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    Some things are missing, but almost everything's here.

    And seriously, where is Jon?

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    Leetchee, that is nice. I'm looking to finally get away from my vanilla UI.
    Can I get a list of what you got running there?

    Also, I have WeakAuras, but I really like the setup you have. Mind posting the scripts?

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    Eh pretty close to what it's like in combat, I guess. -

    And this is a still picture. -

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    Hey Dimzum, glad you like it!

    Made a shitty overlay to describe everything:

    And you can add Bandit's Guile Helper, not appearing here. That's pretty much what I'm using.
    And finally, you can grab my WA here: for the (almost) full setup
    and for the tracking of multi rupture with the names of targets displayed.

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    kilj, you willing to whip out your WA scripts? that's one of neatest UIs for rogue I've seen so far, and it'll fit my somewhat smaller screen.

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    The goal was to provide a visually appealing UI that clearly and cleanly presents pertinent information to immensely improve awareness in PVP and PVE situations. I think I've accomplished this goal, and I'm quite pleased with the current iteration. Here are some

    The buttons on the left side control the minimalism of the UI.


    If you'd like to try it out for yourself:
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    Been working on a rather simplistic interface - currently doing custom graphics for all back panels.

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    Default as hell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moogled View Post
    kilj, you willing to whip out your WA scripts? that's one of neatest UIs for rogue I've seen so far, and it'll fit my somewhat smaller screen.
    Sub WA

    Anticipation Combo

    Combo Points

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    All important stuff around the target and self frame hehe. For combat it's almost the same + Deep insight timer etc.
    The shadow dance next to the target shows how long left while it's active. The one above the self-frame shows the cooldown.
    Rupture shows Time left on current target and when rupture is active a small bar right above it also shows time left and for every other target which has rupture it also shows a small bar (just as big as the rupture icon button) made with weak aura's), the "3" is showing anticipation points. The "emtpy spot" under slice and dice shows Find Weakness debuff of the current target when it's active/in combat.
    Clean and tidy :P
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    Don't have any screenshots of my tweaked UI for WoD in a raid environment, just exported some crappy kills off our Heroic Farm clear on Thursday, so excuse the bad plays, was slacking / pissing about on Skype with friends.



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    Weak Auras



    New guild but kept same sig [cares- Kel'Thuzad]

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    Just finighed my new raiding one

    Out of Combat:

    Under Hood:
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    Out of combat with target.

    In combat with timers and cooldowns.

    Combo point graphics.

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    Double post.
    please remove.
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