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    Quote Originally Posted by Diokhan View Post
    im looking for a kinda plate kilt!
    There are not many around =/
    And your opinion on these 2
    Wich one fits better for a DK?
    I like the blue, especially on a pale-furred worgen.

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    Someone give me a cool mace! Constellus from ulduar is okay, but there really aint any cool maces other than that one :c PM me or smthing, got a feeling I wont check this thread again lol.

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    Trying to find a belt for this any help would be appreciated

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myrrathon View Post

    Please, give some suggestions, I am not 100% satisfied with the look of it.
    • The Breastplate is still missing (the "set" consists of 4 parts), but I also need
      • new boots (too blue-ish)
      • and maybe a more fitting helmet.
    • Also, a new Weapon would be nice, because I think I am not going to use a Polearm in the future (always wanted to, but only druids and hunters wear them sadly).
    Here's a link to some of the best looking two-handed swords, axes and polearms in the game and where to get them. Probally about 20 different weapons in total. Hope it helps some of you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Funknotic View Post

    Need help finding a nice weapon, anything that matches and I really dont want the staff from BT
    I always liked the staffs from Ulduar if you can get a hand on one, I personally prefer staffs over maces/daggers (since the off-hand doesn't show). Not sure what weapon I'll get on my priest, I guess if I could find a cool staff I would take it, but the set I want is the next tier set:P

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    Anyone knows some cool plate skirts??

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    I'm looking for a head that would fit with my transmog gear. This is how i look at the moment: Front: i(dot)imgur(dot)com/yIEKX(dot)jpg
    And from the back: i(dot)imgur(dot)com/t3pue(dot)jpg

    I'm planning on using Staff of Shadow Flame instead of the felhunter on-a-stick one, if it drops for me sometime.

    Any feedback is appreciated!

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    Anyone knows a belt that fits this set? I'm trying to get the one from Aeonus but it won't drop Maybe there is another option. Otherwise I have to keep trying :|
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    So, what would be your reaction, if you found out, that come cata release first patch, blizzard were planning to kill everyone by sending a bear through the mail?

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    Are there any plain white cloth gloves? I can't seem to find any gloves to match this without losing the bracers. Black seems to clash. I have a belt planned, it's pvp so I'll probably have to wait until actual 4.3 to buy it with honor since I suck xD
    Any helpful suggestions? REALLY need white gloves!

    [IMG] [/IMG]
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ampdk View Post
    Trying to find a belt for this any help would be appreciated
    Won't direct you specifically, but there should be plenty of belts fitting that look. TBC or WOTLK gear. Have a look on the recommended sites.

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    Need help recreating the Headless Horseman look.

    Obviously shoulders will be an issue, but the Blood Lord's Cape and HH Helm+Sword+Mount should work well. Any thoughts on the rest?

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    Hey peeps! I need some help in finding a shield that would fit my paladin's transmog gear! She will be mostly in T1 (link to the tiers just incase, it's the first one on the left:Paladin Tier Sets) so the general colour scheme is white and gold. I already have a swords that goes with it but I'm having a hard time finding a shield that would fit in colorwise.. So I'd love to find a shield that has some golden and silvery shades. Anyone have any suggestions? (:

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    I'm looking for a thrall set, like he appears in Cataclysm. Cloth, leather, and mail are all acceptable. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Looking for a couple of things,

    Unholy set

    Atm for a unholy set I have, the fel iron set and the shoulders fromm ssc with the headless horseman helmet, so I'm looking for any GREEN cloak or green/black trim cloak, as well as a greeny looking wepon, but not the 264 pvp axe,

    Frost set

    Im looking at a pretty princess set like the pallies, as the lore for my character is he was one of my old characters

    now Im looking at white gear you get in ssc, e.g. the shoulders helmet boots and gloves its similar to the crystal pally gear back in tbc, Im missing some legs, although im thinking cloudstriders legs I believe (level 57 epic world drop I do have a pair) a cape and ofc a belt, I was thinking of using hailstorm as the wepon but ill also need a white 1h mace if you know any

    Many thanks


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    been looking for a while in game and have yet to really find anything that catches my eye when it comes to finding a set that goes really well with the Skull of Ruin shield and the Slayer of Lifeless sword from naxx10. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    I think there's a red version of the Deathbone Set, or at least of the chest. Does anybody know what it - and any other pieces of a red recolor of it - is called?

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    Gonna give this a shot in the dark:

    I'm trying to put together a Black Dragonflight themed set for my BE rogue. So far all I've gotten are the weapons which are no-brainers. I'm going to be using Claw of the Black Drake for a MH fist and Dragonfang Blade for my OH dagger. If I'm using an axe in the MH I'm going to go with either Doom's Edge or Crul'shorukh, Edge of Chaos depending on whichever drops first. Sword would be Maladath, Runed Blade of the Black Flight and mace would be Lok'amir il Romathis.

    With the weapons sorted out I'm having a hell of a time finding any armor to go with it. I want something that matches the palettes but also has the dark, menacing look of the Black Flight. Any help would be appreciated!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ampdk View Post
    Trying to find a belt for this any help would be appreciated

    There is no green version of the belt for the T10 set. The best choices would be either the Red version ( or maybe Belt of Omission (

    Normal belts won't cover the empty design where the belt should be, so its probably best to just use a chunky belt to cover the whole thing.

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    I'd like to know what chestpiece is this guy wearing. I know it's not Opportunist chest even though the rest of this gear is. Anyone has any ideas? I'm asking cause I really dig the look of rogue chestpieces that cover entire neck.

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    I'd like to know what chestpiece is this guy wearing. I know it's not Opportunist chest even though the rest of this gear is. Anyone has any ideas? I'm asking cause I really dig the look of rogue chestpieces that cover entire neck. maybe?

    Here is the set I am working on:
    I am curious what other leather users have found in the way of white colored leather leggins/boots. Possibly shoulders.

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