde sick of bad dps

    hey, I'm having issues in heroic/mythic raids with low dps and I'm gonna get replaced if I cannot fix it. any advice welcome.

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    There is a Fix My DPS thread stickied at the top of these forums, also you need to link logs. Looking at your characters gear isn't enough.

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    Are you using pots? also what is your dps on single target and on aoe?

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    sorry, it wont let me attach links to my comments for some reason . I'm using pots yes and I average about 200k

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    Well, your gear is good, your talents are correct. Although your execute damage is extremely low, which leads me to believe you're not utilizing massacre correctly. I'd try using Carnage instead.

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    gonna give carnage a try, thanks

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    or just dont play fury its a garbage spec.

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    "sick of bad dps"

    playing inferior spec when the option to play a better spec is available

    these forums really blow my mind sometimes

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