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    Haha i just tested it in Mogit :< the shoulders dont really match , color-wise.

    I got my new helm now with the wing toy obtained from darkmoonfaire on , i look like Tyrael in D3 (to a certain extent)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moriat View Post
    I made over 5 million gold since WoD went live + Tier 3 is pretty cheap on my alt server.
    wow super jelly
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandon138 View Post
    Am I the only one not into all these big, spiky, colory transmogs? They just look like a mess to me.
    How about posting an example of what you do like instead of just saying what you don't?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nitsud View Post
    Here is my most recent and easily my favorite transmog. Thinking of changing my name just to go with the overall theme. Will hopefully be replacing the axe with The Black Hand once I get one for transmog, might be a while.

    Loved your transmog so thanks for uploading it. I changed the shoulders to http://www.wowhead.com/item=45320/sh...of-the-eternal and the helm to T10 heroic. I also sometimes use the T11 heroic or just no helm... For weapons I'm also still waiting on Blackhand's Mace

    This is the result:

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