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    Assassination Rogue - I suck and need help please :(

    I have a 650 ilvl and on the last Butcher Heroic fight I did 21.9k dps.

    Looking at other Rogues with similar ilvls and on the same fight, I've seen much, much higher.

    Glyphs being used: Vendetta, Energy, Vanish
    Talents: Anticipation, Shadow Reflection
    Stat Prio: Master > Crit > the rest
    Cooldown: Pool energy and get around 7-8 combo points -> SR -> Vendetta -> Envenom 5pt -> Mutilate/Dispatch, Envenom 5pt -> Mutilate/Dispatch, Envenom 5pt -> etc (at least 3 5pt Envenoms with Rupture already rolling beforehand)

    (Note I don't bother using Rupture after casting SR, since the SR does no poison damage or Venomous Wounds damage. In which case a 5pt guaranteed crit Envenom is far more damage than a 5pt Rupture bleed that last 8 seconds. )

    I think I'm having trouble keeping my Envenom uptime high. I had an uptime of 58% and know I need it higher, but can't get my energy pooling right to do better, especially when you have to break to reapply Rupture.

    Can someone give me advice on how best to pool energy efficiently, and if I should always be waiting to pool or whether I should be casting abilities on cooldown etc? What's roughly the right amount of energy to pool to? With that in mind, can someone comment on whether there's any point to have Glyph of Energy if there's no need to pool high enough.

    Lastly, should I just be trying to amass all the Mastery I can get as #1 prio, or should I be trying to get some of my other stats to certain benchmarks first?

    Thanks for any help you can give.

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    Would need logs to accuratley tell what's wrong/doing wrong or otherwise.
    About the opening, I'm no expert, but after trying things out on a dummy and several heroic dungeons/normal highmaul I get the highest burst like this;
    (obviously stealth and pp)> Mutilate/Dispatch untill 5cp> wait for almost full energy> SR+Vendetta+trinket> Mutilate/Dispatch into 5cp Envenom (sometimes if RNG shines+Hero I get 3 in, if not, at least 2; Here I use Vanish for a *cheap" Mutilate and possible Dispatch procc) ---*at this point SR stops "copying" and starts using Vendetta (stacks, meaning clone and you do +50% damage) and the other stuff*---> Mutilate/Dispatch into 5p Envenom (here I normally get some energy starvation and generally manage only 1 full Envenom and maybe some Mutilate or such, maybe 2 with Hero)> Refresh Rupture, even if Vendetta is still rolling, almost expired tho> do whatever it takes and once cooldowns are up try to use them where needed, if possible on cooldown (not always possible, and dependes on how many seconds are left on Rupture, I do the same as in the opener or forego the rupture and fit 3 full Envenoms into the first 8s of SR.
    Now surely there may be a better way, but that works for me ^^
    And about the pooling of energy, I just try to have almost full energy before I hit Envenom, so I can fit in it's duration 3 Mutilate (and however many Dispatch proccs I get).
    Hope it helps ^^
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    In my opinion you should not pool energy, rather make sure you are not loosing envenom up time. If you happend to get to 5 cp before envenom runs out then wait for it to expire (or atleast below 3 sec so u can get the extended duration). Also the rupture from SR does keep doing dmg even when reflection is gone i believe. So my opener is:

    Pre pot > stealth > mut/dispatch to 5 cp > wait for full energy > SR+Vendetta+trinket macro > rupture > mut/disp spam into 5 cp envenom (vanish for free muti as soon as ur energy runs out) > then normal rotation with focus on keeping rupture up and envenom time to maximum.

    My reasoning for skipping pooling energy on purpose is that venomous wounds and deadly benefit from envenom buff and those are my biggest damage dealers, keeping thart buff up keeps the dmg up of my biggest abilities.

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