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    Very basic, black and metal. Also partially unobtainable.

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    Simple but i like it

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    This land is peaceful, its inhabitants kind.

    My mog, but due to the creativity of others I feel like mine is weak.

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    Mine, i love the DK ICC Set (not yet finished):


    Anyone got a suggestion for the mainhand? My shield is Shard of Torment

    Ideas are Bloodsurge or The Facelifter, do you have any suggestions?

    Enchant could be Power Torrent
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sainur View Post
    Master race.

    This is one of my 20+ sets. It's my favorite one.

    looks very nice!
    can u tell us which items u used?
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    What have you done?
    Quote Originally Posted by Rafoel View Post
    Brace yourselves, the new threat has emerged, more powerful than Deathwing and more cunning than the Lich King. He acts in the shadows, invisible and unstoppable, so sneaky that nobody can be sure of the range of damage caused by his corruption. He is the herald of dead WoW, the harbinger of scrapped features, please welcome the new Ghostcrawler - Jay Wilson!
    If you want to feel truly safe, buy door of real morning wood.

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    What have you done?
    Set up for the meanest titty twister.
    You are not your role. You are not how much gold you have on your account.
    You are not the mount you ride. You are not the contents of your bank.
    You are not your epic purples. You are not a special and unique snowflake.
    You are the all-grinding, all-farming crap of Azeroth.

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    [QUOTE=Sarithus93;31741571]Alliance Commander

    what sword and shoulders? thanks!

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    Fiery Transmog, go!

    Making a goblin look good in Plate can be hard. Especially in robes.

    Hard not to look good when you're Jax, though.

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