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    Auress' Subtlety Rogue Weakauras 7.0.3

    Hey guys! I quickly threw these together yesterday and wanted to share them. They started out as some WA i found online for WoD a few years ago but I've modified them for Legion. (sorry, I don't remember who made the WoD ones, but I'll gladly give them credit if they let me know!). I haven't tested them on Beta so I don't know for sure if the Artifact weapon ability works, but it should.


    A little description:

    Since Blizzard removed the stealth bar, I put some text to tell you when you can use stealth abilities.

    Gray icons = On CD
    Normal Icon = Off CD
    Brightish colored Icon = currently active.

    Bouncing and red = DoT not applied.

    Video Disclaimer! I haven't spent much time learning the new Subt rotation so don't judge!

    New guild but kept same sig [cares- Kel'Thuzad]

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    Great, simple and functional

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    Thank you for this ! was looking for something similar

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    Thanks for this - made a few modifications to fit my UI and personal tastes, but just what I was looking for as a good foundation!

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    I'm using it for both pve and pvp, nice work. Just what I was looking for.

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