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    I'm wearing full tier 10 Sanctifies without the boots, can anyone think of a good pair I can get off the AH to go with the set?
    Try Redsteel belt and boots. Not the same models as the other T10 items but still very fitting imo

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    List of items? I want that set on my warrior too!
    here you go: http://www.wowhead.com/compare?items...18:40345:35073

    I've not included the chestpiece because it's barely visible, and there are so many chests that "matches" the set, I prefer T4 chest or t13 (normal) chest

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    Not really a transmog but i really like the looks on the current Warrior PvP gear.

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    My warrior's name is Varian (yeah, like the king of Stormwind), can you lords of transmog help me out with finding a set that's pretty damn close to his armor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faroth View Post
    I'm so mad at myself for vendoring my De-Raged Waraxe. :<
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    overused I know. but my personal favourite warrior gear from I first seen it back in Wrath,, when I seen the shoulders on a m8s warrior, I went and made my own warrior and levelled it

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    This is my current one.

    I tend to not keep a transmog for more than only a few days before changing again, currently have 14 full sets :|

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    My warrior, T2 with drillborer disk and maladath. Cloak is dragon blood cape, i just like the look of it

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    Some of these "sets" make me cringe, having totally different color / type single pieces... ugh.

    My sets in an Album:

    First set: DPS
    2nd Set: Tank
    3rd Set: PVP

    Both the PVP and the Tank sets are still incomplete, since im missing a weapon and the gloves are not matching. So kinda stepped on my own point there i guess.

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    Looking for a kind of "Warsong Clan Warrior", any suggestions so far? Looking kind of like Garrosh Hellscream or Grom himself with Gorehowl, any ideas?

    you cant see very well because of orc's hunched posture, but he is wearing a warsong tabard. Shows up nicely from the back though.

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    Really nice set, any items list?

    Because of the time it took for people to answer I went with something more "uncommon"... I bought all the brutish greenies set + Gorehowl, missing the tabard and some antiseptic-soaked shirt and I was thinking maybe Helm of lupine ferocity just to fit it, not too sure tho since it is so common...

    Any other suggestions?

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    Chest piece doesn't matter too much, just so long as it is not visible under the tabard.

    There are also green items with the same look as the pants, gloves and shoulders if you don't have a handy blacksmith.

    As far as I am aware there is not an 'official' warsong helm. I have not seen any warsong depicted with a helm so I am afraid I cannot help you too much there. My guess would be that if they were to wear a helm it would need to not cover their faces so as not to interfere with their signature scream attack. This would make the helm of lupine ferocity a good choice, especially since it does not look like plate.

    The antiseptic soaked dressing is a nice touch for a battle-hardend look. It is too bad there isn't a version that only covers one arm as the symmetry makes it somewhat less believable as a wound dressing.
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    I'm so mad at myself for vendoring my De-Raged Waraxe. :<
    I know that feel bro :[.

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    hay i cant post images yet but im useing the warrior challange mode set atm but i can't find a good wep to go with it, if any of u know a matching wep i would be very happy,(SmF, dual sword atm)

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    hay i cant post images yet but im useing the warrior challange mode set atm but i can't find a good wep to go with it, if any of u know a matching wep i would be very happy,(SmF, dual sword atm)
    Hey there, I'm using the same set. Swords I use with it:
    http://www.wowhead.com/item=1728 (my favourite due to the fire that occasionally pops out of the shoulders + glyph of burning anger).
    http://www.wowhead.com/item=40345 (nowadays the blue glow around the sword has been replaced with a red-orange one, also: this weapon sheaths on your back).

    And for 5.2 when you can mog your swords to weapons with similar animations:
    http://www.wowhead.com/item=19362 could be an option, tends to match well color-wise.

    Hope this helps!

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    The red sword of courage looks, imo, much better if you use 2 of it or with a shield.
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    may i suggest you check out wowwiki or any similar site, it's Grom that orders the murder of Cairne

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