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    Always loved the tabard so tried my best to find a set to build around it.
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    Anyone know which helm this is?
    Its the DK helm from the first season of PVP in warlords of draenor.

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    I'm having too much fun with the new system. So many ideas, not enough items...

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    Using Challenge Mode set until I get my artifact, then I'm swapping over to the LFR Dragon Soul tier since it matches the yellow fury dragon-shaped swords, then I'll swap to the red one and then the purple one as I unlock variants of my artifact.

    After that, who knows. I don't intend to transmog my weapons at all, I really like the artifacts for all of my classes and specs, but armor sets...now that's another story.
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    Got my mog set up as soon as PTR became available, now rocking it in the real world ^^

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    Went for a blue iron/steel kind of look

    I hate hats though
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