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    Tauren Male

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    Quote Originally Posted by zcks View Post
    For healing Drenai works decently well & while the + hit they bring doesn't help much for that role the HOT they bring can be useful in some situations.
    Extra spirit is far better then the 3min CD weak HoT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zevulon View Post
    Extra spirit is far better then the 3min CD weak HoT.

    Depends on your game play style, human racial for + spirit is only +3%.

    While the hot may not be that powerful it can be useful in some situations especially considering paladins have no other heal over time spells.
    The way balancing for WOW PVP works is allot like American politics.
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    Dwarf pally for alliance is the only way to go. For horde I think tauren would be nice.
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    Horde is by far Tauren. The gear just looks so much better on a cow :b

    As Alliance i would prob say Dwarf. You might be small, but you got Treasurefinding :O

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    As ally. Human male for ret, female human for holy and Dwarf for prot. Horde = BE for holy and ret and Go coworanger for prot!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ianus View Post
    can't decide on alliance side to me its about aesthetics and i want armor to look good on him/her..
    Male Draenei (huge shoulders like tauren, with the benefit of head armor not looking stupid if you want a helmet)
    Dwarf (both male and female)
    Male Human

    Female humans for aesthetics (not armor looks).
    Quote Originally Posted by Ashrana View Post
    So, what would be your reaction, if you found out, that come cata release first patch, blizzard were planning to kill everyone by sending a bear through the mail?

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    Mine is a female Draenei. I love how plate armor looks on them.

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    For the best appearance I'd say a Tauren, mine is a human.

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    Female Human. Male Humans are an abomination.
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    Armour looks better on Draenai Females, in my opinion. I'm currently horde, playing Belf Female, and the weapons all look tiny. I miss my Spacegoat <3

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    As long as you don't pick Drainei I think you will do just fine.
    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Dirty Wounds View Post
    Myself, yes, I have always wanted to be a mod
    Probably not, the job sucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ianus View Post
    can't decide on alliance side to me its about aesthetics and i want armor to look good on him/her..
    If it's all about aesthetics, you're going to have to be the one making the final decision. After all, you'll be the one paying money if you end up not liking it.


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